1. Silenus says:

    I’m thinking about contributing to this, because I think it is the kind of message that might get through to people. Humor does better than scolding. Anyone know if the ads makers are credible?

  2. slooth says:

    He’s Got my vote [ X ]

  3. Money Grubber says:

    I guessing you missed this guy, Lawrence Lessig — he’s for REAL!:


    What’s so sad is that some guy promising to make a bunch of potato salad, also through Kick Starter, seems to be poised to make even MORE! But hey, at least it’s not more freaking solar roadways.

  4. Vote Often says:

    Who is Philip Mamouf-Witfarts’ personal speech writer?

    Why Dr. Heywood Jablomy of course!

  5. fart knocker says:

    I fart in your general direction!

  6. jpfitz says:

    MC, not knocking or telling you op’s how to do your work. Where is the news about IBM partnering with apple to create apps?

    Where’s the Gaza conflict?

    Lastly, malaysian airline 17 shot down in eastern Ukraine. Remove the 1 and we end up with 7. Spooky. Lol

  7. bobbo, the pragmatic existential liberal far to the Left of Obama who is only a Conservative Light by any standard you can name ((without lying!)) says:

    I hope there is a better tag line in the future, but since ALL POLITICIANS are exactly like this guy, isn’t it time to:


    MAKE candidates run on their own platforms instead of just blaming their own failures on “the other guy.”

    Anyone here think the Stock Market would have recovered like it has under R $Money? ((Or would he have incorporated a private recovery corporation and siphoned off all the gains for himself?—I am so glad that next Demoncrat won’t have R $Money to blame anything on!!…… Ha, ha.))

    • NewFormatSux says:

      You’ll change your tune at election time anyways. Why wait?

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and student of Real Politik says:

        Thats true…… and for good reason. I only just recognized my little slogan only works for primaries.

        Thanks NFS. You just made me smarter.

  8. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Run On—dat is dah mouthfull ya gots there. Sho nuff.

    But, I do respect the effort……not the quality….. but the effort.

    My routine is to respond in Fisking manner but that is not needed when you basically make the same error over and over with lots of padding.

    “And when you say to throw all incumbents out of office I find it hard to disagree.” /// and how is that not treating both parties for the rat bastards they are?

    A general summary such as you present is not subject to analysis. Its simply ab hominem. Take any SPECIFIC ISSUE where I have opined one party has it wrong more than the other party and we can discuss at length.

    Taking ONLY the very last example, I did affirm that it was proper to blame BushtheRetard for the current financial/job loss circumstances we find ourselves in AND for our military entanglement in the Middle East. Its simply demonstrative of both that it was BushtheRetard who started an unnecessary war for falsified reasons and cut taxes at the same time. Then they filibustered and did nothing more than any other congress in History and then complain that Obama isn’t taking action.

    What do I have wrong on these two (sic) specific issues.

    ……………..or name any others you think I have wrong.

    Yes–both parties are self dealing and corrupt. Its just “in general” but not in every case, the Pukes are in fact worse than the dumbos.

    Prove me wrong.

  9. Nomaken says:

    It doesn’t really matter how effectively we communicate to people that the system really is legit rigged because of big business donors and gerrymandering, people cannot do anything about it.

    Not even politicians can do anything about it. Even if they wanted to desperately. They’ve all dug themselves into a hole. The only way they could do anything about it is if a majority of them simultaneously decided to risk their position to fix their incentive structure, but they are too entrenched and dependent on the current way of doing politics to do that. Almost all of them view themselves in politics as being a checking force against the other side who they feel will ruin the country. So they will never work together to abolish this system, they’ll just keep upping the money spent on elections just like the US and the USSR kept building more missiles to check the other.

    The only way we could possibly fix this is if we circumvent congress with an article V convention.

    • bobbo, the liberal power monger and junior social critic says:

      Almost correct. Google the California change in the party primary system designed and having the effect of driving the system to “the middle” rather than the polarized extremes you have noted.

      Change in state laws…. serially…. is all that is needed. (sic) but if California can do it….. why not others?


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