Executive Producers: Grand Duke Sir David Foley, Sir Dallas Spongberg, Sir Mark Wilson, James Doebbler, Stephen Hueners, Sir Adam of the Lobster, Sir D Rosa
Associate Executive Producers: Jason Fortun, Gerald Small, Jason Witt, Alan Morris, Gregory Brinkman, Sir Joseph Frost, Chris Johnstone, Michael Oakley, Rebekah Foster, Chad Watson, Ashton Banta, Jim Reed, Matthew Johnson, Anonymous
Art By: Nick the Rat

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  1. Jason Chaffetz says:

    the emails are in the computer?? its so simple…


  2. noname says:

    Is that where my “Red Hot Chili Pepper” went?

  3. dusanmal says:

    Re: Google “not profitable” ad business story.
    If anything this piece of rational, factual data should convince those who still think Google is and wants to be in ad business and all what they do is to “serve better ads”by collecting info about us… that they are wrong.
    Ad business is just convenient, temporary crutch for Google. Same as I predicted few times in 2011 on this forum that Apple will hit low stock price in 2013 I predict now that within 5 years Google will be officially out of ad business (and sooner unofficially). Replaced by what? – By their long term business plan obvious to anyone that thinks – selling us, our data, our info, our profiles,… directly to Corporations. Selling us to Corporate world. Why bother with ads and all complexities of inherently unprofitable business when you can sell people directly, very profitably (as those Corporations would recoup any cost by squeezing more from us).
    Within 5 years JCD prediction of precisely (and not for our but Corporate benefit) targeted insurance rates, major goods prices, health care, … even employment and pay opportunities will be coming our way thanks Google. Essentially lowering our purchase power and quality of life with no recourse (if every Corporation is using targeting data, free market feedback will be gone, hence Corporate oppression to add over Governmental oppression).


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