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  1. dusanmal says:

    “If vaccinations work, why is sending your unvaccinnated kid to school a danger to kids who have been vaccinnated?” appeared in last two episode shownotes. Well, of course it is distraction from the real reasons (be it that there miniscule permilles of society who can’t be vaccinated and the second layer of distraction above is usually to point at them as needing protection from others). Here is the root core for vaccination pushing:
    Government and medical profession have interest in the population as a whole. A heard. Their risk estimate originates in expected herd results. That’s why they talk about “heard immunity”. Individual however should have their risk estimate drawn from expected individual results. This individual point of view is applicable to family decisions. They should want best results form themselves, not the heard.
    So, where is a danger of escalating immunization for families? Look at just last 50 years of “excess” cleanliness and “excess” use of antibiotics… We essentially developed superbugs, nullifying effects of the antibiotics and rapidly increasing allergies and asthma are attributed (German, Swiss published, peer reviewed and experimentally tested studies) to lack of exposure to dirt and animals in young age. It is inevitable that the same will catch up with us in vaccination.
    Second danger arises directly from medical profession risk estimate: Medical profession does not want to deal with thousands of cases of mumps for example although with modern medicine it can be dealt with safely. They prefer mass vaccination and no disease, be it that X people will have dangerous side effects. X > Y, the number that would similarly suffer greatly from mumps itself if vaccination was not pushed…

    There are diseases like polio that have drastic consequences. There individual and herd estimate would converge and vaccination would be appropriate. But individual and individual alone must always be in control seat and not be bullied on the issue.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Poor old Douche: “Individual however should have their risk estimate drawn from expected individual results.” //// just exactly how is that decision to be reached? Got a formula or algorithm laying around? Or do you just pop a beer and stare at McCarthy’s tits?

      I know you do.

      Silly Hooman.

    • Tim says:

      “”There individual and herd estimate would converge and vaccination would be appropriate.

      Let’s hear that from the scientists who created the vaccine…


      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Thanks Timmy—that “sounds right” and very intelligent……… so, of course, I don’t really understand what they are saying.

        Seems to me there is some element of individual comfort with risk that would vary much more than would the CDC’s assessment of herd immunity?

        I do like it when stuff converges though… if its not artificially forced. Here, by definition they seem to be saying the interest of the individual is the same as the group. Seems pushed to me.

        BUT—ON POINT===as a Nanny State Man of Science, yes, I would “force” all people to get immunized as per State guidelines. FU if you are so stupid—you don’t deserve your “choices” when it puts others at risk.

        The balance position could be some sort of requirement to prove immunization status to engage in certain activities like school kiddies have to prove it or they can’t go to school. Ergo, it could be an employer mandate etc but all derivative to the notion that herd immunity trumps individual stupidity.

        hmmmmm …. otoh ….. if “my” kiddie is immunized, why should I care about others? Ok, Pedro is right. I do waffle so. I HATE the wafflers, but love dem waffles. I add buckwheat.

        How does that happen?

        • Tim says:

          “”like school kiddies have to prove it or they can’t go to school

          And therein lies the source of my bitternes. Neocon parents, and all that entails where the child had no ability to question. Growing up in what I *knew* was a test case…

          Now, they (CPS) goes after homeschoolers because they may not be making the kids worship ”government”.

          This was my last straw…

          • Tim says:


            gubment edumacation — it’s the nail that sticks up what gets hammered down.

            vaccine ‘science’ was probably somewhat valid… I’ve been subjected to immunization ‘science’ that was not… But hey, I’ve contributed… the first 10 years of my life made it where you can get a vaccine to eat out parts of your brain… specifically, the ‘spiritual’ parts and the ‘inquisitive/explorative’ parts.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Sad day when Young Turks got taken off msnbc. Proof they are main stream like all other Corporate Media. Same with that Brannigan (?) guy who made millions on Wall Street and then decried their excesses. Good Man.

            …………..but I post to caution you against the SIN OF CONFLATION. Yes, some small town local cop department is “gubment” but its not the same gubment that runs the CDC. The errors/challenges of the one should not be lumped into the other.

            Keep your issues separate for the clearest thinking. THEN and only then your brain can be filled with the most excellent Venn Diagrams that clear thinking allows. Then, one day, you might even post consistently with what your clear brain thinks.

            Its a stretch goal.

            I blame the cop management system. …. Its always management.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            “vaccine ‘science’ was probably somewhat valid //// vaccine science is TOTALLY VALID! Sure a few batches have too much mercury in it, sure a live culture can kill you.

            ………….. but the Herd continues.

          • Tim says:

            “”but its not the same gubment that runs the CDC

            In this case, bobbo; It is. Redstone Arsenal has been a long-time fixture there. I’ve seen kids grow up with reverence for the federal government just for the ‘privilege’ of carving a couple miles off a round trip — guns in your face and all. A whole couple generations that accepted roadblocks as normal and good. “”Don’t go 41 in a 40, that’s a federal offence here.

            I won’t get into what I know about the CDC now, but I can assure you that they have no one’s personal health in mind. They serve as coverup and mouthpiece ‘officialdom’. State dogma. That’s all.

            Incidentally, Redstone is/was a chemical weapons factory — The US sighned the treaty with the stipulation that we can still make and store them.

        • Tim says:

          “”FU if you are so stupid—you don’t deserve your “choices” when it puts others at risk.

          You see? I would otherwise have chosen to stay away from the ‘vacced’ crumb-crushers for my own safety.

          You are no man of science, sir. I don’t think you have a thought in your head that wasn’t State sponsored.

          I hate to be sooo mean but, upon reviewing Poes’ Law; Any sufficiently advanced troll would be indistinguishable from the DMV.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Hey Timmy — you sure that all happened to you? I doubt it.

            ………but ………… there are pros and cons to all we do.

            Hoomans are herd animals. No different than any other herd animals except we have Big Brains allowing for a bit more individual variation but the pros and cons of it all is that the Herd persists as long as the herd is protected. Lose a few individuals here and there, and the herd continues.

            ……….but ………. start allowing individuals to affect the herd per their many and varied interests and the herd will fall apart, and being a Herd Species, the species will perish.

            So, everything you think is true. Just suck it up, and take one for the team!

            Ha, ha. Having 110% Hubris for my own incredible good health, I have no vaccinations after I left home. Never been sick a day in my life. Thats just “me.” I recognize I am wrong for the Herd. You have to MAKE ME get immunized. And thats ok, I actually won’t object too much, because I have a herd mentality.

            Its a nice balance.

          • Tim says:

            “”and being a Herd Species

            Like sheeple and cows?? Obaaaaahma.

            Nice to see how a real scientist views humanity.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            I’m thinking more like Elephants. Males being mostly rogue and on their own until mating time requires their presence. All that is good and holy in human relations being the product of Mom.

            Its only a rough comparison. I have known a few worthwhile men.

          • Tim says:


            Monkeys were never a herd species… When did we *evolve* into going with the flow??

          • Tim says:

            “”I have known a few worthwhile men.

            *known* as in the biblical sense?? That’s ok. You’ve always got the free clinic…

  2. ECA says:

    Interesting food facts..

    the USA uses less then 20% of its grown food..
    rest is used as export..
    Do you think they Process the food as BADLY as the USA does??
    In the USA, there are so many chemicals and Artificial things, that they get MORE food to export.
    They SAy that Farm animals eat 50% of the USA food crops…WELLL, only 50% of the 20%. AND THAT is only because we dont feed the animals NATURALLY..
    Dairy Cows use more then 60% of the antacid in the USA..

    Would you let the cattle OUT to roam in a farmers field? After harvest to CLEAN the field?? AFTER all the chemicals they have used??

    In the major countries, we have decimated over 80% of the wild animals.. you cant go out and HUNT FOOD anymore..
    For all the Dear and other animals that Roamed our forests, they CLEARED the brush and fertilized the soil.. without them, MORE FIRES..MORE barren soils..

    Think we could STOP 50% of the Farms? NOPE.. we could grow TREES, BAMBOO, HEMP which could help with CO2..its not going to happen. 3 countries EXPORT MOSt of the grains and food in this planet…and you wonder WHY we want the EU and Brits to let us SELL MEAT in their nations(they dont like our process’s). this is our MAJOR EXPORT in this nation.

    Tons more on the subject, but will let you folks find out on your own..

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Hey ECA–I’ve read there are more dears around now than when the pilgrims landed. Maybe they were just talking about Long Island or something?

      Yes–I think common sense says that dear management would encourage their propagation and culling/eating thru regulated hunting periods. Same with cats, dogs, rats, horses. Its all protein. If this is disgusting to you, don’t do it. It was a real laugh to see all the stray animal dissappear when the Hmong moved into different neighborhoods. I say: good for them. After a few went to jail, that cross cultural experience ended and now they are getting fat and dying of diabetes just like the rest of us.

      Ha, ha. I still laugh at report of Motel Owner finding out the Hmong had filled in swimming pool with dirt and were growing chuck bok or whatever.

      Culture. It makes us all the same and different at the same time.

  3. Kevin says:

    What is the proper No Agenda spelling for Browlf Witzer? “That’s a good question”, and inquiring minds want to know.

    Thank you for your courage.


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