Amazing pictures and story here.

  1. Tim says:

    He forgot the wings.

    • Mit says:


      He forgot COLOR!

      • deowll says:

        Not exactly. The colors lack contrast unless you hit them just right with light. I agree this does not compute to me.

      • Tim says:

        You don’t have to shout. Still, wings are more important than color, or luster, or tactile-radar-metamaterial-fuck-skin-snug-absorb important that much. I pretty much value wings first on any airplane whether I built it out of shredded manila folders, or not.

    • deowll says:

      There appear to be anchor points for wings.

  2. Quivering Quislings quake quantifying querulous questions says:

    Well, whatever floats your boat … but… strikes me as a complete waste of time? Like some ghetto queen that thinks growing her fingernails obnoxiously long is some kind of accomplishment? As in: “and what have you or anyone else learned from this?”

    course…as stated: whatever revs your engine and I certainly didn’t learn that much spending even more time drinking beer. Am I being too harsh? Afterall…. I did learn to play pool, meet women, socialize, throw darts.

    Perhaps, in the end, we all die.

    Wingless paper airplanes. Why not?

    • UncDon says:

      It’s a work in progress.

    • ± says:

      Said by someone who no doubt has no clue how to use his hands to create anything meaningful.

      • Quivering Quislings quake quantifying querulous questions says:

        Say P/M==much like your advice to elect the least favored of candidates to political office, can you state in as many words as necessary what the subject of this post created that is meaningful?

        Get out your Funk and Wagnels and look up what meaningful means first? THEN, look up what “least favored” means?

        Ha, ha. “Sometimes…. I think I verge on being too negative. Then I see, I’m right on the Mark.”

        Its a burden being so right so often.

        Sad for a pragmatic existential sculptor. ie==real “art”–not crafts. You should look those two terms up too.

        What a thread for the dictionary.

  3. Leonardo says:

    Why did he do this?

    For the dull of mind, no explanation will suffice.

    For the creative mind, no explanation is necessary.

  4. RadarNC says:

    It’s called art people. Art.

  5. Quivering Quislings quake quantifying querulous questions says:


    Not that this forum is supposed to be a current news/popular issues discussion area but MY GOODNESS:

    1. the Chris Christie imbroglio,
    2. Church Pedophile coverup,
    3. Olympic Games Terror Plots,
    4. Trans Pacific Trade Rape of USA Workers,
    5. Snowden Vindicated,
    6. Female Libido Drug denied approval,
    7. Gates Book,
    8. Benghazi Report,
    9. Hydrogen Car Network to be Built
    10. STILL–no one in Jail for 2008 meltdown. (Ha, ha)

    “I predict” the next thread will involve kittens or puppies.

    Worse than not even trying, DU is intentionally failing.

    My two cents.

  6. Captain Obvious says:

    One of my favorite criteria for hiring someone is whether they have a hobby they care about. I don’t care what it is as long they have a passion for it.

    I’d hire this guy in a second.

    • Quivering Quislings quake quantifying querulous questions says:

      Does that include make room dividers out of empty beer cans?

      • Regurgitating repellant rhapsodies, rejecting rigorous review righteouslyns says:

        Ha, ha. How about those with hobbies they DON’T care about?

        Hobbies that insulate one from one’s fellow man, or those that involve the world outside the man cave/bedroom/garage/hobby room?

        What about raising the kiddies as best as one can as in “no hobbies, but I car pool my kiddies to their hobbies like a mother f*cker!”

        Similarly, what about keeping the wifey happy as in a part time Tantric Sex counselor?

        What about surfing the internet???

        Hmmmm, you’ve given me so much to think about……..

        PS–Nothing wrong with any of the posted subjects by any of the Eds. Its just that there is so much more out there. I’m actually curious/hopefully (sadly, in an Obama sort of way) what other intelligent people have to say on such subjects.

        Re Christy==the give and take is fascinating to watch. Both sides making absolute statements, both sides taken in a vacuum seemingly of great character (other than being politicians) and credible.

        Who is more likely to be credible???

        Those willing to take a polygraph….. or those taking the Fifth?

        Those claiming fraud…. or those accused of it.

        Stuff like that.

        • Captain Obvious says:

          Long, boring, incoherent answers are a sure way to bomb an interview.

          • Regurgitating repellant rhapsodies, rejecting rigorous review righteously says:

            Thats true. Now, take the TIMMY Challenge ….. and connect what you say as being responsive at all to the question(s) put to you. I can see several degrees of separation, or totally off topic.

            All depends on what you mean to say? (speaking of being incoherent?)

            But… having interviewed/hired/fired/job counseled/job recruited as a profession myself for some years, it never occurred to me to ask about hobbies. RARELY even to ask about ANYTHING that wasn’t directly job related. Are you looking for individually happy/competent people or dedicated neurotic folks who get the job DONE?

            aka–are you interviewing or playing doctor?

            Ha, ha. Most schlubs don’t know how to interview.

            Sucks don’t it?

  7. noname says:

    Who cares about politics, lets get back on topic!

    Nice but,Model Shmodel.

  8. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Technical Merit -> 9
    Artistic Merit -> 3

    • bobbo, we think with words, yet few ever pick up the fricken DICTIONARY and apply it with any skill or rigour AT ALL says:

      Technical Merit -> 10
      Artistic Merit = n/a, as in zero

      The key cognitive difference between art or fine art on one hand and crafts or art and crafts on the other is as buried in the link below the degree of “activities with a pre-conceived end result.”

      In this case, there is NO ARTISTIC UNDERTAKING al all in COPYING a pre-existing artistic expression. The engineers, designeres, even artists that produced the actual airplane are the artists here to various degrees. When anyone else sits down to merely COPY the prior work, there is no artistic creativity at all.

      THINKING is much the same. But even more abstract. The difference between a Human Being, and a parrot or sheep. Between thinking and dogma.

      The two are not to be confused.

      • The Monster's Lawyer says:

        Technical Merit -> 9 (i didn’t see it fly so no 10)
        Artistic Merit -> 3 (an artist does not have to originate the germ of the idea, an interpretation of an original idea is sufficient to produce art. As in a musician that takes a song that exists already and puts their spin on it. This man has interpreted the plane design in paper therefore he gets a 3).
        I think i should add another catagory:
        Tedium Count: +100

        • bobbo, we think with words, yet few ever pick up the fricken DICTIONARY and apply it with any skill or rigour AT ALL says:

          ML–so you have reached your Pedro Point eh?

          BY DEFINITION: art does not have “a pre-conceived end result. You did an admirable twist trying to concoct an “interpretation” of the original idea as art… but you FAIL.

          Again, by definition, the goal of the model presented to us was to be as faithful a scale model as the CRAFTER could make and that is how the final piece is judged as well: “How close to the original.” While there are degrees of skill in achieving this, and even some imagination, THERE IS NO ART as defined.

          The art of being a lawyer is to recognize when one has a losing position and rather than DOUBLE DOWN, to deal with reality?

          The craft of being a Monster, is to perform as designed.

          Representing crafted clients, I’d think you’d be up on this?

          Heh, heh. Arts and Crafts…… blinded by the glitter.

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            Why, I’m insulated!

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

            Sadly, when I tour most Modern Art Museums, I am dismayed by the presentation of too much craft work.

            What else is a basket of ping pong balls on a table? The basket, the balls, the table==all someone elses work or crafted from preconceived items.

            Same with any other “item” that the custodian staff would clean up and throw out if not “educated.”

            …..and yet a-holes like YOU would defend these ….. other A holes. Hmmm….art demands I find a synonym for A-hole as craft demands the same word not be twice used int he same sentence.

            I hate it when my Art is “informed” by Craft. Its ungainly.

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

            Edit–I was inartful in failing to sufficiently entwine the Monsters Lawyer non de flame into my characterization of so called artists who have their craftwork on display in museums. I should have slowed down, at least to note (sarcasm posing as hubris and scatology–off) but …. I got lazy.

            One’s own reveries rarely come off apparent in writing, on a forum, between those who rarely talking to one another.

            I’m only 90% sure that you ML would see the humor, and a lesser percentage of those who pass here more rarely.

            Sarcasm and vaunted hubris is like that.

          • The Monster's Lawyer says:

            Bobbo, you are both artsy and crafty. But I still consider you a ‘work of art’.

          • Seditiously subverting silly scenarios scabrously says:

            Thanks ML. Your humor and good will always comes across.

            Crafted from clay, I still polish the nubby parts.

  9. bobbo, we think with words, yet few ever pick up the fricken DICTIONARY and apply it with any skill or rigour AT ALL says:

    In an homage to Timmy the Tangential Talker, by coinkeydink, I find that “The Onion” often plays on the distinction between art (original) and crafts (copy) as demonstrated in this amusing (sarcastic and original) article:,35003/#8212;Since%20it%20first%20hit%20newsstands,%20the%20February%20issue%20of%20Elle%20has%20reportedly%20held%20the%20publishing%20world%20in%20awe%20with%20its%20groundbreaking%20Marilyn%20Monroe–inspired%20photo%20spread,%20which%20has%20been%20hailed%20as%20yet%20another%20dazzling%20milestone%20in%20…&nbs


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