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Railroad officials weighed how to recover three

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Boeing 737 fuselages that were dumped into the Clark Fork River in a Montana train derailment that closed the track for much of the day.

Getting the aircraft hulls, which were bound for a Boeing…plant in Renton, Washington, out of the river may take two days, Lynda Frost, a Montana Rail Link spokeswoman, said today. Three additional fuselages also tumbled out of the train July 3 near Rivulet, Montana, and stayed on land. “We’ve never done this before,” Frost said in a telephone interview. “We have a lot of heavy-duty equipment on hand to do this. The plan is to drag them up the bank.”

BNSF Railway…was carrying the fuselages and some assemblies for 777 and 747 aircraft to Boeing’s Renton plant from Spirit Aerosystems…in Wichita, Kansas. Montana Rail Link, a regional railroad company, took control of the train as it crossed Montana, and the accident occurred on MRL’s watch, Frost said.

No one seems to have been injured. Until heads start to roll.

  1. Tim says:

    That’s not MH370.

    $500 fine for littering, so to pay the bill for dumping tires, they photoshopped the surveillance tape and sold it to Bloomberg…

    But wait. There is something about the shape of those planes that is just a little bit different… Yes. Those 737s would fit into the pentagon hole.

  2. NewFormatSux says:

    Looks like the wheels are intact, so can just hook it up to my F150.

  3. bobbo, how can I fly like an eagle when I'm trapped with the turkeys says:

    American infrastructure continues to crumble from lack of safety standards/inspections/enforcement/maintenance.

    I’d a thought that Big Boeing would have gotten its congresscreep to assure that the track for their shipments was actually safe?

    …………I just want the tail numbers of those aircraft. Its “possible” to fix a bent frame, but it hardly ever happens.

    • Tim says:

      “” Its “possible” to fix a bent frame

      Then, you might want to consider the fuselage visible in the foreground for a real bargain fix’r’up’r. {embiggen it} It’d be like a giant flying hippy-bus with waterbeds and bead-stringing stations. Only even less flying and more like the bus because there’s no wings. And even more like a bus with weeds growing out through skeletons scattered about it because guess where the gas tanks were?

      That’s also why you don’t put 429s in unibodies, even though it’s “possible”…

    • Tim says:

      They don’t have any tails. If they did, the second story of the pentagon would have been damaged before it blew up.

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        I’m thinking those bodies look good only for remelting into beer cans.

        I do love beer.

        • Tim says:

          It *might* make a good experimental kind of bobbing-around-aimlessly kind of Nautilus out in international waters, though.

          it’ probably still break in half like an old french bread…

      • B. Dog says:

        Good one. Did you notice how they don’t have any noses, but a nose piece was sitting on the ground after it went through the Pentagon? What’s up with that?

  4. Tim says:

    They look like giant

    Something in the environment may have caused one of those residual godzilla chimera genes to wake up in the Monsanto salmon with the sixpack abs — the trigger was probably global warming.

  5. Claude Lacombe says:

    usually, when pristine-condition aquamarine colored shit like this from the ’50s just starts being delivered rudely, it means that the giant aliens are pissed about embedded spychips in their smart-dildoes.

    • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

      dildoe? Where there’s an acute observation the 50 Foot Woman would approve of……. or my ex.

      • Tim says:

        Obviously, that guy was making a bad joke about the planes out in the desert at the begining of Close Encounters.

        It’s anachronistic, anyways… everyone knows that, in the 50’s, electronic spy circuits were based on vacume tubes {relatively tiny, in something like a giant blue dildoe for the Avatar chicks where 97% of Cyanophobic external observers agree that those which are 95% sure that ‘sometimes, it’s the depth…’ *get some* a good piece more than they do.

        Besides, I’m not sure your gall could take the thermionic emmission from anything so warm.

        • Tim says:

          That is to say, “anything so recently warm”…

          I’m not laughing at prosthetic peters, or anything… Just near them.

      • The Giant Johnson Triplets says:

        they look just like us

  6. King Ding Dong says:

    Here’s a great example of why we MIGHT want to think about our oil and gas drilling companies and their “fracking” procedures. Why, you ask? Because nearly ALL of the employees are the SAME blue collar, big money MORONS! (Pssst! They share the same brain — the bosses!)

    I’m left wondering how F***ING hard is it to SLOW DOWN and keep 2 tracks relatively straight? How F***ING hard is it to direct ONE train in the middle of nowhere?! Ya! Heads should roll. But I’m betting they will be the wrong heads.

    … I bet the other big money blue collar MORONS will try and make useable planes out of these damaged fuselage bodies too. But at least they don’t paint streets on big time taxpayer dollars where the hardest part of their day is to actually show up at 10AM (before their 8-hour coffee break).

  7. Tim says:

    The more I look at those poor, pitiful, ugly fucking color things then the more they remind me of seals.

    Very very sad seals which got caught up in some secret Philadelphia Experiment and subsequently integrated with Civilian Inmate Labor Program Army Regulation 210–35 and Tomas, the little FEMA train that was never really worth a damn but was the only claymation thing they could get for that kid show… whiny little carbon pumper…

    just a few more useless eaters to go, Tomas. Toot Toot..

    I wish we’d had a dollar for each time we’d been down this grade

  8. John E Quantum says:

    Planes, trains and tracks. An IRL version of rock paper scissors.

  9. Eric says:

    Just open up the front, these would make really cool water slides!

    • Pilot Program says:

      … Or Sasquatch suppositories!

      (Sorry Washington. Looks like you’ll have to find another way to get your public to take it up the bum.)

  10. Duh-me says:

    I suspect either insurance scam or stalling on impossible deadline.

  11. Tom says:

    It never ceases to amaze me just how far the Dvorak readership has declined in intelligence and common sense… It is more akin to one of the tabloids in the Supermarket checkout lane these days…

  12. Samolian says:

    That’s what happens, when they try to swim upstream when the creek is low. They beach themselves..

  13. What is it? says:

    Three giant ballpoint pens?

    Three giant expensive cigars in metal tubes?

    The wreck of the starship NCC-1701?

  14. jpfitz says:

    Eideard….please help. The blog has been invaded by a termite. Gnawing at the context of this once great blog. Folks are not logging in because of the termite. Please update your determiner.

    • ± says:

      I’m with you jpfitz, except that there is no need to be obsequious (and that is being generous [to the blog]) in your reasoned request.

  15. mainecat says:

    Jolly Green Giant – “That water sure is cold today”

    “.. and deep.”

  16. bogart says:



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