Executive Producers:Sir Jonathan Dennison, Alexander Farrington, Dean Rasmussen, AGW Enterprises Inc. Sir Random Hillbilly, Robin Clements
Associate Executive Producers: Owen in London, Michael De Cock
Art By: MartinJJ
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  1. Troll on a Roll says:

    Holly CRAP! A THREE HOUR 124MEG audio file of a couple of guys (questionably trained, questionably qualified, yet always sounding uninterested) with “no agenda”!

    I can’t exactly say the show title is misleading or anything. But all these shows are starting to sound a lot alike and getting a bit like listening in on a couple of teenage girls having a phone conversation (albeit with deeper voices).

    Seriously! Don’t you ‘tech experts’ know how to use a cheap video camera or at least compress a video to a 176×144 postage-stamp nothing-sized display? A “picture” that just might allow for a more meaningful yet still directionless “show”?! Have you (JCD) even talked to any of your old comrades over there at TWiT just across town? Come on!!! It’s 2014!

    OK. Ok. We all know how the economy caused Ziff Davis to pull the plug on the CrankyGeeks and how most of the participants weren’t always able look their prettiest. I’m sure those problems are why we now get to enjoy this all-audio bore fest. But is that really any excuse to now not PREPARE too?!

    I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t plan on listening. There’s “no agenda” which now runs on in excess of THREE HOURS …and STILL nothing to look at but a dark screen!!!

    And, yes. I am aware that the format is that of a radio talk show. But what you probably don’t realize is that it isn’t exactly real radio – it’s an Internet podcast! And like most people (who bother to “tune in”), the device I use has this other feature called a SCREEN! (So wouldn’t it be nice if our content providers would join us in the new millennia with at least an occasional low-quality video once in a while?)

    Sorry if that seems like “trolling” or something. But really. It’s 2014 and the economy is supposedly more recovered now. So isn’t a $20 webcam in anyone’s budget yet? Sheesh!

    • Nikelectric says:

      What exactly is it you hope to see? Two guys sitting in their home offices? If you listen to the show on your screen, I think you are in the minority. Most people listen on a mobile device (phone), probably in their car or while doing other things. Not everyone needs bright flashy lights in their faces to be entertained and/or informed. Not seeing the distracting video of clips makes it a lot clearer what is “actually being said,” usually to the horror or amusement of all. If you need to be spoonfed pretty pictures to follow along, you are not the target audience, and I doubt you have listened to many shows if the logic of broadcasting purely in audio is lost on you.

    • NIck the Rat says:

      why the hell would you want to see them? try http://www.pornhub.com

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

    I support the troll: I would “like” to listen to the show…BUT…I refuse to listen to the drivel that fills in the space between items of interest.

    Without a timeline for issues covered, I won’t waste my time WAITING for the good stuff.

    I might be a minority….but I doubt I’m alone. So simple—it doesn’t compromise a thing. It only shows respect.

  3. mojo says:

    “Register Now!”

    Ah, irony. I get it.

  4. B. Dog says:

    Show 602 is the best yet.


    It just is.


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