1. Clueless says:

    You mean “HAY ZEUS” (spelled phonetically), don’t you? There are a LOT of them running around New Mexico — a lot!

    … Not so sure what that picture of Ashton Kutcher is doing there though. 😉

  2. admfubar says:

    should read…
    the nsa is watching you

  3. Tim says:

    I see the border fence is coming right along… Fences keep the cows in.

  4. Eideard says:

    I was about to say Gallup or Farmington. Two of the three clots of Fundies in the state.

    • Tim says:

      You see, people?? It is as I’ve always said; The Man has technology at least 20-30 years in advance of what is revealed to the rest of us.

      If they had G.E. back in the ’70’s then what is the real state of, say, space exploitation today??


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