DARPA says its “Z-Man” program is all about developing “biologically inspired climbing aids to enable warfighters to scale vertical walls,” but let’s be real. This project is about creating an actual Spider-Man.
The agency claims to have created technology that allows a 218-pound man carrying an additional 50 pounds in weight to scale 25 feet of vertical glass, a trick that’s undeniably great for both superheroes and pop stars of previous generations.

The program actually takes its design cues from spiders and geckos, engineering synthetic versions of the biological awesomeness that allows them to climb just about anything.

  1. Nutjob says:

    The question was asked: It‘s quiet in here! Why not leave a response?

    My answer: I don’t care to step in a heap of BULLSHIT — physically OR mentally! (Although, sometimes it can’t be avoided.)

  2. noname says:

    She can climb all over me, all she wants; no Van der Waals or any force needed!

    • Tim says:

      Umm… You do know that is a dude, right? Otherwise, he’s still a candidate for early breast cancer.

  3. jimbo says:

    So if I weigh 218 pounds and strap on an additional 50 pounds of gear for a total of 268 pounds, I’m going to trust a window to hold all that weight? Not likely.

    • Team USA says:

      Son of a bitch. Call them back! Call back the Burj Khalifa team now!!!! {they’re 8 hours ahead?? never mind. Girtrude? call the florist…}


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