1. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

    When is it appropriate to smack a bitch?

    • RR1 says:

      As soon as she puts hands on me, not until then mind you. Always made it clear to all my significant others right up front when getting together with them. Hit me in anger and expect to get punched back. Never hit a woman first in my life, but have no problem with returning fire.

      • bobbo, they don't call me Sir Walter Raleigh for nothing says:

        Lots of variables preventing a hard and fast rule but I think most of the time a “punch” would not be appropriate unless truly defending your life?

        While I agree with the condition you put on it, fact is, lots of people including the first cop on the scene do not agree.

        This is a perfect situation to consider the option of going ahead and prosecuting the woman for theft and assault and battery rather than just telling her “its ok.”

        Good example though of what bitches will do if they aren’t taught the rules of the jungle.

    • Punchy says:

      It’s appropriate to smack a bitch about the same time it is with a COP!

      Does that answer it for ya?

      Now, if you want to ask WHY only half of society can be violent while the other half can’t then that’s really a question more about culture. So here’s something to think about: why do you think it’s OK to beat on a man or for women to beat on whomever they like? More to the point, why is it acceptable for only certain people in society to beat on ANYONE?! (Seem like that level of acceptability might just be a little “racist”?)

      Personally, I would have loved to see a good knock out punch right to the bitches face just as soon as she started swinging at the guy taking video. Anyone with life experience could very easily see a cop doing it and getting away with it. But hey! We all know where THAT would have gone. And if you think the bitch will be going to court over assault charges? Think again — and listen!

      • bobbo, the only true Libertarian posting here who recognizes its a nice concept the precepts of which should not be applied as an absolute unless you are alone on your own little island says:

        Non cops are TOTALLY different than cops…. so no. Rather than provide an answer, you do nothing but cloud the issue with irrelevant confused analysis.

        Women are “supposed” to be the weaker sex and many men and women, but not all of either, think they should be allowed to physically assault males as they can’t do any damage. I said that in my comment.

        Its ok for men to fight in the sense that they are evenly matched. Thats why you don’t often see a great mismatch in combatants. The weaker of the two knows it and has learned not to think he can get away with it.

        Self defense, the issue here, is a well accepted concept. Nothing racist in the hypo.

        You really don’t make any sense at all.

  2. Tim says:

    “”I won’t prosecute if you show me your tits….

    so, she lifted up her skirt

  3. Ted says:

    My dad told me you can hit ’em back. In this day and age you might want to aim at the hands, Danyo-San style though.

  4. Punchy says:

    “Women and Children first.”

    Fuck that noise!

    It’s sayings like that which have successfully poisoned our collective minds and has now become part of our culture. So too are sayings like, “Hope” — the bastard sibling of “DO”!

    … And I’m not so sure the Muslims aren’t on to something when they segregate by sex too. Nature did it. And you only need to look at our genitals to know what camp you fall into — easy-peesy.

  5. scandihoovian says:

    This is definitely a time for Super Soakers – TO THE FACE. I bet they yowl like feral cats.

  6. Billly bob says:

    Some people just play dumb..They were not playing, they really were dumb. No need to fake it..
    TAZE the Bitch!!

  7. The Old Man says:

    Apparently the internet doesn’t quite know the meaning of the word elderly. While no spring chickens these ladies don’t qualify as elderly.

    As a rule elderly people don’t steal stuff on beaches and get into physical altercations.

    Dagnabbit I know what I’m talkin’ about. I am elderly.

  8. Enemy_of_the_State says:

    I can hear the 911 operator laughing, “the women did what???”


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