Although there is yet to be conclusive evidence that radiation emitted by mobile phones and other wireless devices is damaging to male fertility, some studies have shown at least a potential link. This is why the makers of Wireless Armour have stepped in to try and provide some protection with nothing less than underwear that encases your nether regions in a Faraday cage.

Some studies have shown several effects of electromagnetic radiation on male fertility, including lower sperm counts, lower sperm motility, and changes to viability and morphology. Joseph Perkins’ solution is for men to don underwear made from a cotton weave material that has pure silver fibers incorporated into it. Perkins says these silver fibers form a Faraday cage that blocks the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless devices…

If you’re a.) convinced radiation from your phone has the potential to affect your fertility and b.) convinced a Faraday cage in the form of underwear is the solution, then Wireless Armour may be for you. If so, a pledge on Indiegogo of $24 is enough to reward you with a pair of Wireless Armour underwear if and when it gets turned into a full product. This means Perkins and co. will have to sell a lot of underwear to hit their funding goal of $50,000.

For those not convinced by the ability of Wireless Armour to fend off radiation, the silver mesh reportedly also increases the lifespan of the product and affords it antimicrobial properties. However, its makers are not claiming it will filter your farts in the same way as Shreddies are claimed to do.

Or you can cheap out and be satisfied with stuffing your tidy whities with strips of lead foil. I hear it works better than tinfoil. :)

  1. deegee says:

    This is just a silly waste of money. :p

    A. It won’t be a very efficient Faraday Cage.
    It is not totally enclosed (these shorts are open at the legs and torso) and isn’t preferably grounded.

    B. Don’t hang your cell phone on your nuts.

    • Tim says:

      Agreed. Mostly. I’m playing around with a simple flyback driver but on iron core transformers — some appreciable power is contained in some of the higher order harmonics into the hundreds of kiloherts.

      That thing is likely to get warm, in such situations — And it still won’t prevent your chip from activating (~100-150kHz) but will keep it from transmitting {~.9-5 gHz}.

  2. dusanmal says:

    Nut cases… The product, makers and buyers.
    Professional, expert opinion based on proven science:
    1) Wireless radiation is not ionizing. You won’t get direct damage cancer or impaired fertility from it. Not even with phone radiating at highest power, in direct contact, 24/7/365. Not even from a phone hacked to illegal power levels.
    2) Only possible damage is with extremely high power levels from… generated heat. But, than you’ll be effectively microwave – oven your nether-regions and you should feel it before damage is done.
    3) Peculiar cancer likelihood is possible from indirect effect of microwave radiation to your brain. It depends on brain-specific chemistry. Won’t affect other appendages. Even if you think that there is some brain there. If ionizing radiation is an “arrow” that can injure you, think of brain cancer from microwave radiation as combination of a “finger-poke” (that by itself can’t injure you) and Rude-Goldberg contraption (brain chemistry) activated by a finger-poke and after a number of bizarre cause-and-effects it ends in lighting a fuse on a cannon aimed at you… (Not theory, published, peer reviewed, experimentally tested …)

    • Tim says:

      I like Russians — They point out that a man, given enough water, can withstand a 450 degree oven for some time.

      They also point out that if one sits in a tinfoil-lined room with a 60 watt microwave source then he will report feeling 4 degrees warmer. — I don’t care if it is 40 below outside, so long as I feel warm. Of course, longwave irradiated ir from a fireside is nice to.

  3. dade0 says:

    A tinfoil hat for your gonads.. a gift for someone with everything but priorities.

  4. Felicly Yours says:

    Talk about being a dick head!

    Last time I looked, silver was not a very great ferrous material meaning it’s not a very good choice at redirecting magnetic fields — fields like those which emanate from an antenna (though the same could also be said of copper). And though silver may be one of the least toxic metals to human tissue (which is also sometimes used to decontaminate water), any descent Faraday cage it would really need to be made more solid!

    Conductive underwear like that is more likely to turn parts of your body into a rather large capacitor. And in case you didn’t know, a capacitor is battery-like component which is used to store an electrical charge for a short period of time. And the bigger the capacitor the more powerful charge it can “briefly” hold too.

    Oh, the “schwing” jokes that are swimming in my head right now…

  5. Bored with Repub talking points says:

    Then there are those who would pull these on over their head.


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