The stepdaughter of Texas Ebola victim, Thomas Duncan, who called 911 and rode in the ambulance with the man she calls ‘Daddy’ has been told she can return to work, MailOnline can reveal. Nursing assistant Youngor Jallah, 35, has been in ‘quarantine’ in her small Dallas apartment along with her husband, Aaron Yah, 43, and their four children ages 2 to 11 since Thomas Duncan’s devastating diagnosis last Monday. MailOnline has reported that Mr Yah, also a

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nursing assistant, had been told he could return to work at the end of last week. Ms Jallah whose contact with Mr Duncan – who remains in a critical condition – was far more intimate and prolonged than that of her husband, told MailOnline on Monday: ‘The CDC came yesterday. They said I can go back to work but I do not know what I will do. I will not go back yet.’ Doctors say that no-one is at risk of catching the virus unless they come into contact with a sufferer who is exhibiting symptoms. But it is unlikely that Youngor will return to work until the family have gone through the 21 days considered the latest time between exposure and manifestation of Ebola. She does not intend to allow her eldest child to return to school before the October 17. She has no child-care provisions either – as her mother, Louise Troh, 54, the woman who Mr Duncan traveled to the States to marry, provided childcare and remains in quarantine in a secret location along with her 13-year-old son, nephew and a friend. The decision to let Ms Jallah return to work is proof of CDC official’s confidence that there are no contagious carriers of Ebola in the community. But Ms Jallah and her family still live with the fear that they may develop symptoms. She does not hug or kiss her children out of fear and the family pray together each day, asking God to ‘Destroy Ebola’, to save their family, to save America. It was Ms Jallah who first raised the alarm after Mr Duncan’s condition suddenly worsened. He had been sent home from his first hospital visit with medication for his diarrhea.

I really hope this story turns out to be BS, I don’t believe the CDC is that stupid.

  1. Emonics says:

    Nothing like a rush to judgement

  2. Lew Cipher says:




  3. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    If you are not showing any symptons, ie are not sick, why shouldn’t you go to work?

    What are you? VooDoo stupid about Ebola????

    Don’t answer that……its in the headline.

    ((I’ll put you down for Devo, and save you the umbrage of posting.))

    • Tim says:


      despite ‘CDC’ being in the headline (with all that may entail besides just the demonstrable incompetence (deniable plausability??) akin to niffing powdered eggs from the back of the fridge labeled 2001 – Vollum -1B), the disease apparently can take from days to weeks (3?) before showing. Being ‘exposed’ needs to be the top qualifier here for vigilant worring/watching/telling the boss you’ve got an extended flat tire.

      Just as important, I think, is that someone who ‘may’ have cause to believe they have been exposed and ‘may’ even develop cold-like symptoms ‘may’ choose to isolate themselves instead of going to the hospitals (I can sympathize, not completely trusting things as they are now) and watch/wait. If symptoms resolve then they may go “whew! just a cold” and go to work.

      Here is the problem and I only learned of this a couple days ago myself from of all places CNN! (the most trusted name in serial liars though Fox and MSNBC would disagree):

      The disease is biphasic and like vapor, to water, to ice does it go sick, to better, to Death eating a cracker.

      Pretty important ‘fine print’ there hu? Did anybody else already just *know* that? Was I the only one that far in the dark here?

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    Wasn’t bobbo one of those assuring us that you were dumb not to get immunized from that special flu strain(SARS?) a few years back?

  5. LibertyLover says:

    The stepdaughter [Ms Jallah] of Texas Ebola victim, Thomas Duncan, […] the man she calls ‘Daddy’[…]

    Ms Jallah whose contact with Mr Duncan [Daddy] was far more intimate and prolonged than that of her husband,

    What the hell was going down in Dallas last month? 🙂

    • Tim says:

      Well, let’s see.

      Gator fest
      Bamboo Festival
      Anual Buffalo Stampede
      The Red River County Fair
      The Lost Pines Fine Art Show
      Mesquite Championshop Rodeo
      GalvestonIsland Shrimp Festival
      San Antonio Music Awards Showcase
      Pioneer Take Yur Daughter To Bed Day
      The Flip Flop Festival
      Dripping With Taste

  6. What could go wrong? says:


    Eric Duncan is dead.

    • What could go wrong? says:

      So Thomas Eric Ducan is dead.

      Now they’re going to take the temperature of travelers arriving from West African countries at 5 major U.S. airports, and ask them some questions.

      Travel ban? Not yet. Why?

      If a traveler’s temperature is normal, what does that mean??

  7. Bob Reed says:

    So you post this story quoting a British tabloid as if it was fact? You didn’t confirm it either with the woman or the CDC? Fuck sakes, you guys are the world’s worst journalists…or the world’s best unfounded rumor-spreaders.

  8. deowll says:

    The CDC says the incubation phase can last 21 days. Others report that it can last longer. So far the CDC has a remarkable record for being PC and full of BS. This nation is not prepared to deal with more than a very few cases of Ebola. We have maybe 4 or five hospitals equipped to deal with patients.

    By the way it’s known that animals can catch and transmit this disease.

    If this disease gets into the public in Central America we are going to have thousands of refugees flooding across the boarder either hoping to avoid getting the disease or hoping to get better, free treatment. At that point our medical system is going to pretty much implode.

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