1. Dallas says:

    They’re entrepreneurs making some extra bucks so that the 1% doesn’t have to wait in line nor be seen waiting in line.

    Why do you hate young American entrepreneurs?

    • The Mick says:

      Agreed, this qualifies as entrepreneurship under this pitiful excuse for a President.

      • JS says:

        What an absolutely dick-headed response…

        Folks have been camping out for hire for iPhones and devices such as Playstations since GW’s days (and probably earlier).

  2. Geez says:

    Why he have to go throw that nice phone onto the table at the end though. He a hater!

  3. Mextli says:

    One from the right please in either gold or red.

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Kids these days. The music they listen to sucks. And their is so short.

  5. Neo-Bobbo says:

    paid actors

  6. ManBearPig says:

    The beginning of a sad ending for the device that revolutionized/invented the smartphone market; too bad it’s destined to become the Aol of smartphones. There can be no Apple without Jobs

  7. AdmFubar says:

    😛 iphonies…
    wait till the google glass goes on sale and the glassholes wait in line for their enslavement.

  8. LibertyLover says:

    Sit in line for an iPhone?

    Oh, hell no! I’d miss my Buffy reruns!

  9. Qui ii says:

    It is no crazier than other things modern people do. To me it just proves what a useless waste of a life we all lead now. Adventure these days is waiting in a line to get a phone.

  10. deowll says:

    You need to be very shallow and very materialistic. You have to believe if only I get the shiny thing my life will be complete.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      I imagine Blackberry would like people to be shallow and materialistic for their products.

  11. Winston Smith says:

    Clearly this marks the end of the American Empire. Open the gates. The barbarians want in.

  12. super77 says:

    2 weeks for a phone?! I didn’t think this rev was that big of a deal but I guess “GOLD IS BEST.” I love most Apple products but this is ridiculous.

    On the upside though, another oddly compelling & awesome short film from Casey Neistat.

  13. spsffan says:

    Damn! Those enterprising folks being paid to wait in line ruin my often stated suggestion.

    The suggestion was that, since it appears that we MUST have mass shootings, that the next one be someone machine gunning the ‘tards waiting in line for the next iphone. Since most of these beings have yet to reproduce, it might well improve the gene pool. It would certainly rid us of worthless trash.

    But the folks getting paid are just trying to make a living. Good for them. I’m not sure what to think about those who hired them. Idle rich? Helping the poor? Don’t know. I just hope they paid in advance.

  14. What? The moth is always drawn to the flame? says:

    This reminds me of the lower-class “foodies” who say they appreciate find dining whilst they stuff their hole with Sysco product. And, the upper crust “gourmet” who have to eat food that tastes horrible in order to show off their superior palate.

    Everyone is a poser, and no one is worth the attention.

  15. Rick says:

    iPhone line sitting is a social thing. Closeted computer freaks who avoid sunlight just wouldn’t understand.

  16. john says:

    At 5:05, says it all.

  17. deowll says:

    Steve Gibson touched on this. Yes if they have your cell phone, a perfect copy of the print of the correct digit, and have some knowledgeable and moderately skilled people who have access to some moderately expensive hardware they can get past the lock. Apple suggests you use a thumb print because you almost never leave a complete unsmudged print on the phone.

    Can the phone be unlocked this way? Yes. It is very questionable that anyone other than the law enforcement would invest the resources required to do this unless you are known to be a power player or have big bucks.


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