Phew! I broke a sweat just watching them.

  1. Phydeau says:

    wtf was that???

  2. Ted says:

    Dogs in the hall “look at those b!+ches…”

  3. Quinn says:

    Where is the agent with the “football”?

  4. 2K says:

    Ya. Sure! That was water, all right.

    Interesting how no one said they were running towards something or AWAY from it either.

    …Just saying.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Obama: “Ok, same time next week. Now I gotta go drop some hell fire missles on some Pakistani kids — just for a stress release.”

  6. Hmeyers says:

    The obvious truth is that Biden isn’t actually the Vice President.

    Have you ever seen him on television? No. Can you quote anything he ever said? No.

    Supposedly he is from Delaware, which is supposedly a state, but has anyone ever been to Delaware? And if not, how do you know it is a real place? What is the capital of Delaware? Does it even have a capital? So how can it have any Senators? And supposedly Biden was a Senator from this fictitious State.

    It’s a trick.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      All depends on what you mean to say:

      phew: expressing a strong reaction of relief.

      whew: used to express surprise, relief, or a feeling of being very hot or tired.

      We shew consideration when we hew to the closest expression of what we mean. What manner of relief?

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      I lived just outside Dover (the State Capitol) for a few years. I went to the Capitol once. Don’t remember it. Living there, it was a gas stop between Philadelphia and the Beaches. Its all farming and fishing. It is a corporate mail box drop/registration scam as well.

      Takes about an hour of driving to get anywhere of interest.

      • Capitol offense says:

        +1 for using Capitol correctly and with capital “C”.

        What did Delaware? … she wore a New Jersey.

        What did Tennesse? … Same thing Arkansas.

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

          My favorite Cheer:

          We don’t smoke,
          We don’t drink.
          Norfolk, Norfolk, Norfolk!

    • Dallas says:

      You’re off your meds again.

  7. Greg Allen says:

    Another think I like about President Obama is how easy the top 1% have it.

    There was a p poll, years ago, about how CEO’s rate their stress.

    As I remember it, the CEOs believed that that had the most stressful job in their complany — far, far more stressful than their employees.

    But, an analysis showed that _real_ stress was pretty much flipped — the lower you are paid, the more stressful your experience.

    Unlike a Romney or a Bush, who were born into the top 1%, Obama still understands.

    • Greg Allen says:

      I muffed the first line:

      I like Obama because he _undersands_ how easy the top 1% have it.

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

        You are ok with “think” huh?


  8. Uncle Patso says:

    Idaho, Alaska…

  9. Dallas says:

    Loved it! What a cool POTUS and Vice-POTUS

    It would have been even more awesome if FLOTUS handed them each a glass of water.

  10. Captain Obvious says:

    When you’re not funny, you shouldn’t try to be funny. Reagan was funny. Clinton is funny. These guys aren’t.

  11. TThor says:

    Clowns on the move! How lame…


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