The whole process is simple. You hold your ticket up to the machine, and it assigns you a pod, in which you place your bag in. Each pod is about the size of a big microwave, so will fit most bags, but maybe not the biggest carry-ons you can take on a plane (though Qylur presumably could tweak the size). Close the door and walk around to the other side. In the time it takes you to get over there, the machine scans the bag for a range of threats. Qylur isn’t keen on explaining how the technology works, but we know it has radiation and chemical sensors to pick out explosives. With a multi-view X-ray, it runs the images it sees through a detection engine that uses machine learning to pick out prohibited items like guns and knives. If it sees a threat, it silently alerts a security officer, and the back door of the pod turns purple. If not, the door turns green, and you unlock it with your ticket. Take your bag and go.

  1. Kahless says:

    Why is this security theater? From the linked Wired article, it appears to work as advertised. If so, it would actually improve security while decreasing inconvenience and hassle to passengers. Isn’t this exactly what we want?

    • HUGSaLOT says:

      This can easily be abused. The device could probably signal false flags, or contraband could easily be planted into your luggage and you’d be framed for something.

      I’d rather have my luggage searched by a human, by hand, as I WATCH HIM, rather than some machine that locks my shit away unseen.

  2. Kelly S says:

    How long until they develop one that is person-sized?

  3. Mr Diesel says:

    They have industrial sized microwave ovens now. Walk in, close the door behind you and the TSA Gestapo shovels your crispy ass out of the way for the vict.. er I mean passenger.

    I just flew out to SFO 4 weeks ago and if it were not for my Red Wing boots with metal in them I could have walked right through. That was at SFO. Unfortunately, I had the shoes on and it took longer to take them off and put them back on that the whole time in security.

    Everyone will fail to see why this can and never will work. Eliminates a bunch of union jack boots in the lines. They will never allow it. Unless they get to keep their pecker checker fondling jobs and get to pull people out they want to feel up.

  4. Smee says:

    But what are we to do with all those “security agents” who barely achieved getting a High school diploma or GED?

    • Mr Diesel says:

      We need staff at Wendys, McDonalds and Burger King. Let them do what their skills match.

      • Tim says:

        They could go into lawn care… Determine if grubworms intend to harm the lawn…

  5. NewFormatSux says:

    So what if they find drugs?

  6. Peppeddu says:

    First design flaw that comes to mind:

    How long before a toddler jumps in, someone closes the door and he/she gets a harmful dose of radiations?

    How long before someone is gonna try to scan a pet?

    You gotta make it fail safe **or** man the post to make sure nobody is gonna do something funky.

    • Tim says:

      Man up, Pelosi; Step on up into that mutherfucker.

    • Don't Do That says:

      How many idiots would stick their tongue in a live light socket? Maybe 100’s.

      How many idiots would stick their tongue in a live light socket for $100 dollars? Probably 1,000’s.

      Jack the price to $1,000 and the idiots jumped to 100’s of 1,000’s.


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