1. Tim says:

    I bet he hates it when they call him “Nyan.”

  2. Nagerst says:

    One species of fleas jumps 150 times their own body length.

    Ca(n’)t touch this….
    My, my, my….

  3. Gwad his own self says:

    No wonder he’s so jumpy what with that fucking MUSIC

  4. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist who once manuevered into office would rule like Machiavelli says:

    I notice at higher jumps the Kittie uses one paw only. I assume that gives him an extra CM or so? I’ll bet the Kittie jumps higher the hungrier it gets too?

    Lets see………………oh……………… they can fall a lot farther.

    ……….but I dither.

  5. deowll says:

    Poor cat is a catnip addict. Just goes to show far far it will go to get its fix. Useless to humans and some cats.

  6. mainecat says:

    Had to mute. Too much damned autotune.

  7. sargasso_c says:

    A standing leap with no run-up. Very impressive.

  8. sargasso_c says:

    Feral cats, domestic cats left to go wild are a major impactor on endangered and native bird populations. One cat will wipe out an entire species of bird, and go on to kill all birdlife in a sanctuary, not so much for food but for the sheer instinctive need to kill.

  9. ± says:

    Oh well.

  10. Kevin Roa says:

    I just liked the music.

  11. AdmFubar says:

    😛 not bad… my kitty had a thing for cupboards…i didnt quite close the door enough on one.. they have the self closing type of hinges that need a bit of push to close… she saw the door open and i heard her “i want this” meow… next thing i knew she made the 5 ft jump straight up and into the cupboard, perfect soft landing into it.

  12. PaulJx says:

    Looks like Dikembe Mutombo @ 187cm.


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