With one person missing and presumed dead in an explosion at a natural gas well in a small Pennsylvania town, the company responsible is now under fire after apparently apologizing to the local community by handing out vouchers for free pizza.
The Philadelphia Daily News has since discovered that residents of Bobtown – a census-designated community of fewer than 1,000 people that revolves mostly around coal mining – have started receiving coupons for one free pizza and a two-liter of soda from the local Bobtown pizza.
Will Bunch, a blogger with the Philadelphia Daily News, pulled no punches when describing what the company forgot when thinking up the public relations campaign.

“Of course, a cynic would argue that a lifetime supply of pizza – even with those cheesy breadsticks thrown in – wouldn’t be worth the health risks of having a massive fracking rig next door,” he wrote. “On the other hand, I see a possible new marketing campaign for Chevron: We guarantee your fracking rig won’t explode, or your pizza is free!”

  1. US says:

    The same people would have been just as upset if the company had done nothing. This is the stuff that feeds PR companies, they get paid big bucks to second guess every move a company will make just to avoid stuff like this.

    At least people got free pizza out of it, better than most other companies would have given. A small town in Kentucky had a similar experience, but they just got kicked out of their homes until they were deemed safe.

    • noname says:

      You’re so right, those 99 percenters are so lucky!

      Like really, Chevron graciously apologized for the fracking explosion and the nearby 99 percenters want more than coupons for free pizza and drinks, really? Damn the 99 percent who think a life is worth more than a free pizza!

      It’s the job of the 1 percent to decide what is right and just compensation for a life! The Supreme Court has ruled, dough/bread is Cash Money and valid for final payments! People will still have to pay for additional toppings!

      Chevron has responded much faster than BP did in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Chevron has kindly agreed/offered free pizza and drinks to people and businesses (local Pizza shop) for final settlements! How so thoughtful and kind Chevron is!

      So 99 percenters you best redeem your pizza coupon very quickly, so you can move on with your life and Chevron can get back to Hydraulic Fracturing to further raise the potential of more explosive well emissions to give out even more free pizza coupons!

      Word is Chevron is the majority partner of the local pizza joint, so the coupon money just goes back to them!

      • ± says:

        I am sad that you have not been able to achieve what you wanted to in your life.

        That’s the most sympathy I can muster for you.

        • noname says:

          Any sympathy from Adolf is certainly high praise!

          Really, is it not time the 99 percenters Learn and Apply the 1 percenter American offer, “arbeit macht frei”. Really, there is hope & change when you’re dead from some corporate sponsored explosion and your neighbors get free pizza and drinks?!?

          It’s all makes America so perfect and competitive and livable!

          Enjoy and celebrate your Happy 1 percenters’ day!

  2. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Does the urine come with it?

  3. Phydeau says:

    Forget it, you’re not going to get a rise out of the right-wingers here. Corporations are always right. Bow down to the “job creators”. Whatever they do is OK. Let’s give these immensely profitable multinational corporations HUGE tax breaks to give them even more profit, while we cut food stamps and unemployment insurance to desperate Americans whose jobs have been “created” right out of the US by the multinationals.

    Wingers like US will always have their noses up the butts of the big boys. Must be some kind of Calvinistic thing… if they’re rich, that means they’re blessed by God, bow down to them.

  4. Hmeyers says:

    This comment is the last one, except for the ones listed below.

    • Tim says:


      • noname says:

        So much to say, so much to do, but; the end of the beginning is nigh and the end begins!

        Beware; be scared, he that adds to these words draws down upon himself all the plagues Chevron with the 1 percenters have freely handed down!

        DU, NSA and I are watching you!

  5. Greg Allen says:

    Between the GOP’s discount coupons for Medicare and the oil industry’s coupon for free pizza, we’ll die undertreated and undernurished.


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