Executive Producers: Sir JD, Sir Chris Speers, Dave O, Brandon Baker, Dwayne Lively
Associate Executive Producers: Shane Lindholm, Keith Jacobs, Todd the lovely serf of Tokyo
Art By: Nick the Rat
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  1. norman says:

    it a ye fro top a de crimlen,

    switzer duch dracula

    Omar kurdish neighbour kid, speakie zee engliksh me ‘tother day.. it so funny… ye hear yerselv younger.. but forward in time

    Okey okey like the show

    beef mignon, my kid say me.. how brit say now beef and germine say flesh.. the bollics tell me stuff about my mother lingo i not know, hate that

    level- compedative – play- field

    bindge watch… mignon, ahh ye’s are good

    i’l have the chhip. hehe don chipp head explode

    pruning japan cherry tree with chain-saw in denmark, not very bonzi , i know.. as i did so i think, japan, never been. do it blossem earlier, why it here, and stuff as ye do… head sound dampers and overall and little tractor and all.. in state vetinary institute front lawn. at the time was an irish cow with food and mouth and danish say it irish and irish say it danish.. and me thinking about when japan got kangaroo meat and say ausse .. ‘member label next time.. hehhe

    long ago far away.. every show , every show… makes me think


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