Ferguson Ground Zero
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In the wake of the news that Ferguson, Missouri, police Darren Wilson will not be indicted for killing Michael Brown, you’ve probably seen lots of reports of destruction and anger, and far fewer about the despair of black men as they contemplate the message the grand jury’s decision sends about the value of their lives.

Here’s a great corrective. BuzzFeed’s Joel Anderson captured this image, and Twitter user @HeyMyNameIsWill contrasted it with the images of the protests offered by cable TV.

There has been no day in court with the rules of prosecution and defense in place – yet. If there is a wrongful death suit in a federal court, then uniform federal standards for police nationwide apply. That doesn’t include Missouri’s state law which says a police officer may shoot an unarmed suspect.

  1. Jonathan says:

    Yeah, let’s trust Holder and the rest of the race baiters to try this case. Great idea. We can even get the Sharpton and Jackson comedy duo to provide entertainment.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Under Eideard’s rules of evidence should the people who testified they saw him shot in the back, should they be prosecuted for perjury?
      Or perhaps Eiditor would like to publish the names and addresses of all witnesses that testify in support of Wilson’s version of events?

  2. NewFormatSux says:

    Oh my, they went with the footage that is unusual.

    And this is justice. The Constitution says you cannot be tried unless a grand jury indicts.

    • jasontheodd says:

      State of Missouri allows prosecutors to bypass grand jury at will, and it is routinely done. It is “customary” in this state to send all cases involving a police officer or corrections officer to a grand jury. The grand jury system in Mo is largely used to get witness testimony on record so they can use the transcript in the actual trial. It is also used for political expediency at times, so the prosecutor can say the grand jury did or did not force him to try or not to try a case. Once a grand jury has ruled the prosecutor is legally obligated to obey that ruling.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Yup, the prosecutor was too much of a wimp to not bring charges, unlikely the TrayVon Martin DA. At least they had the integrity to show all evidence and let the grand jury decide, and didn’t rig the process, unlike the second TrayVon Martin DA.

  3. Worth a thousand words says:

    Caption this photo:

    “Boo hoo. I tried to get me a free bottle of vodka, but the other looters got there first!”

    “I am ashamed of my community for acting like raging baboons.”

    “God I wish I could get out of this town.”

    “I’ve got tear gas in my eyes.”


    Who really knows what this photo actually depicts?

    • ± says:

      “Who really knows what this photo actually depicts?”

      It’s a picture of some dude with a hand growing out of his shoulder.


    • LOL says:

      Oh no! Looks like the looters stole the picture!

  4. un= says:

    Try as you like. This is no longer about race. It’s about unadulterated, unchecked, runamok (police) POWER! It’s merely coincidental that the black community knows all too well what a CULTURE like that breeds when certain people you can never belog to are considered to be ABOVE THE LAW!

    So sure, it looks like racism. But look again! There’s a clear element of “us versus them” mentality that we have also seen from corporate America — and our own government!

    … This picture is not just symbolic of the kind powerless voices in a chaoitic and corrupt world — it’s symbolic of powerless AMERICANS!

    • inflammatory rhetoric says:

      is it a ‘cop thing’?? i think so (unless you’re black then it really is your fault). it is probably more of a contrived/federal/engineered totalitarian thing but all cops hate black cops to so i lifted this little prem from somewhere to commisurate with all the non-swimming pigs out there


      The Ubiquitous Wallets of Christopher Dorner

      Over here, over there, there’s Dorners’ wallets everywhere;
      One on a bus,
      And one in the street,
      And one by a pier where the fishies like to meet.
      At a park (there on the boulder),
      And in a ditch there at the border,
      And one on Big Bear survived a white-phosphor morter.

  5. NewFormatSux says:

    OK, son, gonna go break a police car now.

  6. NewFormatSux says:

    >There has been no day in court with the rules of prosecution and defense in place – yet.

    So where was the grand jury meeting?

  7. NewFormatSux says:

    So Eideard is now supporting mob justice. What punishment is acceptable for the Eiditor?

  8. NewFormatSux says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that every state allows a police officer to shoot an unarmed suspect, unless they actually have no arms.

  9. NewFormatSux says:

    >There has been no day in court with the rules of prosecution and defense

    So if Obama rewrites a law, that is just prosecutorial discretion, but an actual prosecutor is not allowed to show discretion.

  10. NewFormatSux says:

    Other things the media won’t tell you:

    When Wilson tried to open his car door, Brown slammed it back shut, then punched Wilson in the face.

    A witness confirmed that Brown and Wilson appeared to be “arm-wrestling” by the car.

    Another witness saw Brown leaning through the car’s window and said “some sort of confrontation was taking place.”

    After Wilson fired a shot that struck Brown’s hand, Brown fled and Wilson gave chase. Brown suddenly stopped. An unidentified witness told the grand jury that 6-foot-4, 292-pound Brown charged at Wilson with his head down. Wilson said Brown put his hand under the waistband of his pants as he continued toward Wilson. That’s when Wilson fired.

    Another witness testified that Brown never raised his hands.

    Gunpowder found on the wound on Brown’s hand indicated his hand was close to the gun when it fired. According to a report, the hand wound showed foreign matter “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm.”

  11. NewFormatSux says:

    Barkley said that “the true story came out from the grand jury testimony,” adding that he was made aware of “key forensic evidence, and several black witnesses that supported Officer Darren Wilson’s story for the first time Monday Night. I can’t believe anything I hear on television anymore. And, that’s why I don’t like talking about race issues with the media anymore, because they (the media) love this stuff, and lead people to jump to conclusions. The media shouldn’t do that. They never do that when black people kill each other”

    Barkley also praised the police saying “we have to be really careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods. We can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be without the cops?”

    Barkley also had thoughts on the people that participated in looting after the decision, “they aren’t real black people. They are all scumbags.”

  12. Tim says:

    It’s got love, kill it~ Like you people have never seen a black man breastfeeding his son before. Sheesh.

  13. John E Quantum says:

    NBC. CNN, Fox et al are not showing that the vast majority of the protestors are engaged in non-violent, non-criminal activity, mainly to stress that “Black Lives Matter”..

    This all reminds me in a way of the civil war in Syria, where nobody is really on the right side, and everyone has done something wrong.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      So what proportion are doing the looting? Why aren’t the protesters stopping the violence?

  14. Rottenham says:

    This kid has some grooming issues, eh?


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