Greater Manchester Police arrested a man who put on a pig mask, toy helmet and reflective jacket in order to perform “comical parodies” about the behavior of law enforcement officials.

New Moston man Steven Peers was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer after he put on the costume to call attention to how GMP officers conducted themselves during anti-fracking protests.

I’m never surprised at coppers who have no sense of humor.

  1. Ken isaak says:

    In the USA they would have nicked him because he forgot the donuts. And he might have been found guilty until beaten innocent

    • BubbaMustafa says:

      In the USA, they would have pepper sprayed, beaten and arrested and taken downtown to be sexually violated with billy-clubs, batons, baseball bats. Then beaten with phone-books before thrown to the convicts to rape him *correctly*

    • norman says:

      odds are, person taking selfi is right handed.. now of course to reverce the photo would be no problem.. in which case the policemans i d # is fake

  2. Porkey says:

    ..Then he toddled off to wallow in the nearest mud hole.

  3. McCullough says:

    Note to self: Buy Boston Butt for Memorial Day cookout.


    • A$$K Me No Questions (SLAVE!) says:

      Didn’t you mean, buy Boston STONG butt?! (There’s less fat that way.)

  4. fishguy says:

    So, what’s the charge? Inappropriately Snarky Humor?

  5. Greys42 says:

    Most cops only laugh at their own tales of beating unarmed people.

  6. ECA says:

    the only way this would be upheld is IF’ he was wearing a Costume that you could NOT identify was NOT a police suit..
    but the LAWs tend to be 1 sided..
    as you can be HELD, for a specific time BEFORE it is require to file your crime. AND they can do this many times…and you have no recourse…
    MAYBE after 3-4 times you can say its ABUSE…but thats real hard to prove..

    • A$$K Me No Questions (SLAVE!) says:

      Nice to know that in the U.K. they can take you away for no reason whatsoever.

      Here in the USA, we have a little thing called the LAW which compells (makes) the police tell you why they are arresting/detaining you — irregardless how crazy you are too. Once they do that they can then hold you for 72 hours before they have to file charges. Either that or they have to let you go.

      So it seems I’ve been mistaken about those U.K. “pigs” since I thought it was basically the same procedure. If they don’t tell you why you’re being arrested/detained then they themselves have just broke the law. But I do know what you mean — good luck prooving it.

  7. Michael says:

    Evident joke: Which of those is the policeman ?

    • Greys42 says:

      I’d take the guy in the pig mask any day. At least he has a sense of humor.

    • Greys42 says:

      The real joke is the cops themselves. If they can’t tell which is the real cop, then they have a major problem. “Suspicion of impersonating a police officer,” eh?

  8. A$$K Me No Questions (SLAVE!) says:

    There does seem to be one stiking difference between U.K, cops and USA cops. In the USA, it takes several offended cops before they ALL beat you senseless.

    Not too suprising, that also seems to be the difference between pigs and sheep too. Sheep don’t usually trample you unless they are all doing it. Whereas pigs are usually content to just wallow in the mud — though pigs will kill if you piss them off enough.

  9. On the other hand says:

    So, if someone else came up and kicked the pig-masked guy in the nuts, would he expect the real police officer to get involved?

    If so, would there be any hypocrisy in this scenario? If you we’re the cop, what would you do?

  10. Tim says:

    Who’s arresting who? Shit. They all look alike.

  11. Captain Obvious says:

    OK, I’m bored.

    Everything is Broken. Discuss.

  12. Tim says:

    It helps if you know a tiny bit of Ruby On Rails when you go to fucking yourself. It is just a suggestion. Carry on.

  13. Captain Obvious says:

    Don’t code it yourself. Use one of the blogging engines, add a template, and tweak it.

    WordPress, blogger, tumblr, quora, medium, svbtle,, squarespace, etc. If you really do want to monkey around a bit take a look ghost. Simple, built on node.js, easy to customize.

  14. Doug says:

    no, no no no….

    Surely, in America they would identify the importers of the kids helmet and reflective jacket and charge them with aiding and abetting….. Or at least being some sort of terrorist sympathizers.

  15. NewFormatSux says:

    > to call attention to how GMP officers conducted themselves during anti-fracking protests.

    The protestors who ran out of fuel during their protests. They should have had all their fossil fuel based goods taken away from them.

  16. IM75 says:

    Bobbo, I don’t blame you for not even posting to this one.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

      “Just when I think I’m free, they pull me back in!” /// Close enough?

      Yeah. Nothing new or interesting to add.

      Cops. A necessary evil.

      “Its the system…. man!” //// Every cop should be allowed to make such an arrest “once” in their career. The system: either the cop shop or the DA’s office, or in extreme the Court System should teach these Fascists what a free society is all about.

      …………………but they don’t. And thats why they are evil.

      • Tim says:

        Cops. Evil. There. fixed it for ya.

        Expression : error handler is invoked!
        Function : handler_base
        File : xrDebugNew.cpp
        Line : 777
        Description : std: out of memory, usage: 380589 kb, used blocks: 71998464, free blocks: 3831808, heap: 380589 kb

        “”The plan that I see being hinted at in the Bilderberg meetings is that it is time for America to become a rogue state for the benefit of the newly proposed empire.

        “”This is a dangerous move; however, it’s a move that seems to be more and more obvious because it goes on without question. Human rights in the United States will suffer while the President will remind the citizens of their exceptionalism and their obligation to obey and become servitors of the new order. This will all be put together with those nationalist words of “freedom” and more “freedom.” ….

        “”…Are we also an exceptional nation where the Supreme Court has ruled that excessive force may be used by police officers against anyone who leads them on a high speed chase? Is it also interesting that even if the suspect is cornered police can also use excessive force if they feel it is warranted, even if the suspect turns out o be unarmed…

        “”Now Americans have a greater reason to be paranoid if the police pull you over at a routine stop.

        “”The whole idea that our so-called freedom provokes such an offense and outrages that Muslim goat herders on the other side of planet are going to give up everything to come here and blow stuff up is beginning to really sound stupid right now.

        “”I mean, we have been told that this is why we are terrorized, it is all because of this exceptionalism and freedom that we have.

        “”Our freedom and exceptionalism that our president touts like a brand advertisement is pretty much compromised with the threat of a militarized police force, drone strikes and the assassination lists that have certain American citizens that are targeted for mere thought crime and expressing one’s own anger about how human rights are no longer a priority in this so-called free country.

        “”The fact is right before us now despite the happy pap the president is speaking, we no longer govern ourselves, as in a government of, for, and by the people. The awful truth is that America likes it that way, and that many war hawks, neo-Cons and psychopaths in power want to see the United States be a battleground and awaits the moment where the body of shadow leaders give the go ahead to go rogue for the world power that awaits….

        “”…Not enough Americans will admit that the whole threat of terrorism was used in order to open the dialogue about the police state and the dialogue has been favorable because whenever we witness the lights and sirens chasing someone, we immediately think that the police state is good thing and that the surveillance apparatus is working…

        “”…Come on, the truth is right in front of you—and all the defending of the police state got us to this point…

        “”Obama has now said that the backbone of the New World Order has been this new-found love for the military industrial complex – and we nod like cows reading dictionaries not realizing that the fix is in….

        “”…We always say that we don’t want the Soviet Union to happen here, or the Stasi, or Nazi Germany to happen here and yet we have unwittingly secured that one of these horrible forms of police state governments will be the jackboot stamping on your face forever. –Clyde Lewis

        • christianity says:

          are we going to go to hell countenancing this evil, or are we going to go to hell because we didn’t acknowledge it.?

  17. miami-dade says:

    –According to a review of 99,980 “field contact” reports, they were stopped, written up and often identified as “suspicious” — but just like the 11-year-old boy — the encounter was recorded in a public database, and they were let go.

    Thousands more were arrested after being stopped by the police, raising the total number of people ensnared by the policy to 65,328 during the five-year period.

    “I have never seen a police department that has taken the approach that every citizen in that city is a suspect. I’ve described it as New York City stop-and-frisk on steroids.” said Miami-Dade County Public Defender Carlos Martinez. —


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