Hillary’s email server IP address (mail.clintonemail.com) which I traced and verified (SSL Certificate was clintonemail.com)  as actually her email is unlikely to be a home IP address, but not impossible. The IP address is in a range of IP addresses assigned to data centers, not home users. It is possible to set up tunneling from her home to the data center but if you have equipment at a data center already it would make more sense to leave the server there. I personally have over a dozen email servers and none of them are at home.

What’s more interesting about her IP address is that it has no Reverse DNS. (RDNS) which identifies the IP address to the world. It’s not unusual to have IP addresses without RDNS – but if she were sending email from that IP it would likely get caught in the recipients spam filters or just rejected because spam filters don’t like servers with no RDNS. So if she were sending email directly from her server – a lot of her email would have bounced and it would have been unusable. Even for personal account usage.

So for outbound email she probably used a “smarthost” which would likely be MxLogic’s outbound service. I don’t know if it actually is – but if anyone ever got and email from Hillary and still has the email then they can look in the Received lines in the message headers to see where the message has been. If it says something.mxlogic.com then she is using their outbound. This is worth looking into because every received line is another server where Hillary’s outbound email could have been tapped. Yesterday I talked about Hillary’s inbound email, today I’m talking outbound.

The important point here is – whether you are a friend or state department employee – if you have an email from Hillary then you can tell where that email went. And I think that would be interesting because for national security purposes we would want to know where out there in the world might have had access to tap her communications.

Since my post yesterday there has been a lot of technical discussion about different aspects of email. Some people saying things like “none of her email had classified information”. I find that hard to believe. As the Secretary of State you are by definition going to get classified email and if you say you aren’t you’re not only lying but you’re insulting my intelligence. You can’t be SOS and not have classified emails.

So why is this such a big deal that she didn’t use the State Department email system? First, I would assume (and who knows if I’m right) that the State Department servers are more secure that servers out in the wild. That is in itself a compelling reason not to use private servers. But one of the main reasons is government transparency, so we as citizens can determine if people working for the government are doing their job. They passed laws about government email archiving so that government officials – like Hillary – can’t destroy evidence. The government servers archives all email in and out and if congress or the public needs access to these emails they are there to be had.

Now Hillary claims that she turned these emails over to the State Department when they were requested of her. It is true that she turned over some of them and it is through trust alone that anyone can believe they are all turned over. The purpose of the archiving system is specifically to eliminate the “trust” issue so that we know that the emails were all archived.

But – and this is a very important point – is HOW the emails were turned over. She printed each one out on paper one by one and handed over boxes of paper with the email printed. Thus those email can’t be searched electronically. So if someone wants all emails to some individual or emails about a subject then someone has to hand search these emails and they are likely to miss something.

It would have been far easier to copy all the emails onto a thumb drive and hand that over to the State Department where they could be electronically imported into the system and electronically searchable like all the other emails are. But she chose to go to great trouble to deliberately make things difficult for the State Department to process those emails.  And that indicates an act of bad faith. She’s just giving all of us the virtual finger.

Another important issue is – where are the backups? If you have a computer you have to make backup copies so that if your hard drive fails or you get hacked or you accidentally delete something important you can go to the backup and recover. So if there are backups then all the emails including the ones she deleted are still recoverable. So – with regard to backups, the possibilities are:

  1. There are backups – meaning the emails can be recovered.
  2. There were backups but they are destroyed – meaning that she is really making sure no one sees the originals.
  3. There are no backups – which is a level of extreme incompetence. You don’t store sensitive information without backups. What if her hard drive crashed then all emails would have been lost.

So – if you are a news reported reading this then one of the questions you should be asking is – where are the backups?

Here’s what confuses me. All her emails came from hdr22@clintonemail.com. So how was it than no one noticed this was not a state department email domain? (i.e. didn’t end in .gov) So everyone knew and no one cared? Or are they so stupid that no one knew? If I were in the news media I would want to interview someone from the IT department at State and ask them – WTF?

So – why is this such a big deal other than the above good reasons regarding national security and government transparency? What does it mean politically?

I have come to expect this kind of behavior from Republicans. If Carl Rove did it or Dick Cheney, I’m not surprised. Ollie North shredding documents – no surprise. And isn’t that just a little sad. But the only thing that Democrats have to run on is that they aren’t Republicans. And isn’t that just a little sad too. Democrats haven’t been doing a very good job lately of not being Republicans. W Bush was clearly the worst president ever. Obama is in second place. If Obama were a Republican he would be considered greater than Reagan. Hope and Change has become Nope and Same.

In the past Republican have broken the law with impunity. Democrats also break the law but they are at least embarrassed about it when they get caught. And even when Republicans lie they come up with some sort of plausible excuse so that I don’t feel like they are insulting my intelligence. Hillary’s excuses aren’t even plausible. I am an email expert and a tech genius so I happened to know a lot more about this issue than the average person. But this isn’t that complicated. Had Hillary just followed the rules and used the State Department email account we would not be here having this discussion. So I would like to at least here the truth because I’m just f…ing tired of all of them lying to me over and over again.

Here’s what the ACLU says about Clinton’s email cover up and they explain it so well.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    Arguably she hasn’t handed over any records, as printouts are not the actual e-mails. You are not allowed to hand over copies of paper documents for archiving.

    • DonW says:

      One thing for sure, if she actually ever turns over the server the disk will have been re-formatted or replaced and there will be not evidence of what was on it while she was using it.

  2. NewFormatSux says:

    Wait, are you saying Hillary doesn’t send you e-mail?

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    Look to see if Guccifer leaked full headers with Sidney Blumenthal’s email.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      I hope you’re doing that, and not being suicided like Milosevic. Keep in touch.

  4. ± says:

    More good technical information here Marc. I hope someone with relevant copies of emails provides you with verifiable header information to further nail down what happened. And maybe someone with knowledge of the backup schema will come forward.

    And at least your political commentary this time makes some sense, but political commentary should not be mixed in with this unfolding story. Make it a separate posting if you have to.

  5. NewFormatSux says:

    >I personally have over a dozen email servers and none of them are at home.

    How likely is it that someone will try to access your servers? People laugh at the Secret Service protection, but I think that adds security.

    • px fragonard says:

      How likely? Not mine, certainly, but the SOS? I would think dozens of foreign governments might have agents very interested, possibly who are dispatched to check the status of key US gov. officials and their info-vulnerabilities. I would be surprised to find it otherwise. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy… these stories don’t just come out of thin air.

  6. Likes2LOL says:

    As soon as I saw she PRINTED out the e-mails rather than provide them electronically, I knew she was up to no good.

    55,000 pages is 110 reams of paper, or 11 boxes, heavy enough to sink the Clinton Ship of State.

  7. LibertyLover says:

    She said it was there, and I believe her.

  8. LibertyLover says:

    But the only thing that Democrats have to run on is that they aren’t Republicans.


  9. NewFormatSux says:

    >Democrats also break the law but they are at least embarrassed about it when they get caught.

    Is that why Bill Clinton was speaking at the convention? Tony Coelho was made Gore campaign chair? Terry McAuliffe running for governor, everyone pleading the 5th amendment. You need to come up with a better story Marc.

  10. NewFormatSux says:

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew used to be in the State Department.
    Asked about this, he refused to answer.

    • Mark Pugner says:

      funny how it seems like every single other related link for Jack Lew on Youtube is him refusing to answer a direct question in one comittee or another.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Looks to be the same appearance, about the IRS from two years ago.

  11. Wise Old Owl Gore says:

    “I am an email expert and a tech genius.”

    Genius? You are “full of it”, pal.

    I on the other hand, invented the Internet!

  12. Ah_Yea says:

    Shows how corrupt our society has become.

    Yup, that we as a society put up with this, even defend it.

    She will still run for President even though she committed a felony,

    And we as a society are ok with this.

  13. I.Dohno says:

    What a beautiful home, it has a barn for each of them.

  14. Tom says:

    OK, Perkel, this has become beyond boring! Give it a rest! Unless, of course, you are trying to drive away half of the remaining readers of DU…

  15. Ah_Yea says:

    I very much disagree.

    I find this all very interesting for a very important reason.

    Perkel, a competent technician, has posted more good information on this than all the networks combined.

    Given this Obama administration has gone to great extents to redefine who is a “journalist” to remove legal protections for bloggers, and given much of the press is no longer independent but acting as an arm of the government, even to the extent of assisting the government in covering up these federal offenses to protect a Presidential nominee –

    It leads the clear-minded to one inevitable conclusion.

    We are falling headlong into an authoritarian state where we are told what to think and believe, no longer having access to enough information to allow us to make informed decisions.

    With the resulting inescapable tragedy.

    • LibertyLover says:


    • bobbo, AGW is Anthropormorphic Global Warming. Its why yeast stops growing in any confined space: they reproduce and consume until they die in their own shit. says:


    • px fragonard says:

      Absolutely. When the “gatekeepers of the news” stand above us and tell us that the world is confusing and we need them to tell us what the news is and clarify it but don’t have the guts to speak the truth or to properly investigate stories or even point out very different alternative interpretations, the existence of free thinking people, especially people with special skills like this blog’s author, are indispensable.

      And I second NewFormatSux’s comment too. Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, his linking to this site is the kind of major event an infinitesimal number of blogs can only dream of.

  16. Mr Diesel says:

    I was sitting in my dentist’s chair looking through a huge window and right out there this squirrel digging around hunting for food. I immediately thought of Marc.

  17. Jimmy Jones says:

    “And even when Republicans lie they come up with some sort of plausible excuse so that I don’t feel like they are insulting my intelligence. Hillary’s excuses aren’t even plausible. I am an email expert and a tech genius so I happened to know a lot more about this issue than the average person.
    So I would like to at least here the truth because I’m just f…ing tired of all of them lying to me over and over again.”

    I would love to HERE the truth too.

  18. John E. Quantum, the cunning linguist says:

    Someone has to make the Kool Aid before anyone can drink it. Congratulations Marc. You be stirrin’ it up.

  19. Greg Allen says:

    >> Had Hillary just followed the rules and used the State Department email account we would not be here having this discussion.

    He may be a tech genius but apparently he doesn’t read the news. It was widely reported that the rules about using the State Department email was passed after Hillary left office.


    • NewFormatSux says:

      Follow the rules, means all e-mail gets sent to State for record keeping. Colin Powell forwarded his personal e-mail account to State.

      Instead, Hillary engaged in preemptive obstruction of justice.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        She is still in violation, because she has not handed over any records, and she is not allowed to keep records. So she has to delete her e-mail to be in accord.

  20. cybrbykr says:

    Technically, you are right on. Good article.
    Politically, you drank the cool aid. W B was the worst president ever? Do you watch the news? Do you read between the lines? This administration is giving this country away. God help us.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Perkel is upset with Obama for sending back some of the people from Central America.

  21. Para Sailin says:

    John McCain has never apologized for bringing what’s her name down to the lower 48.

    He wants an apology for refusing to bring a vote for Loretta Lynch?
    Uuummm yeah I’m gonna have to go ahead disagree with ya there Johnny.

  22. watt-up says:

    So what is up with every body starting their first sentences with “so” ? So I see a dozen people a day on TV – interviewers and interviewees – come out “so” first thing out of their mouth. So a few subsequent sentences are begun with “so”. So maybe it’s just me, but I think we have a verbal meme as it were. So don’t take my word for it. So now you’ve read this you’ll see for your self. So have a day. So then have another.

  23. Glenn E. says:

    While we’re debating about where an email server might be. Let’s we stray a little off topic, and say this about the term “Home”. This is not a home, it is a mansion. I own a “home”, and Hilary’s main dinning area, looks as large as my whole house. So I laugh at her use if the term, “home server”. If it were built of stone, instead of wood. It would be her castle server.

    And what’s up with that Tv antenna, bolted to what looks like a fairly new Gable addition. Most people strap those things to something much more solid, like a chimney. Because I’ve seen what strong winds can do, when they’re not fastened to brick or stone. Is that antenna only for that single attic room’s use? Is it even lightning arrested? I seriously doubt it, given where it’s located. And I certainly wouldn’t what to be the one on put that antenna up, on that steep a roof angle. Why would the Clintons even need one, in this day of cable, dish, and fiber optic services?


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