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This guy has been buzzing my house all morning. It has no identifying numbers or insignia on it, and when I look at him through binoculars I can see him taking pictures of my house, or of me. There are no houses above or beside me….am I wrong to feel a little bit paranoid??? Was it something I said? Sorry about the quality, my good camera got lost in shipping and all I had was a stupid cellphone.

  1. Ralph Pacheco says:

    He forgot to include that his wife in sunbathing in the nude

  2. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    If it was in my county, my guess would be a 3rd party tax assessor.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    When he signed up for SolarCity, Perkel put in your name on the line , ‘Save money by referring a friend.’

    • McCullough says:

      I’m doing my own solar project, unfortunately without the net metering, gov’t. subsidies or tax breaks. We don’t get those.
      But it’s interesting watching Marc’s project, this is the way it should be done.

      • jpfitz says:

        Agreed, we get to watch the ins and outs of an installation. Hopefully all the way to the finished solar install, and maintenance, including Marc’s savings and return in energy.

        • ± says:

          “… return in energy …”

          You mean, return in your stolen tax dollars.

          • jpfitz says:

            You’re correct, I slid that one in on the sly hoping nobody catch me. Hey, a buck is a buck.

  4. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    Probably one of those pinko librul drones. You know they don’t like you.

  5. spsffan says:

    Got a rifle?

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:


    Wrong?–time will tell.

    How else would a helicopter “look” if it was doing any kind of land survey for some 50 or so reasons we could think up?

    Contra: bud of mine had a nice time share in Cozumel. Local Big Wig just came in and took it over–kicked everyone in the three house compound out. Said: “Sue Me.” So, bud doesn’t go to Mexico anymore.

    • McCullough says:

      They were looking for ganja growers, surveyors don’t fly in unmarked aircraft.

      • jpfitz says:

        “The division has four Aviation Resident Offices based outside major metropolitan areas. Personnel are based in other locations throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Afghanistan.”

        I believe your correct. Lookin for the ganja. I’m jealous, even though I am fortunate and grateful for what I/we have. I love SCUBA and snorkeling.

        Is that your homestead with the terracotta roof?
        Very nice location on a hillside.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist and junior culture critic says:

        That would be one of 50 reasons… for sure.

        Interesting how bad laws pile up on one another.

        Bad drug laws cause bad invasion of privacy laws…and the ball keeps rolling.

  7. Eideard says:

    No reasonably current military around? Looks like a Blackhawk to me. At least the locals are buying ‘Murican-made.

    • jpfitz says:

      Hey Eideard…is that really you? Do I now have a face to go with the name?

  8. John E. Quantum says:

    It was the Google maps folks

  9. Goodfellas says:

    Yeah, I hate helicopters.

    – Henry (no last name)

  10. jpfitz says:

    That’s a Blackhawk, and Mc you’re not wrong for feeling paranoid. The chopper was searching for something. I doubt you have anything to be concerned about as long as you or your neighbors aren’t growing, I think your golden, I don’t blame you for feeling invaded by unmarked military machinery.

  11. After Thought says:

    You should try faking a crime to see who comes a knockin’. Try pretending you’re growing dope or something.

    Think you have Constitutional rights? Think again! Terrorists have WON when fear and over reaction to things like underwear, shoes and shampoo cause our leaders to ignore the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment. And when (black) unmarked helicopters are allowed to fly with impunity it’s only proof that no one’s security has changed.

    … I swear! Someone could make a lot of money producing cheap plastic marijuana and poppy plants that dope growers and anyone else under surveillance could then use as decoys. I’d give it a try but all the moronic laws these days (in USA) make it cost prohibitive just filling out all the paperwork. And then it’s nearly impossible to find any good workers who don’t want all the usual perks like health care.

  12. LibertyLover says:

    No markings?

    Looks like an invasion from another country.

  13. RexOfRome says:

    They do that crap all the time here in San Diego. I can understand why people get frustrated and shoot lasers at them.

  14. Poo Poo Pee Don't says:

    How do you KNOW that this is “Your Tax Dollars at Work”?

    There’s absolutely no markings on this helicopter whatsoever. Even McCullough — the journalist/photographer (?) — said that. So how does anyone other than the pilot know if this is even a government owned helicopter or even a government sanctioned surveillance mission? Think about it. It could be privately owned (by some power hungry over reaching HOA nut job perhaps) or even FOREIGN! There’s just no way to know UNLESS there’s something not being reported here.

    Jumping to conclusions that have NOT been verified is rampant just about everywhere we look these days — even in the established “press”! Personally, I hate these subtle little mind fuck games especially when the motive is clearly to gain more readers (translation: ratings).

    … And yes, I will admit that the ODDS that it’s a government helicopter/mission are pretty good. But again, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT?!

    • jpfitz says:

      Educated guess, that’s about all we have to use and considering the scope of the USA’s war on drugs, terror, constitution, etc.

      Funny thing, look up terror on the dictionary.
      How do u wage a war against an ideology? Can’t be done.
      Kill one three are recruited.

    • McCullough says:

      Its a small island. The Feds were all over it that day….everybody here knows who it was. Google HIDTA.


      • Anonymous (until now). gee thx. says:

        Dang, McCullough… I always figured somebody would be forced to roll over. But you?

        What they do; Catch you letting your little window-washer Yorkshire shit on the beachside porticello??

        Well, now everybody knows…

  15. Rich says:

    I had the same thought- they’re looking for dope. I am thoroughly anti-marijuana but I also don’t want government creeps flying over me for any damn reason any time. Here’s hoping for catastrophic mechanical failure.

    • Tim says:

      I am thoroughly anti-marijuana

      Well, then you’re an ignorant tool. Everything else you said, true that.

  16. Jeanne Guidry says:

    Could this plane have originated from the Air Station on St. Croix:

  17. Rich says:

    Get fucked, Tim.


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