It just goes to show you… people are mostly idiots.

  1. noname says:

    Where is the “No More Woof” YouTube demonstration of the Dog Talk translator working after feeding Fido Pot Munchies?

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    Whoa! Have you ever looked at your paw? I mean, like, really looked at your paw? Totally.

  3. Mad H8R says:

    That’s nothing! There have been cases where KIDS have inadvertently eaten these pot munchies too. Just try doing that with tobacco! (gag!)

    Here’s another one. With all the new influx of high drivers out on the road – almost litereally ON the road and not going anywhere – police have failed to give more DUI citations too. But then they don’t exactly enforce the left-lan-passing laws very often either (aka the ‘slow traffic keep right’ rule which you can even read on some of the road signs).

    Yes, people are indeed idiots. Even Colorado’s Governer is an example of that fact. With almost no vetos of any bills, killing huge sections of the State’s economy through executive mandates and pardoning mass murderers like Jason Dunlop, Governor Hickenlooper is indeed a good example of the rampant liberal idiocy – especially in Boulder (where all this legalized pot business really began).

    … And in case you’re wondering, KCNC “News 4” in that clip is located in Denver.

  4. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Define ignorant as used in your example, and you might find it reads just like “ignorant.” Which is kinda ironic.

    But not stupid. Which reads a lot like idiot.

    What difference does it make??? Not much. Opprobrium is properly leveled.

  5. kerpow says:

    Did anyone catch the part where he said the dog Yoda wasn’t actually high. WTF?

  6. George says:

    Holly smoke, this dr sounds like Tommy Chon

  7. TThor says:

    Well – just as chocolate is a big non-no for dogs as well (theobromine is toxic to a dog). Dogs eat what they find to eat, people letting stuff lay around for the dog to find are plain stupid, being it get-high-coocies or chocolate.
    So where is the news?

  8. Glenn E. says:

    74 hours? How long is that in dog days? They’re high for ruffly 21 dog days? Or is the 74 hours, already 7 times human hours. So ruffly 10 human hours?

    Anyway, I agree with Dvorak, when he asked how come the chocolate in the “baked goods” wasn’t toxic to these dogs. Because it should be. And why didn’t the Vet think to mention that, as a contributing factor, to the dog’s ill health? Unless he was told not to. Or is against legal MJ, himself. So only the MJ gets the blame for making the dogs ill.

  9. Sean Conley says:

    the one thing u forgot to mention, is pot has to be cooked to release the thc, its not like you can just go eat pot. must be cooked/baked. this is another BS story

    • McCullough says:

      Edible marijuana is cooked. Hello?? Cookies?

      • noname says:

        Never let the hot facts get in the way of a most cherished bad thought!

        • Glenn E. says:

          It’s like the common fallacy, that all uncooked edible produce, is better for you than cooking it. Try eating a raw potato, sometime. It will probably make you ill.

          It’s a known fact that cooking food helps the human digestive system use less energy. Well worth any small nutritional loss. And as it was pointed out in the podcast. Raw spinach robs the body of Vitamin B.

          Funny, I just saw a Muppets Tv ad for Subway. Where Miss Piggy ask for spinach, put on her sub sandwich. I’m assuming it was raw leaves. Bad idea, Subway.

          • Greg Allen says:

            I’ve heard Michael Pollan make that argument. He confincingly says that humans have had fire (and fermentation) for so many thousands of years that our gut has evolved to eat cooked food.

          • noname says:

            Yea, cooked oranges are definitely delish!

  10. Greg Allen says:

    With the legalization of Marijuana, it seems like America is making the same mistake we made the tobacco companies.

    Today’s price of marijuana should include the long-term costs of its use.

    This money should be put into a health fund for people with lung problems from using the product.

    Don’t make the dying victims have to sue Big Marijuana for treatment.

    (And spare me… don’t argue that inhaling flaming matierial is good for the lungs. )

  11. Kent says:

    When I was much younger, when ever I’d spark up, my mothers dog would come running, flop down on his back and wait for his share. Dogs love to get high.

  12. Speter says:

    To Greg Allen

    re: “And spare me… don’t argue that inhaling flaming matierial is good for the lungs”

    True though – Vaporizing is better.

    Please read this if you get a chance, and No, i don’t believe its good in general to inhale smoke, but we drive around all day with out car windows down inhaling diesel fumes, or cycle in traffic, cant be much better.

    Pot smoke reduces your change of lung problems compared to non smokers. These are reasonably decent sources no matter how controlled the media is.


    1) Moderate pot smokers’ lung function better than nonsmokers (JAMA)

    2) Study: Smoking Marijuana Not Linked with Lung Damage

    “But Tashkin argues that specific properties of marijuana also matter. He says that THC has anti-inflammatory and immune suppressing properties, which may prevent lung irritation from developing into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a devastating lung disorder frequently caused by tobacco smoking.

    As for cancer, he says, “the THC in marijuana has well-defined anti-tumoral effects that have been shown to inhibit the growth of a variety of cancers in animal models and tissue culture systems, thus counteracting the potentially tumorigenic effects of the procarcinogens in marijuana smoke.””

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior history buff says:

      I’ve heard of this factoid, but never read about it before. I have nice pink lungs having only suffered from two parents who both smoked 4 packs a day. Smoke would gather in the kitchen/family room area in the ceiling and during the evening….work its way down until as a kiddie I could walk along and poke my head up into the smoke, or hunker down and avoid it. Good thing I had the bottom bunk bed?

      I could see it not causing cancer (actually fights it) but as in tobacco, I’m surprised it doesn’t cause emphysema as any particulate intake should do?

      Ain’t science great?….no matter what Moonbeam says?


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