The pig was ordered off a U.S. Airways plane at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on Wednesday after crewmembers determined the animal had become disruptive, Laura Masvidal, a spokeswoman for U.S. Airways parent American Airlines, said Friday.

The pig had been brought aboard the flight by a passenger as an emotional support animal, Masvidal said. She said both the pig and its owner left the aircraft before it took off. She had no other details and did not immediately know where the flight was headed.

Jonathan Skolnik, a University of Massachusetts professor who was on the flight, said he initially thought the female passenger was carrying a duffel bag. Then he smelled a stench.

“It’s no duffel bag but a rather stout PIG … on a leash,” he said in an email sent to The Associated Press. “Am I dreaming?”

The woman sat next to him and tethered the pig to the armrest, Skolnik said.

“Oh no, it gets worse: the pig is incontinent,” he wrote. Emotional support animals are allowed on commercial flights under U.S. Department of Transportation rules as long as they are not disruptive, Masdival said.

Apparently, any moran can purchase a letter from the Emotional Support Animal Registration of America. The New Yorker did an hilarious piece on this back in October.

  1. Dark side of the moon says:

    Pink Floyd?

  2. admfubar says:

    in other news…. pigs still cant fly..

    do airlines still allow incontinent humans on a flight? or stenchy ones?


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