1. robb the Idiot says:

    Gluten is in what taste good.Shoe leather, saw dust, a old hard drive, cat litter, wood boards, a TV, all have no gluten.

    • Dummy Up says:

      Well, at least you admit that you’re an idiot.

    • robb the Idiot says:

      1 st
      I can be a moron, or even a seedless water melon head. I went to a farm school. We NEVER used any additives on any plant.

      The chemicals in wheat are bad for your heath.

      • DonW says:

        People have been eating products made from wheat for centuries.

        All of a sudden if we eat a bagel or a hot dog or a pancake we are going to die?

  2. ECA says:

    WEL, that comment went into the dumper..to many links and comments??

    • robb the Idiot says:

      ??? are you talking about? There is no links.

    • Tim says:

      ECA? did you get a ‘regex’ error??? I’ve had that happen a couple times… couldn’t figure it out. Interesting thing is, it seems to dump a list of email addresses, usually about 5 of them. An exploitable leak???

      • ECA says:

        well no..
        It marked it as spam, I had links in it..and said it would send tot he admin, to see if it was OK..

        MY COMMENT,
        was tot he purpose to show that we should be able to SUGGEST articles (at least) as I and most of you goto MANY interesting sites..
        tech dirt,
        mad sci
        and many others..
        The site dont even look at what we post in Cagematch, let alone advert the section anymore..

        • ± says:

          I guess this proves that dvorak.org is on double secret NSA probation.

          PS — this last post had marginally less caps, didja oil your keyboard or sumpin’?

        • robb the Idiot says:

          Do you know that ECA is the name of a early design of a FORD computer. Electronic Control Assembly. It was very limited in memory and power.

  3. Tim says:

    The wheat of today is/becomes somewhat poisonous to some

    –Gliadin is the most abundant protein in wheat, contained within gluten polymers.
    –Gliadin of 2012 is different from the gliadin of, say, 1960, by several amino acids, part of the genetic transformation of wheat introduced to increase yield-per-acre.


    Incidentally, that ‘increased yeild’ is not because of a healthier plant but because it is stunted and homogenious in height, making current equipment more efficient at getting at it.

    But, there is a much better reason to avoid it — Just before harvest, it is absolutely saturated with Monsantos’ fucking shit.


    • ECA says:

      there is another point to make here..
      AFTER the 60’s they changed the processing on HOW to prepare foods..
      Insted of the OLD yeasts that took TIME, they went to FAST yeast. which does not break down as well, in Food products. the OLD yeast EATS much of the Gluten. with Time.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

        Thats a good point ECA. So many “small” things we don’t even know about. NOBODY knows about. first I’ve heard about yeast modification, but it makes sense. Even if the species is the same, it could not be the same so easily.

        I wonder about soil nutrition depletion after the 4-5-6 crop is grown with nitrogen based fertilizers. Much more, we are on the 30-40-50th crop on the same land.

        Pros and Cons, and all a part of the whole that has 7 Billion of us living 3 times longer than 500 years ago. And you don’t get the good without the bad.

        Intended/known consequences vs Un-intended/Un-known consequences. All a part of the picture. Some parts effect only a few, some parts effect everyone.

        All the bad/unknown consequences can pretty well be accepted when life is good, getting better. But what when the Un-intended BUT KNOWN consequence of the good life is AGW and the death of us all? Is that even worth thinking about? It doesn’t matter. You KNOW about consequences: they happen whether you want them to or not.

        Ain’t reality a Bitch?

        • ECA says:

          Another point is that THINGS dont happen quickly.
          Slow poisoning, can take years.
          We are an adaptive species, but nature takes TIME to change things so we can adapt.
          There are NAtural ways to HELp nature make the stuff we want and like..
          But the question comes around to WHAT we can eat and wont kill us.

          • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

            There are NAtural ways to HELp nature make the stuff we want and like.. //// Its all interactive. What is “natural”? Nothing natural about 7 Billion Big Brained Apes with Lizard Emotions creating a mass extinction of bio-diversity in order to support 10 Billion Big Brained Apes with Lizard Shit Everywhere before we Devo.

            Consequences. Once you get beyond Hunter and Gathering stage and start modifying the environment to support your numbers, THEN its Human Assault on Mother Earth. We win for a while….. then we lose. How much and what is the open question.

            We haven’t even started losing yet (sic). Sure, a few low lands here and there taken by water, but the population still increasing…. so we are “winning.” TIGER BLOOD coursing through our veins.

            I WONDER: when we have the first real population drop because of whatever…. will it stop giving us a real warning and second chance, or will it cascade to a real horrible? Does it depend? How so?

            msnbc is ramping up its pro-AGW position. Fox is stuck on stupid.

            Just enjoying the consequences.

          • ECA says:

            Then you have been reading the same stuff I have..
            the ONLY way to feed this planet is to MAKE the food ourselves and NOT SHARE with the animals..
            WE know that we have decimated over 80% of the wild life, including FISH..
            Even the 1600’s, Whalers had to go Farther and farther to get the whales..
            TUNa are on the verge of collapse, which means they wont be able to reproduce FAST enough to curtail the fishing…
            Article on TED, about HOW we are WRONG on Ground/area protections, and should let the Cows and other ruminants, take over…
            BUT, mankind cant have ANYTHING, unless it belongs to someone..
            Iv suggested releaseing Goats/sheep/cows to BLM lands to let them EAT UP the stuff and bring LIFE to it, and keep fires DOWN..

      • Tim says:

        It’s the same with soybeans, ECA; The godless heathen have always known that it was poisonous unless fermented…

        • ECA says:

          WELL, thats corp mentality..
          After WWII, they found that OILS were cheaper then LARD…then they tried OTHER oils..and Other oils.. there is NO SUCH THING as vegetable oil..
          but there isnt enough sugar MADE in the USA to be used by everyone..and we have a restricted market..
          And 80% of the grains and Corn in the USA is Exported..

  4. drake says:

    I gave up wheat some time ago just to see if it would make any difference. It did. But not the the degree some who advocate it say. I have less bloating and lost about twenty pounds. I haven’t totally eliminated gluten. My daughter is completely gluten free. Giving her anything with gluten has almost immediate and negative effects. She does not have celiac disease but is autistic, and many parents of autistic kids have reported similar effects.

  5. spsffan says:

    Yes, there are some people who are sensitive or allergic (there’s a difference!) to gluten. They should limit or eliminate it from their diets. For the rest of us, well, like anything else, moderation is probably wise.

    But like so many other things, it’s a bandwagon. And 90% of the people who are eliminating gluten from their diets probably don’t need to. Just as it’s fine to have a beer or two or maybe even three in the evening, that’s a whole lot different from drinking a six pack twice a day. Most people tolerate moderate amounts of gluten just fine, thank you.

    It reminds me of a definition of vegan: a particularly annoying type of vegetarian.

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

    Broad scope: when you see other people being idiots, recognize the same tendency within yourself. Do you believe/repeat/adopt some idea because “somebody told you”? You know…. like anti-AGW. Nobody ever TOLD YOU about AGW, you had to read about that, or you listened to reports about it, but nobody TOLD you. Then one day, somebody actually said to you, told you: “AGW isn’t true because It was way cold in Florida last night.” THEN you notice the subject and form an opinion on it.

    Narrow scope: …… I was going to stream of conscious the subject but instead did a quick google. Maybe that will save mankind, Google Glass that is. Always google the subject before thinking about it? As most issues in life are—what you think may not even be wrong, but there is more to it.

    gluten sensitivity
    gluten intolerance
    celiac disease
    wheat allergy
    Something like Timmy says that goes along with it

    All kinds of mind expanding notions contained within the idea/concept.

    I went gluten free for a month just to self diagnose. I could not tell any difference. Did the same, a different month, for dairy. Still saw no difference. Did the same with alcohol (beer). Made me sad. Did the same with getting up at the same time each day. Made me grumpy. Did the same with exercising every other day. Made me feel better.

    I’ve wanted to do a few more things to myself: go vegan ((Oh–I did follow the Zone Diet for about 3 months. Didn’t notice anything but it did teach me a few things about food.)) Meditate. Read more. Write. Clean the House.

    I seem to be impervious to all things mental and health. I’m just me. The good ship Titanic on the Sea of Life. I don’t think there are even any icebergs. Just a slow leak.

    So, nothing narrow scope in my life. Broad Scope: what stupid things do I believe? Ha, ha. I think I’m coming to terms with a few ideas. AGW. Its like rape. Why worry?

    • Tim says:

      “”AGW. Its like rape.

      Without naming names, Coach Grear, in eighth grade, told a classmate in front of me that “soccer is a lot like rape; You can’t do anything about it so just lay back and enjoy it…”

      He was arrested some years later for falling through the ceiling of his neighbor’s apt where he was crawling and watching them shower.

      Public edumacation… just like rape — A public educator.

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        I don’t get it Timmy. If I don’t want to get raped, I can just not play or watch soccer…. or any other team sport.

        ……. but AGW is going to assf*ck you, me, and the soccer team whether “we” play or not….. because everyone on earth is playing whether we want to or not.

        Right now…. I have two computers, 3 monitors, 2 TV’s and 5 lights on. I’m busy raping me, you, and every soccer team on Earth, whatever other game you are playing. Only one Earth, only one Atmosphere. Ironically, one of my refrigerators is not working now. Compressor still comes on and off, just not cooling.

        Simple recharge, or does the Repair Guy get to rape me now too?

        • Tim says:

          Is the coil freezing up and blocking airflow with ice?? then the coolant pressure is too low. — I modify small window airconditioners to be positioned backwards and be used as a heat pump in winter — I’ve had it supply plenty of heat for a 60ft single-wide trailor, even if it’s 12 degrees outside. However, the humidity needs to be low for that to work without ‘work’…

          Even if it freezes up, I still get the 500 watts of heat to run the compresser — It’s not even that loud, I used active sonic attenuation, when I was expecting company.

          • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

            Thats an excellent Mother Earth Jones Small Planet Farmers Almunac reverse engineering kind of thing to do. I like it.

            Around here though, while all my neighbors run heating in winter and cooling in summer, I almost go 100% commando. A hoody indoors keeps me warm for all but 2-3 nights a year. Skivvies and a shower for the summer.

            I might buy a window a/c unit just to get that double use though.

            My frig unit just stopped working. Acts more like a fuse or blown defrost circuit rather than low coolant or bad compresor or fans. No Doubt—something easy to fix that any repair guy can call whatever he wants and charge me the equivalent of buying a new one.

            I HATE REPAIR MEN—its too much like watching soccer.

  7. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:


    Link is to Colbert’s take down of O”Reilly’s Water’s World and just how stupid these Man in the Street creations are.

    Pick any subject and any point of view. Video in one afternoon to follow.


  8. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3XvjshUbOA /// Is about: Norman Borlaug- Man who saved a Billion Lives by selectively breading more productive wheat then Rice. “Save” a Billion Lives, or rather Built the Tower of Babel One Billion Souls higher? What did he save if overpopulation/coal burning to feed, clothe, shelter and transport them is what is going to kill the whole herd?

    One billion saved, or 6 Billion put at further risk? Isn’t it the same issue?

    Holy Crap====the www. is working again? Any chance for a right panel of most recent responses so we can tell who is posting where? You know…. actually run a forum?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yogX66Nr6u4 /// Reply to GMO Concerns. Same as above. 25K people die of hunger everyday. Their point: GMO helps feed more people.

    Dare I say: Pros and Cons to all we do? If you can’t tell at least one thing from both sides, you have no business opining.

    Pros and Cons…………. aka …………… Short term vs Long Term. aka==context. Some times the Pros and Cons switch back and forth when you go from short to long term.

    Which do you think is more important/relevant for the long term benefit of Mankind? ……………..

    • Tim says:

      The World According to Monsanto

    • McCullough says:

      Is it possible for you to stay on topic…like ever?

    • Tim says:

      Fuck, bobbo; I’d have thought you’d be mad at any technology that leads to that doomsaying 7 billion you’re always lamenting…

      I guess, I, again, misunderstood your attitude toward your sycophants.

      • Tim says:

        it’s on topic …

        “”or the low gluten wheat it had pirated from India which we challenged as a biopiracy case in the European Patent office.

        • McCullough says:

          That was in reference to bobbos off topic mad rant.

          • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:


            ………………..dear me.

            I thought the topic was: people who believe things they actually don’t know anything about. aka: How silly ideas gain a hold?

            Gluten is just one very narrow example. Off topic to demonstrate how the issue is important for all of us????

            Rather than just make fun of other people to see ourselves in others….. you know….. the Christian thing???

            I accept your criticism…….but you know …… once you know the truth AND see the END OF MANKIND looming up on us while we laugh at gluten idiots but slurp up the Clean Coal lie……

            Ha, ha. I’m just a silly hooman.

            You are too kind McCullough….. post an AGW once a week and I could get it off my chest legitimately!

            Gluten is like the Earth having a co2 allergy though……… …………………………(0y!)

          • McCullough says:

            We’ve already been told by Liberal media over and over again…… AGW is real and there is nothing we can do about it. We’re done, it’s over…we’re all going to die! So whats with the incessant hand-wringing? Do you think I need to be tortured by your rants any further? FFS man, get a grip.

            I quit smoking years ago, but as my drill instructor used to say…Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

          • Tim says:

            Oh, how I do like ping-pong; especially, since i’m the only one with a paddle in this bunch…

            “”What began with a repurposed ambulance now includes several mobile pieces of state-of-the-art research hardware


            not to ‘pull rank’, or anything.

        • Tim says:

          My paddle lies crossed on the table. I became a liability there. No scientist, I. I just drove the van.

  9. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    McCullough demonstrating the need for more posts on AGW says:
    5/13/2014 at 6:32 pm

    We’ve already been told by Liberal media over and over again…… AGW is real /// Up until a month ago, I pretty much saw the lead to every story being “Is this the start of Global Warming…. or just another case of bad weather…”

    and there is nothing we can do about it. /// No, definitely NOT that. You might be confusing this with political analysis that CONGRESS can’t do anything because the libs are cockblocked by the Science Denying Pukes?

    We’re done, it’s over…we’re all going to die! /// No one is saying that…………… EXCEPT ME!!! I’m the one that came to grips with what the scientists are so BLANDLY stating that we don’t get it. What else does discussing a tipping point mean? Just like most people, I gotta be told something (and believe it) about 9 times before it sinks in.

    Do a video survey: I bet most people would say that bad effects of AGW “might” happen in 50 to 100 years. NO CONCEPT AT ALL— for what a 50 year lag time from cause to effect really means.

    You know?

  10. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    On topic—Katie Kouric pimping her book: “Fed Up” about added sugar in food.

    Years ago, I did try going without any added salt in my food and after a month, I found I could not eat canned beans without washing the salt off of it. A few years later, I did the same thing with sugar. I feel very blessed that by happenstance once my body was cleansed of these two unhealthy items, my taste buds actually kicked in and stopped me from binging on such things.

    Empty calories—good thing to avoid which includes highly refined foods, which includes most wheat flour items. Hard to avoid, but easy to cut back on. Going “gluten free” is one way to key into healthier eating, whether you know the correct reasoning or not. Its pragmatic, and thats always a good thing.

    CONTEXT. Its not the “liberal media” that is telling us AGW is real. Its SCIENCE that is telling us that. Liberal media having a bias towards truth, merely accurately reports. If you need to balance you understanding of truth, thats when non-liberal media has a role to play.

    Check your bias.

  11. t0llyb0ng says:


    If I were going to be terrified of some global phenomenon, it’d be overpopulation.  If “climate perturbation” has an underlying anthropogenic cause, it’s that.  But overpopulation is something we can’t affect either.  Humans are generally too dumb to realize that our planet is a really bad place to bring a child into.  Japan & Russia are acuppla exceptions to that.  They figure, nope, no kid in my future.  Makes ’em look like geniuses.

    • bobbo, what is artificial in robots doesn't exist in Hoomans says:

      Is that debatable at all?

      I’m thinking AGW is ALL ABOUT burning coal and oil.

      If that technical/social challenge is met by Green/Renewable energy sources and the co2 ppm is lowered back to 300 ppm ((why stop at 350 if we have the tech to “choose” the level)) THEN the other impacts of over population will play out.

      But narrowly on point: I don’t think AGW is directly about population numbers.

      Like spelling—don’t get sloppy.


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