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Associate Executive Producers: Sir Nate Wilson, Dame Monica Lansing, Sir Andrew Largeman, Black Knight Scott Spenser, John Grumling, Christopher & Michelle Hollman, David K, Sir Ara Derderian, James Romano
Art By: MartinJJ
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  1. jpfitz says:

    Hey, nowadays you have to either put one in the head or handcuff the dead murderer. Watching too much of The Walking Dead.

    Oh, wait, he himself put one to the head, my point is moot. Or is it?

    • norman says:

      moot point, i think not

      back in the day, in certain catholic counties, insurance policy pay-out insist that it was a ‘hunting accident’when his toe touch trigger of double barrel shot-gun.

      On the other hand.. did those 9/11 hijacking passengers really get valid travel insurance: a moot point , i think not

      go ahead nuke ‘the dead will envy the living, i think not

      • norman says:

        joking aside.. when i was a teen… older workmate tell of how he was at scene of accident and dieing person clench his hand and die… like he waiting for some human to . . . ye know

      • posterity says:

        hmmm, what is this? A note? it reads… “”and peace be unto th… fucking JetBlue…

        • Tim says:

          ^^ That’s too sone, man. Grow up. Besides; It’s only funny if the note is from Moe at Al’s Proshop…

          • SoreLoserman says:

            is that supposed to be some kind of joke about israel, or something?


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