A Maine man who was trying to avoid being charged with marijuana possession may now be wishing he simply pleaded to police that the pot was his.

When Douglas Glidden was stopped by police in Livermore Falls because an officer recognized him and knew his license was suspended, he “told them the marijuana found in the car was not his because he had stolen the car.”

While Glidden was being taken to the Androscoggin County Jail for booking, police said the car’s owner called and reported that it had been stolen from his driveway.

The 25-year-old was charged with felony operating under the influence, and felony counts of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer and violating condition of release.


  1. Phydeau says:

    Life is tough… and it’s tougher if you’re stupid.

  2. Dum Dum says:

    Anyone who has bothered to graduate from school, even High School (which is NOT getting a GED), knows…

    The blissfully stupid are more easily controlled and usually believe anything you tell them. There are masses of them (stupid humans) and it usually works out quite well for those who choose NOT to be stupid.

    IOW, don’t just stay in school, LEARN SOMETHING! Take a good look at Congress if you need any examples.

    Then again…

    Truth can be an even bigger bitch for those who have chosen to remain stupid. And I’m left wondering what this guys real conundrum now is – continue being truthful or dummy up!

    • Dum Dum says:

      … Let’s also not forget that cops aren’t especially all that bright either. About the only difference is when it comes to discipline!

  3. The truth shall set you free says:

    The guy was smart. He knew the cops recorded the car’s license number as part of the ticketing process.

    He also knew the car would be reported stolen. So, the least he could do is cut his losses and claim the MJ was not his.

    Had he not talked, do you really think he’d never get caught?

    Telling the truth is dumb?

    • ABC123 says:


      Did you even read the story?!

      What Glidden did was essentially tell the cops that the car was stolen BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DID!

      He might have gotten away with a simple ticket for no license and having marijuana in his possession (or not, since every State and county law on these things are considerably different). But without batting an eye, he apparently thought that marijuana possession was somehow worse than grand theft auto!

      I’m no lawyer, but even I know that grand theft is a way worse charge.

      And if you stop and think about it, Glidden’s admission is a bit like a bank thief telling the cops that he had to kill everyone at the bank cause they could all identify him.

      I say, STUPID!

  4. John E Quantum says:

    There used to be a little diner in my area where the food was really good and the portions were generous, and a rather buxom young blond worked at the counter. All of the local criminals and the local police would sit and eat together before they began their respective day’s work. If the cops were out of uniform you couldn’t tell them from the criminals.

  5. Glenn E. says:

    So dealing in (and possibly smoking) weed, doesn’t make one brilliant? But perhaps even more stupid? Ok, I might by that. But what alternatives are there, than also don’t make one smarter. Flipping hamburgers for a living? Washing cars? Mowing lawns? Cleaning swimming pools? Walking other people’s dogs? I’m sure a lot of public service jobs, individuals end up doing to put food on the table. Don’t cause a drastic elevation of the IQ. And may even dumb them down, a little. Moving lawns isn’t exactly rocket science.

    But when some guy or gal, gets stopped for possession of weed. And doesn’t respond as an educated trial or corporate lawyer. We automatically think, yep. Stupid is, as stupid does. And weed helps.

    Need I remind you all of some of the US and Canadian officials? Who have also been caught doing something pretty dumb. In spite of their higher education. But the system covers for Dick Cheney shooting some fellow hunter in the face. Or Chris Christie having a NJ bridge, bottlenecked out of revenge. Or Nixon and his pals, plotting to sabotage the DNC. Or this Ontario Governor, and his little behavioral problems. Were they all smoking something, too?


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