A US court is to hear a case that could result in horses being classified as a “vicious” species…A boy’s parents sued a farm owner in the state of Connecticut after he was bitten by a horse named Scuppy in 2006.

A lower court said Scuppy belonged “to a species naturally inclined to do mischief and be vicious”. The state supreme court will now hear an appeal…If upheld, the lower court’s ruling could make horse ownership uninsurable, say equine industry figures.

The legal action began in 2006 after a boy tried to pet Scuppy at Glendale Farms in Milford…The animal reportedly bit the child on his right cheek, inflicting a serious injury.

The boy’s father, Anthony Vendrella, sued the farm’s owners, but lost in 2010 at a New Haven court.

That court ruled there was no evidence the farm’s owner knew of any previous incidents of aggression involving Scuppy.

But a Connecticut Appellate Court later overturned this verdict, finding that testimony suggested Scuppy’s species was “vicious” and that the boy’s injury had been foreseeable.

If upheld by the state’s supreme court, the verdict would be the first in the nation to classify horses as a vicious species, say analysts.

Cripes. Courts could rule against anything with four feet and teeth.

  1. noname says:

    I forget is it Savage Man Savage Beast or Savage Beast Savage Man?

  2. Fangs says:

    Way too introspective.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    The kids probably smelled like freshly cut grass.

    It’s his own fault.

  4. LibertyLover says:

    Seriously, though, I’ve owned horses. They aren’t any more vicious than any other domesticated animal. They have good days and bad days. Some you can pet, some will take your finger.

  5. Tim says:

    I’ve had one reach over and intentionally stomp my foot once. Anyways, it looks as though Scruppy could belong in this particularly ornery genus Equuas carcharodon carcharias —


  6. bobbo, horses can hurt you says:

    I don’t know why but horses tend to want to roll over on me when I ride them. I think now they smell my fear and react accordingly.

    I thought there was a video on that donkey that attacked and killed a mountain lion. I thought: What a weak pussy, but Snopes beat me by verifying the incident and commenting that is one bad ass.


    More interesting, instructive and rewarding: abused horse strikes back:


    • Tim says:

      “”horses tend to want to roll over on me when I ride them

      Hmm. O.k. That does happen.

      Didntja you know, Empress Catherine was a russky?? —


      • Nikelectric says:

        Actually, Catherine the Great was German, not Russian, despite being the Empress of Russia.

        • bobbo, horses can hurt you says:

          Why didn’t I think that? I knew it… just didn’t think it. Germans are ….. amazing. They rule the United Kingdom. They were for a long time the largest root stock in the USA.

          Who beat the Nazi’s???—Another German.

          I am happy to laud the Germans as I am all English, Viking, Swedish. I wonder how much German is in that mix?

          Ha, ha. I crack myself up, in a very not Nazi sort of way.

  7. Glenn E. says:

    These Conn. people should move to Florida. Where killer whales aren’t considered deadly, even if they have managed to kill their trainers once or twice. They’re too important as a tourist attraction to be labeled “vicious”.

    And if they think horse can be vicious, they should hang around bad tempered Camels and Giraffes, at Zoos. Horses aren’t automatically domesticated, just because humans like them. Not even the ones born in captivity. They have to be taught to tame. And some just never take to it. While others do halfheartedly.

    This sounds like another case of some yuppies, who think horse are just like any other pet. And when they find out they’re wrong. They just want to sue somebody. Rather than admit their own parental neglect. So where are they off to next? The zoo, to let their child play with the cute Hippos?

  8. deowll says:

    Horses, are not a vicious species. Some horses are vicious animals. Some people just get what they deserve.


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