Colorado’s 3 top Democrats to miss Obama event at Cheesman Park

WASHINGTON — The biggest name in the Democratic Party plans to speak Wednesday at Denver’s Cheesman Park, but President Barack Obama won’t be sharing the stage with three Colorado Democrats now in the fight of their political careers.

Missing from the morning event — which is closed to the public but open to the media — will be U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenlooper and Andrew Romanoff, the former state House speaker now running for a seat in Congress.

All three Democrats are locked in competitive elections this fall, but aides to each one said the boss won’t be attending the event because of prior commitments. The White House said Obama would be talking about the economy and the president’s efforts to shore up economic opportunity for the middle class. For their part, Democratic officials said the Republican attacks were misleading. The reason the three politicians are not expected to attend, they said, is a matter of logistics — and late notice by the White House. We learned only this morning about the POTUS event at Cheesman Park,” wrote Eric Brown, a Hickenlooper spokesman, in a response Monday to questions. Added Chris Harris, a Udall spokesman: “This has nothing to do with wanting to be with (Obama) or not. This is just logistics.”

Ahead of the event, Udall’s campaign used the fundraiser as a way to entice donations from supporters — offering a chance to attend the fundraiser in exchange for contributions.

Yeah, a scheduling conflict. Hey, it could happen!

  1. Marc Pugner says:

    i’m pretty surprised that the Secret Service let a masked man anyone near POTUS.

    • dave m brewer says:

      Cheesman Park was closed to public… you needed a special invite to be there. Our government dollars at work.

      • ± says:

        OMFG! This pic was choreographed!

        • Tim says:

          You’re just hateful, {however you make that underlined ‘+ bobbo’ figured out but didn’t waste any cycles telling me because i didn’t ask nor did i only waste ddr ones because i didn’t care}.

          Here, we have a fellow citizen, in situ, up against the front netting of Cheesman Park reporting to the rest of us what we would have never guessed and you write ‘kilroy was here’ on his exfiltrated fortune cookies…

  2. Mr Diesel says:

    The horse was shaking hands with his other end.

    I’m sure the Secret Service knew well in advance the guy was there in line and gave him a colonoscopy.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    Doesn’t look like a Broncos item. More like Bullseye.

  4. Hopelessly READ says:

    Do you think this had ANYTHING to do with Denver NOT getting the G.O.P. convention?! (Not that anyone in the “press” is asking.)

    It’s funny how no one is reporting on O-Blabba’s real reason for even going to Denver — which is to raise money at a PRIVATE EVENT! We’ll just never mind WHO is paying for President ZERO’S travel (gas money for AF1) nor WHY a 2-term president is even looking to raise campaign money. No one (of any significance) who can USE the money Babbling O-Bummer raises is even THERE!

    You might also look at the pathetic turn out that our dummy and chief attracted here too. It’s almost like those 3 asses in/from the mile “high” area knew it wouldn’t be worth their time and knew they could do better stealing it — ‘er “budgeting” away from their serfs — ‘er tax payers!

    Next stop Texas? I don’t think so! Even though Texas WANTS him to visit. Probably because it has something to do with the immigration crap that’s STILL not getting fixed.

    I wonder, did Mister ZERO, aka Barry “The Obnoxious” Sottoro, fail U.S. Geography when he was a student in INDONESIA?!

  5. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior real politik reporter says:

    You Know: there is a constant schism in the pop culture of politics. The Constitution was written without directly addressing parties that were around at the time.

    Congresscreeps CONSTITUTIONALLY by DESIGN are supposed to act as a check and balance AGAINST the President. They aren’t supposed to “be on the same team” just because they use the same D or R machine to get voted into office.

    The fact that some D doesn’t meet with O “should be” a very positive indication the CONSTITUTION is working.

    But we criticize it as something bad. Because we are:

    Silly Hoomans……. that go ahead and vote anyway……. usually by party.

    • You are what you eat says:

      By golly you do have your lucid moments!

      Whatever you had for breakfast, have it again tomorrow.

      • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

        I don’t often eat breakfast or lunch.

        Sad when my few lucid moments come from corn dogs and beer?

    • McCullough says:

      What in the world are you talking about? D as in Douchebag? Democrat, please explain.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior real politik reporter says:

        Everyone in Congress, if not politics, is a Douchebag so that would not be descriptive. Your own complaint, that I am actually responding to, is that Democrats would not meet with the President. They only reason I can think of that they “should” is that they are both Democrats. But that puts party affiliation above constitutional design. The horse race/soap opera/sports team spectator approach to politics.

        Pros and cons to all we do.

    • NOT Re@der says:

      The Constitution is NOT working. Not FULLY, anyway. And the reason it is not working is because of one simple thing — MONEY!

      When big money can literally buy a seat in the Congressional proceedings and when these elected people who occupy those seats do the things they do, who do you think they EMPLOY?!

      The Constitution was written to PREVENT the very things we see happening. And there’s a damn good reason having rights to free speech, to petition the government for grievances, having a free press, allowing for a well armed militia and preventing troops from occupying your home take PRECEDENCE over your silly 4th Amendment rights to be secure in your person, papers and effects. But once they get that pesky 4th Amendment torn up — which is half done when it comes to WARRANTS — they will tear up those others. I guarantee it! One only needs to look at the a fore mentioned 2nd to see it happening by complete morons who aren’t even elected. The POLICE!

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior real politik reporter says:

        Constitution – check.

        Money – check.

        4th Amend – Interesting take. I think the power/influence of PARTIES is the most destructive thing working against the will/FREEEEEEEEDOM of the people. Rights will always be at issue and at risk with a flow back and forth but our TWO PARTY SYSTEM seems to be locked in now…. probably much to do with the entire issue NOT being addressed in the Constitution…. although nothing comes to mind about how to stop this……hmmmm… thinking more==the Constitution could have/should now require cumulative voting? or independent district drawing, or single primaries only??

        Yes….. probably lots of things a Constitution could do to nudge the parties out of the way…. Oh==Federal funding/free air time/set debates would all have an effect too.

        ……………or even removal of Corps=People, Money = Speech.

        Yes—lots of things could be done.

        None will.

  6. Rob says:

    Looks more like one donkey talking to another. (yes I am be polite)

  7. NOT Re@der says:

    Here’s a great caption:

    Ass meets assHOLE!

    BTW, for those of you not familiar with Denver, Cheesman park is still pretty big turf for the gay community. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” I’m just noting the particular demographic since it may lend some new humorous insight into my suggested caption.

  8. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    “All In with Chris Hayes”===on right now. Nice segment on how Pukes in Kansas ran on and got elected to “cut taxes” and they did so now the state has the biggest deficit ever and is closing schools to stop the deficit meltdown.

    Seems stupidity has an effect that you can see if you have an attention span past the next ad on tv?

    stupid silly hoomans==>buying bumper stickers and dogma thinking that the RICH need to be taxed less and that they need to have their own throats stepped on by the Gubment.

    Oh….. that all people could experience the life they vote for. Stupid pukes would rapidly see the folly of their ways without the Dumbos running interference for them.

    Rachel Maddow has been excellent the last 3-4 nights as well bringing issues no one else talks about to light. The presentation is “all factual.” Its what to do about it that her liberal rationality comes into play.

    “The truth favors liberals.” //// Ha, ha===>Eat it.

    • ± says:

      Tsk. Too much beer again.

    • Wing Nut says:

      I have no idea what you’re smoking there BOner BOy. I don’t know ANY “pukes” who want to tax the rich less. Most of these “pukes” I listen to say they want to tax everyone EQUALLY! Can you comprehend that? E_Q_U_A_L_L_Y!!!

      And if you want to throw the tea baggers in the mix, these right sided wrong doers says they want to abolish the fucked up tax system and go with a flat tax that even an ASS like you can understand. (“But that just might ruin the tax preparer industry” — I can just hear this shit now.)

      Sure, there are a few “puke” candidates who will say anything to get elected. They almost always say shit like “lower your taxes.” But you see that on the left side too. And all of them happen to be professional LAWYERS just like your hero Obama who ALSO has NEVER really DONE anything!

      Care to listen to those Obamacare arguments again? Because I know for a damn FACT that the motherfucker said this shit would end up SAVING us all money. BULLSHIT!

      So it would seem that the looney left is on the march again and saying crap like “the right wing is your enemy.” Meanwhile, the ONLY argument these looneys ever offer is a need to TAX EVERYONE MORE! Somehow, “everyone” is “rich” in their eyes.

      And rather than divert the tax money from heading down a public shitter, the LEFT says they want more of the PUBLIC’S money to help stop the moronic leaks that most of THEM caused! For whatever fucked up reason, these IDIOTS will NOT look at WHERE all the money they get NOW is going.

      So when you have responsible adults (for the most part) looking to BUDGET the money, about the only fault I can see with the right side is that they are NOT diverting the money from the shit holes it’s headed towards, usually because the LEFT made it a LAW to FLUSH IT!

      If you ask me, you extreme leftists are so used to sucking on old mother governments TIT and are so jealous and angry that your “Momma G” can’t give you enough milk to go out and buy your big screen TV’s and fancy red sports cars that you now want to punish anyone ELSE who happens to be doing better than you. WRONG! It’s only a very small handful of uber rich bastards who need that financial enema. And MOST of these really bad people needing this enema happen to be involved with our government!!! So would you care to take a head count of those R’s to D’s?! (Probably not since it’s currently in favor of the D’s right now.)

      Here’s what I say: If you care one damn bit about America you will STOP with the partisan politics. You will EDUCATE yourself with who’s really fucking it up for everyone and vote the bastards OUT! (Maybe you’ll realize that MOST of them just HAPPEN to be dems right now too. Not that a few “pukes” don’t deserve a boot up their ass.) At the very LEAST, find out who’s IN office and vote him/her OUT! Otherwise, go fuck yourself! I think you’ve done ENOUGH with my ass — I’m out of SHIT!

  9. Wing Nut says:

    … And now, I hear Obama is (again, so arrogantly) cutting lines at a Texas barbeque. He even got as far as Austin but never seemed to quite make it to where all the immigration crisis is happening too.

    What a douche!


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