Every newscast is talking about them.

  1. dancsecs says:

    My primary concern is Apple permitting the fingerprint as an alternative to a passcode (something embedded in the owner’s wet wear 🙂 As Data from Star Trek once stated to a time traveler “I assume your palm print will open the door whether you are conscience or not”. I would add that it would work regardless of how you lost consciences (head trauma, drugs including alcohol or just going to sleep). I would further assume your fingerprint will unlock your device even if your arm (shoulder, elbow or wrist) were broken.

    This permits the bad guys to unlock your phone without needing to interact verbally with the victim. For corporate espionage simply drinking someone under the table could unlock the corporate vaults. Kidnappers now have better a better tool to leverage their crime. On the lighter side I can also image some student waking up after a night of campus partying with their credit card maxed out, their music library filled with the complete disco collection from the eighties and just wait till UPS arrives tomorrow. (Of course you have no deniability because the purchases were confirmed by your fingerprint.)

    • Captain Obvious says:

      If someone is going to beat the crap out of me for the contents of my phone, they can have it.

      Most people’s phones are unlocked anyways so shit is going to happen when you’re passed out drunk anyway. Beyond peeing yourself.

      However, it sounds like their may 5th Amendment BS around biometric vs. password. Isn’t it wonderful that the US has an outdated legal document that can’t be updated because 1/2 the country thinks it’s a sacred text handed down from God.

  2. noname says:

    No, don’t “need” one.

  3. Dallas says:

    I would upgrade from my iPhone 5 but I’m only 8 months into my current 2yr term. It may very well be the iPhone 6 for my next iPhone. The camera improvements and fingerprint scanner is very desirable.

    Encourage my conservative friends in here to upgrade from their Blackberry to an iPhone 5s. With a wardrobe change and taking off 50 lbs, you would greatly improve your appearance and career path.

    • Mextli says:

      I hope it comes in pink so we can imitate the Democrats we are acquainted with. That would be très chic with a foulard.

  4. moss says:

    New next-gen iPad if it has the A7.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      I think the A7 is significant beyond anything Apple does. 64 bit ARM architectures could be used in laptops and servers with significant power savings. It’s a real shot across Intel’s bow, even with their newer chips like the Haswell & Quark. They are playing catchup.

      Power consumption is more important GHz now.

  5. UncDon says:

    I made a reservation for dinner and had to honor it, so I left my iPhone 5 at home downloading the new iOS 7. The thermometer bar said 2 hours, but when I returned over three hours later, it said 1 hour was needed to finish the download — and no, my PC didn’t bluescreen and automagically restart on its own during the time away.

    Worth it? My icons are flatter and more cartoon-like, iTunes Radio Beatles channel is great, the Epicentral earthquake app no longer functions, my LTE bill is as high as ever, so… yeah, I think it’s worth the free download.

    Since AT&T isn’t offering a nearly-free upgrade for my recently purchased iPhone 5, I will have to wait until the iPhone 6 becomes available.

  6. dusanmal says:

    No. Not an Apple hater (this comes from Mac Mini, there is an iPhone and iPad in the family). For me personally it is awful customer treatment and attitude toward customers that makes it fundamentally unacceptable to get any of their iOS devices. Both from the design side of outdated “we know better what you want and need than you – you are a sheep” that should have died with Almighty Jobs and for similarly “pissing down on you” store and support experiences. Example? – every single time when I went to their stores following scenario unfolded: Hello, I am here to get this particular device; We will take your name, please wait around; Time passes, there are at least two and up to five groups of blue-clad Smurfs chatting among themselves, doing nothing; Approach any and they advise they can’t help, please wait; If device was not for my wife, I would have been gone at that point, for her I wait, average about 30 minutes. Same experience every time since iPhone(1). I call that “pissing down on you” attitude way worse than BestBuy and like dumb stores where you can at lest go and get what you want when you want. In complete sync with their device design dictated down on the customer. And Apple Care support (despite fanatics claims about it) is on the same page. I needed it once. For a new power brick for Mac Mini. Called, redirected, and again,… 5 (five!) times over 30+ minutes. Part came – wrong one. Called to correct the issue, this time redirected 3 times over similar 30+ minutes… hung up and got me replacement from e-Bay in 2 minutes flat.
    As for the wife who uses iPhone/iPad – she is less and less enchanted with the Apple too. She is reviewing Android phones for upgrade though still strong on iPad.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      iPad options are tough. My Nexus 7 (1st gen) crapped out in a few months. The Samsung tablets are uneven depending and even production run.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Reminder: edit before post.

      Uneven by model and even production run.

  7. fishguy says:

    Who cares?

    • Captain Obvious says:


      Honestly this is what I really want. But do you think my wife would buy me one for my birthday? I got a Soloflex which is gathering dust in the garage.

  8. Captain Obvious says:

    Hour by hour iOS 7 adoption. The sort of uptake that Microsoft and Google can only dream of.

  9. Uncle Patso says:

    I have more important things to do with my money.* Guess I’ll stick with my TracFone (~$80 per year) for now. When will Magic Jack come out with a cell phone?

    Although I gotta say, the iPod, iPhone & iPad do look like the coolest toys ever!

    (* Translation — Can’t afford it right now.)

  10. AdmFubar says:

    fingerprint readers dont work with wet fingers… wait till the complaints start rolling in on this..

    John D… take note of this

  11. Cracker says:

    Chuckle….there are people who actually have 2 year contracts and 90 dollar a month cell phone bills.


  12. NewformatSux says:

    This is so the government can collect fingerprints.

  13. sounder says:

    Hell no!

  14. Mextli says:

    You just can’t buy this type of publicity.

    iPhone frenzy takes ugly turn in Pasadena

  15. Holdfast says:

    My current phone contract runs out in a couple of weeks but I will not be downgrading to an iPhone.

  16. Guyver says:

    Nope. I heard about Republic Wireless from someone who posted on DU….

    I plan to get this phone unless something better comes out for RW when my current contract expires: http://tinyurl.com/m53es4c

  17. bob says:

    Absolutely. Not.


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