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  1. dusanmal says:

    JCD mentioned “Day After Roswell” book. Couple of pointers for potential readers:
    1) Take it for what it is and from whom it is.Writer implies throughout that he, himself worked on related science and engineering which is not plausible. However, have in mind military head of Manhattan Project who in his own biography portrayed himself as developing science/engineering of the atomic bomb – obvious nonsense, but that is how these military heads of projects think. They deeply believe they did it. Almost a Steve Jobs complex. Understanding that makes writing plausible with asterisk.
    2) Many people complain that human science was already on track of many items author claims we “harvested” from alien tech’. For me that is actually a supporting argument. Counterexample: say that 19th Century scientists got hold of alien craft with lasers and semiconductors.They couldn’t even start to understand them, ICB’s may have been interpreted as decorations… However, long before this book and on completely unrelated issue I was writing for a science popularization paper about “what were the most surprising technologies to be developed by humans”? I wrote about semiconductors and lasers. Both were in theoretical development but suddenly emerged in almost pristine end product. Whole number of engineering steps were missing (say, equivalent of an early nuclear reactor made of literally a pile of Uranium under a stadium…). We went from barely understanding the issues in theory to an extremely streamlined and finished engineering product. Possible natural “hail Mary pass” but much more plausible is an outside intervention. Not proof positive, plausible case.
    So, I give Mythbusters style “Plausible” to this book and many of its claims.

    • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

      Nice comment dusanmal. I do wonder/hope you are bending over backwards though in your assessment of the “plausibility” of Alien Tech being the source of advancements.

      Have you actually studied the development of semiconductors and lasers? You sound like you did, but also like you may have skipped over the very early years that actually pedicate the “sudden emergence” you focus on.

      I don’t know….but I suspect (strongly) its all in the record. Probably….even on a short wiki search???

      The love of the fantastic and imagine rather than the hard slog of diligent application of human development.

      I start with this premise: I have no doubt at all that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. I have even stronger belief that the time and distance they are distant make any contact between our species NOTHING BY SCI FI. The notion that anything on Earth is Alien Connected is………..rather childish.

      But, I still dream about writing a novel.

      To each, our own.

  2. jim g says:

    The real truth about missing jets

    • Tim says:

      “”This is not the end. This is not the beginning of the end. This is the end of the beginning. — Sherman

  3. Axl says:

    It was all good until the Snowden bashing started – yet one more time. The outcome is so predictable. Why are these two so darn envious of Snowden and Greenwald? They didn’t do it, didn’t come up with it, don’t get the attention…?
    These random rants are annoying and does not become the show, to say the least.

  4. Uncle Patso says:

    My favorite crackpot theory is that MH370 was pulled through time to help fight a Great War…


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