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  1. ECA says:


    • SchwettyBalls says:

      Don’t forget China.

      These countries would have to release numbers to qualify. I don’t think they keep count.

  2. Mr Wizard says:

    And just how many guns are in individual’s hands in these other countries? You don’t have to use deadly force if the person coming at you is only using a fist.

    • Cephus says:

      But it doesn’t say police killings or deadly force, it specifies shootings, then selects countries where guns are a relative rarity.

      Dishonesty anyone?

      • ± says:

        Dishonesty for sure. But consider the venue. It may be an ethical troll.

  3. Cephus says:

    This is what happens when people are only interested in pushing an agenda, not in presenting truth. A raw number is absurd, it says nothing. The U.S. has a much higher population than any of the others listed, of course they have a higher rate. Try a comparison per capita, but that doesn’t give the same impact. And, of course, as others have said, the countries are specifically selected to give the impression that is desired by the poster.

    Anyone who falls for this stuff is an idiot.

    • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

      Germany : 3 per 80,000,000
      Great Britain: 0 per 64,000,000
      Japan: 0 per 127,000,000
      United States: 409 per 315,000,000

      Looking at it per capita doesn’t male it look any better. And all of these are 1st world countries, so apples to apples, as opposed to US to Kenya or the Philippines.

      • Cephus says:

        You’re looking at a little more than a 1 in a million chance of being shot by a cop in the U.S. and that’s even assuming that everyone, law-abiding citizens and criminals, has an equal chance.

        I’ll take those odds any day.

      • RR1 says:

        That is not really per capita, you must break them down to common denominators to talk per capita,

        Germany : 2.4 per 63,000,000
        Great Britain: 0.0 per 63,000,000
        Japan: 0.0 per 63,000,000
        United States: 81.8 per 63,000,000

        Still doesn’t look great, but not as bad either :\

        • deowll says:

          Thanks for sorting out some of the worst garbage. Of course the Brits had a few people hacked to death and they still haven’t sorted out some child killings on Jersey that appears to have been done by perverts that may be protected by the local government and British government otherwise you have problems trying to sort out why the investigations get squashed. By the way Jersey does have it’s own government under the common wealth so this is has some very odd legal things going own.

        • Cephus says:

          Of course, the whole infographic is cooked data, they purposely select the lowest numbers on the chart, where the situation isn’t nearly the same. Japan and Great Britain’s police don’t carry guns regularly, therefore their shootings are going to be virtually non-existent. Germany’s police do carry guns but individual gun ownership statistics are low, therefore German police officers are very unlikely to ever meet a criminal with a gun. That throws all three of those countries out the window as far as valid comparisons are concerned.

  4. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    Does the US even keep track of police shootings? The FBI releases all sorts of data on homicides, rapes, etc but I do not believe they track police shootings. The Wall Street Journal says they don’t.

    • Tim says:

      The numbers are not tracked or not disclosed publicly — I would certainly not limit killings by police to mearly *shootings* given that their favorite murderous operandi is to apply compression onto someone (usually with a knee on the back) until they suffocate. They suffocate faster if already having some pulmonary issues (including high anxiety) or peppersprayed first.

  5. Bang bang yer dead says:

    Some lowlife pulls a gun and tries to shoot a cop. The cop is a better shot and kills him.

    What’s the problem?

    • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

      Or a man wrecks his car, has to bust out the rear window to get out of the car. Goes to a nearby house and bangs on the door to ask someone to call the police to report the accident. Police respond to the home-owner’s report of someone banging on the front door in the middle of the night. When the young man sees the police he runs to the cruiser (probably relieved to see the police).

      Only to be shot dead by one of the police officers, the other officer never believing the unarmed man to be a threat.

      • Bang bang yer dead says:

        Hoppy, you used a tragic but irrelevant example.

        If a lowlife pulls a gun, the cop has every right to shoot before risking being shot.

        It’s like the big brown 300 hundred pound Ferguson bear with his paws over his head, rushing the cop.

        How close do you let him get to you, knowing he’s going to go for the gun (again) and kill you?

  6. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    I wonder how this is counted, being both the shooter and the person shot.

  7. NewFormatSuix says:

    Are cops given guns in England?

    Doesn’t surprise me that Japan doesn’t have a rash of people who think it’s cool to resist the cops. Plus an 80 year old isn’t very likely to do anything.

  8. NewFormatSux says:

    UK is where the police monitor online postings and arrest you if they don’t like what you are saying.

    Tweet by PoliceScotland:
    Please be aware that we will continue to monitor comments on social media & any offensive comments will be investigated.

  9. NewFormatSux says:

    Can we have the numbers for police getting shot?

    Liberals should keep in mind that more cops is what you get when you ‘reinforce the regulatory state’.

    • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

      Valid question, FBI tracks number of LEOs killed in-line-duty.

      Does Germany, UK,and Japan have a similar database? Do they need such a database? Or is a law enforcement officer killed in-line-duty such a rare occurrence in those countries that a formal database is not required?

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Well there were a few killed in England last year by some ISIS supporters.

  10. Peppeddu says:

    You gotta pick the right numbers.

    In Japan the police killing is 0 but the police conviction rate is 95% (or so) usually obtained by written confessions that magically appear after being “questioned” for a few days.
    What’s the US average?

    More info

  11. Ding Dong says:

    This is complete one-sided anti gun BULLSHIT! It’s selectively worded and contrived to give the illusion that having guns is somehow bad. BULLSHIT!

    So far as I am aware, only the USA has a “right” to keep and bear arms — even for idiots! So hell yes! There are definitely going to be a few “shootings” when idiots wield anything that can hurl bullets. This whole argument is especially all bullshit when you look at the masses of idiots who have already killed — WITHOUT A GUN! Try taking a look at traffic accidents in case you need someone to connect the dots. Then take a look at drunk drivers!

    So, if you’re a left-leaning dictator wannabe, we’ll just never mind anything regarding *rule of law* for those who would actually take aim and shoot another human being. The USA’s founding fathers almost certainly didn’t think any egregious homicide would result in the offender going free or even rotting in jail. They probably knew that by allowing all people to have guns would promote “natural selection” since stupid ones (who probably shouldn’t procreate in the first place) would either shoot themselves or require the authorities do it.

    Show me ANY other country where there is a right like the USA’s Second Amendment and THEN compare the shootings. (Europe, England and most of the UK, you’re already OUT!)

    Remember: If you outlaw hammers then only criminals will have hammers — though good luck building anything or allowing a judge to make a court ruling.

    • Cap'n Kangaroo says:

      There are only 14 words, 4 dates, and 4 numbers. And makes no mention of gun control. It is not about having guns or not having guns, it is about the use of deadly force by US law enforcement.

      And by the way. “(Europe, England and most of the UK, you’re already OUT!)” England and the UK are essentially the same thing and is part of Europe.

    • Joey Eagle says:

      Natural Selection – you mean like handing a AK to a 9 year old girl and his last words were, “Now I’ll switch it to full-automantic, so go ahead and uhhhhh. . . . .”

      Soviet Russia uses hammers (and sicles). We use nail guns. Oh, there’s that word again!!!

      How about this – If we outlawed morons, you’d get two life sentences.

  12. Jeremiah's Johnson says:

    Yawn. The ‘in’ thing these days is to find something to bash America about. The problem with this is that, while America can certainly be improved, it already is easily observably a better place to be than every other craphole on this planet.

  13. Slartibautfaust says:

    The number of police killings is higher in the US, because there are so much more people who think that ‘freedom’ means they are entitled to be able to take things they want, without earning or paying for them. For that there are consequences, and when it comes time to pay those consequences, instead of paying the piper, they fight the law, and do something stupid that gets them killed(inn most cases, deservingly so).

  14. Phydeau says:

    Speaking of freedom, the freedom most cherished by Republicans, the Freedom From Health Insurance, has taken a big hit. From the Gallup poll organization:

    The uninsured rate has dropped 4.2 percentage points since the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for Americans to have health insurance went into effect one year ago.

    Freedom is under attack!

    • ± says:

      After rates went up a monthly car payment or half a mortgage payment for the rest of us who are paying for this we have .5%* more people covered than before. Why don’t you say it like this? Doesn’t sound as good does it? But it’s the truth. What you posted is bullshit spun liberal garbage. But we must all consider the source.

      I’m actually for universal health care in the US properly implemented. This would be great for our country. What we got is a chair with two legs.

      * in round numbers 31,000,000 don’t have insurance now. 32,500,000 didn’t before Obamacare. So (assuming 300,000,000 population) total insured increased 1,500,000/300,000,000 or .5% NOT your proudly stated pathetic 4.2%.

      • Phydeau says:

        Wow, it must be great to be as smart as you… so much smarter than those silly Gallup “scientists” with their silly “statistical analysis” and their silly “facts”.

        And yes, it’s a smaller percentage when you take the additional number of insured people and divide it by the total population vs the total number of previously uninsured. You consider this an “argument”? Tsk. Too much Fox News truthiness. :/

        • NewFormatSux says:

          If you are saying percentage points, then 4.2% is incorrect. The .5% is the correct number. Now at the time, people like Phydeau and other liberals were saying 47 million uninsured. How did this suddenly drop to 32.5 million.

          • Phydeau says:

            It’s almost sad to see people like this squirming and floundering.

            Gallup polled last year, found that 17.1% of people said they have no insurance.

            Gallup polled this year, found that 12.9% of people said they have no insurance.


            Dude, you’re embarrassing yourself. :/

            The fourth-quarter results are based on more than 43,000 interviews with U.S. adults from Oct. 1 to Dec. 30, 2014, as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. Gallup and Healthways ask 500 U.S. adults each day whether they have health insurance, allowing for precise and ongoing measurement of the percentage of Americans who lack health insurance.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            So the 31000000 doesn’t come from your article then. OK, fair enough.

  15. bobbo, defending the honor of those who have it, this time, this forum and its non-censoring leadership who I compliment says:

    Well…….assuming the numbers are accurate for what they report, they represent a factual presentation.

    What the numbers “mean” is subject to interpretation.

    Ain’t that cool?

  16. NewFormatSux says:

    6 black men shot in New York last year, all with guns or knives, while hundreds killed by other blacks.

  17. Glenn E. says:

    Years ago, I would have put this statistic down to fear of AIDS. The police gunning down suspects, before they have a chance to bite them or bleed on them. But I seriously doubt that is the mindset any longer. It’s more like police are being trained as combat soldiers, than as civilian peace keepers and life protectors.

    Possibly as a results of the Govt’s meddling, in their training programs. In order for their states to qualify for subsidies, in handling terrorism and such. 409 deaths may not seem like much. And some may have been completely justified. But if this many deaths, were attributed to terrorists. The press and government, would have a field day with it. As they did after 9-11.

    But somehow it’s deemed Ok, for law enforcement to have caused them. So who are the most deadly terrorists, in the US, now?

  18. Claudio Cabral says:

    In Brazil were 1,259 homicides committed by police and officially admitted by the police. Police forces suffered 316 casualties. A very violent war.

  19. Jack Hoffmen says:

    According to statistics collected by the FBI, 76 law enforcement officers were killed in line-of-duty incidents in 2013. Of these, 27 law enforcement officers died as a result of felonious acts, and 49 officers died in accidents. In addition, 49,851 officers were victims of line-of-duty assaults. Comprehensive data tables about these incidents and brief narratives describing the fatal attacks and selected assaults resulting in injury are included in the 2013 edition of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, released today.


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