I wonder how much can I get for the stress of actually not being a bullying asshat at my job?

A former University of California Davis police officer who pepper-sprayed a group of Occupy protesters has reached a $38,000 settlement in a workman’s compensation case against the school.

John Pike, who was filmed discharging pepper spray at a line of seated demonstrators in a video that was watched around the world, received the compensation last week.

  1. dadeo says:

    No Title?

    May I suggest one? Pepper-Spraying Loser Wins Thousands in Claim

    • dadeo says:

      Pepper Spray Cop Sprayed With Money

      OK, but repetitive..

      “..Showered With Money” reads better… :-p

      • Tim says:

        ^^ A solid gold woofer, that one. Still, better rough it up abit so as not to confound the Cognescentii skulking about–

        “It pays off come harvest-time if one is careful to water his hippies after planting them.” — Pepper Spray Cop

  2. Glenn E. says:

    Either he had a very good lawyer(s) to get money out of this College, for letting him go. Or the College secretly wanted him to win the case, and didn’t put up a fight. So their future hires will get the message that, it’s business as usual at Busting Heads U. This was just something they had to do to satisfy public opinion. A PR move. So other bad-ass ex-cops need not avoid applying for work there. Just know they’ll be subject to the same job sacrifice, if they cross the line too far. But they’ll be well compensated, in any case.

    • LibertyLover says:

      It’s a Workman’s Comp claim.

      The government handed him the money.

      It doesn’t come out of the college’s pockets. It comes from an insurance company. Saying he sued the college is really misleading – the insurance company was the one with the lawyers.

      I suspect the insurance company just agreed to that amount because it was cheaper than fighting him in court.

      And 38k ain’t a bunch of money in the long run.

  3. birddog says:

    Still not as good as spilling coffee in your lap.

  4. TThor says:

    Revolting to see. Disgusting to contemplate.

    This is a dumb fuck is however the stooge, the useful idiot that does what he is told. He is not the one to be fired or charged, it is the one managing him that should be the target. The “Lady of Despair” that the students protested is the ultimate culprit to charge, the Chief of Peacekeepers and his cronies.

    This is a typical “don’t look here, look over there” thing. This dude is the scapegoat that get his future destroyed and his 1.5 seconds of fame. Bad for him as he does not think as most law enforcements where follow the rules and comrades acceptance is the key conduct.

    Remember the Nürenberg trials after WWII? Lessons to be learned and one day to be remembered for those who have all forgotten.

  5. MikeN says:

    People who protest against the Occupy movement should not be pepper sprayed. People who occupy bobbo’s house apparently enjoy being pepper sprayed.

  6. MikeN says:

    Now if he had Kent Stated them, how much money would he have gotten?

    In a few years, people in New York will be praying for Giuliani time.

  7. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    The protesters have a legitimate gripe concerning the costs of higher education in California. They were attacked violently.

    When Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno was fired, many more students took to the streets VIOLENTLY by turning over news trucks and cornering and pepper spraying a riot policeman.

    There is a strange indifference on the part of many commenters who for what ever reason believed the UC Davis protesters “deserved it”. These same commenters didn’t complain about the Penn State vandals. I don’t understand.


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