Well, anyway, surprising to someone living in a cave on a desert island. Certainly not to a US citizen.

Have you ever felt like the government doesn’t really care what you think?

Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) looked at more than 20 years worth of data to answer a simple question: Does the government represent the people?

Their study took data from nearly 2000 public opinion surveys and compared it to the policies that ended up becoming law. In other words, they compared what the public wanted to what the government actually did. What they found was extremely unsettling: The opinions of 90% of Americans has essentially no impact at all.

  1. admfubar says:

    US gubberment.. run by corporate america, always has always will..

    • Pwned by The System says:

      “Always has” NOT!

      Read your history! USA changed for the worse in a very big way back about 1913 when the Federal Reserve and the IRS were formed/instituted. And you can thank your DEMOCRATS for it too. That is, unless you were mind-washed into thinking Woodrow Wilson or the the MAJORITY of the 63’rd Congress was Republican or something. (Sound vaguely familiar?)

      Though you’re probably right about the “always will” so long as nothing jarring like a revolution happens. And it’s not like Republican’s are exactly ready and willing to do the “right” thing.

      As long as people think money grows on trees (has a never ending supply) and that no one, not even the government has to account for their SPENDING, it’s only going to get worse. Hint: The U.S. Government, which is still pretty much in control of everything, never did and never will OWN the money supply. This is exactly why America has a privately owned — and illegally instituted — “Fed” (since America’s elected officials couldn’t quite figure out a way to get around that pesky law — er — Constitution).

      Western values don’t exactly help here either when the ONLY thing society values IS money (fiat or not). Just look at it. Accomplishment, honesty, virtue are all crap even within western religions — which now also includes China! Anyone with a giant pile of money is clearly doing something right (especially if they stole it) and will always demand societies respect. Anyone with a big pile of money is always going to be labelled a “winner” no matter HOW they got it. If you need any examples just look at OJ Simpson (or most anyone in the ENTERTAINMENT business), Mayor Marion Barry (or pretty much any POLITICIAN) or even the Kardashians! (You might also examine your own values too.)

      … And it’s not like those uber-rich assholes don’t exactly “contribute” here either. It’s not like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Brian L. Roberts DON’T make a difference. (If you didn’t know who that last one is then it’s pretty clear YOU TOO are part of “the problem” for not knowing who your owners — er — enemies are.)

      • ECA says:

        you are about 59 years off..
        you can see AFTER the killing of Lincoln, that more and more Office runners are Backed by Business’s..

        IF you Look hard at history, you see many things happening. AT SOME POINT its as IF’ White men got stupid and forgot everything, and HOW things worked.
        There WERE a FEW black people that INTO OFFICE before that time, there was Very little Racism, except the South, But even in the SOUTH, it hadnt been SUPER BAD.

        There are Many parts to this problem. Corps, doing major things like the Rail system, and HIRING Irish immigrants and Asian…because they were CHEAP/POOR and Easily CHEATED..
        THEN we went and BLAMED them and tried to Kicked them OUT of the country…And those that were HIREd had no jobs AFTER..they were EXTRA.

        See its interesting to say this..BUT why did most of the people in the USA COME to the USA?
        BECAUSE allot of BS was happening..

        The Problem is we STOPPED Fighting for what this country was created for, and LET the problem Follow us..

        Do you REALLY want to know HOW to confuse people..EASY..
        POINT to something and BLAME IT, for our problems.
        We went to War, Cuba…because a SHIP blew up? and 3 others of the SAME type had also done the same, because of a faulty boiler..
        WE MArched for 40 years in Spanish american war..Taking the Pacific, Spanish islands..The WAR machine was started..
        The Corporations got big enough to PAY for elected officials..to get MORE money, for MORE war..

      • jpfitz says:

        “Woodrow Wilson ran for president opposed to the bankers’ club but committed to financial reform. There followed a blizzard of proposals from every part of the political spectrum. Eventually, Carter Glass, a Virginia Democrat and the chairman of the House banking committee, drafted what would become the Federal Reserve Act with the help of Robert Latham Owen, an Oklahoma Democrat. The act became law at the end of 1913.

        Although the Glass-Owen bill was a compromise, the core of the Aldrich plan remained. There were many minor detail changes from the Jekyll Island accords, but the major one was a more prominent role given to the Treasury. (To this day the debate continues as to whether the Fed is truly independent, or should be.) Benjamin Strong, one of the Jekyll Island cohorts, became the first president of the New York Federal Reserve in 1914.

        Today, a central bank is the global standard. All 187 members of the International Monetary Fund have them. In November 2010, Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke held a press conference on Jekyll Island to celebrate the centennial of the meeting. Aldrich and his colleagues would have been proud of their accomplishment — but mortified by the publicity.”


        Hey…and George Zimmerman was shot today On FL.

  2. ECA says:

    I was in Chat with a person in india, they mentioned there country was so corrupt that you had to pay 3 times for something to be built..
    I mentioned that in the USA, to build the same, we would regulate it, tax it, License it, inspect it, until it was about the SAME corruption..Just LEGAL..

  3. Bielski says:

    “That cost, it seems to me is very moderate. Taxes in the United States are not actually high. I figure, for example, that my private share of the expense of maintaining the Hon. Mr. Harding in the White House this year will work out to less than 80 cents. Try to think of better sport for the money: in New York it has been estimated that it costs $8 to get comfortably tight, and $17.50, on an average, to pinch a girl’s arm. The United States Senate will cost me perhaps $11 for the year, but against that expense set the subscription price of the Congressional Record, about $15, which, as a journalist, I receive for nothing. For $4 less than nothing I am thus entertained as Solomon never was by his hooch dancers. Col. George Brinton McClellan Harvey costs me but 25 cents a year; I get Nicholas Murray Butler free. Finally, there is young Teddy Roosevelt, the naval expert. Teddy costs me, as I work it out, about 11 cents a year, or less than a cent a month. More, he entertains me doubly for the money, first as a naval expert, and secondly as a walking attentat upon democracy, a devastating proof that there is nothing, after all, in that superstition. We Americans subscribe to the doctrine of human equality—and the Rooseveltii reduce it to an absurdity as brilliantly as the sons of Veit Bach. Where is your equal opportunity now? Here in this Eden of clowns, with the highest rewards of clowning theoretically open to every poor boy—here in the very citadel of democracy we found and cherish a clown dynasty!”

    Next up is the Clinton Twofer. You get Hillary for a mere ten clams a year and they throw in Bill as a bonus. The sideshow jokers on the right don’t have anything over the clowns to the left.

    P.S. Avoid the airport!

  4. MikeN says:

    Most likely just started with their conclusion and then picked survey results and votes that fit that result.

    Then again the thesis is validated in immigration policy.

    • noname says:

      “Most likely” … you’re casting your dispersion based on speculations? So intellectually dull and lacking in truthful ambition, sad!

  5. noname says:

    This agrees and ties in with Thomas Piketty book “Capital” and Citigroup Plutonomy Equity memo!

    It’s been said, “democracy only works when we claim it as our own”!

    I seems to many in the USA have given up and adopted a “Latin American character trait” of passive fatalism with dependence on authority as basis for actions and judgements, conformity, inclined toward the realm of magic ….

  6. Cap'n Kangaroo says:

    I wonder what a study with the outcome (legislation) correlated to the contributions would be?

  7. SKINET says:

    Like Uncle Milty said, “A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.” and they are losing trillions. Too many flakes and not enough jokes. Congress used to be good for a few laughs and now they have lost that with seconds to spare.

  8. SKINET says:

    Putin made a Russian biker nicknamed ‘The Surgeon’ a poster boy for patriotism …. to begin work-to-rule campaign Monday that will keep schools open.

    Russian lessons
    The Terrifying Kids Show Staged By Pro-Putin Bikers And Paid For By Taxpayers
    “One of the conspirators is a woman representing the Statue of Liberty who at one point appears in tight-fitting studded biker leather and wielding a whip as the song “Thunderstruck” by legendary Australian hard rock band AC/DC plays.”

    Summer: You want me to be a groupie?
    Dewey: Well, groupie is an important job.
    Summer: I researched groupies on the Internet. They’re sluts! They sleep with the band!
    Dewey: No, that’s not true! They’re like cheerleaders.
    Summer: I don’t want to be a cheerleader. Look, my mom is a room parent, and she’s not gonne be happy when she hears about this.
    Dewey: Summer, I didn’t want to tell you this in front of the class, but I made a special position just for you: Band manager.
    Summer: Band manager? What’s that?

  9. SKINET says:

    The Fly on the Wall Tour was a tour by Australian hard rock band AC/DC supporting their tenth studio album Fly on the Wall. The tour was split into two legs, an American leg starting on 2 September 1985 in Binghamton, New York and a European leg ending on 16 February 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The tour was marked by protests from some groups who claimed AC/DC’s music was connected to the Night Stalker murders.[1] Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force was the opening act on this tour.

    I was at the 9/10 show, protesters be damned.

  10. Mr Diesel says:

    We have a representative republic, not a democracy.

    A majority rule democracy is like a sheep and two wolves voting on what’s for lunch.

    In other words the idiots we keep electing are doing what they think is good for us.

    • spsffan says:

      Well, yes, as long as what is good for us is good for them.

      Otherwise, not.

      There are only two perfect forms of government:
      Absolute monarchy and absolute dictatorship. And those are only perfect for the monarch or dictator.

      • Mr Diesel says:

        Notice I said what they think is good for us, not what we want or what is good for us.

        The scum in office will never do anything that isn’t good for them. Look no further to them exempting themselves from all the laws they saddle us with.

  11. ECA says:


    The problems are known…but its a BLAME GAME..and what to do about it..
    Since the 70’s many things changed, and unless the gov DOES SOMETHING, the corps will Roll over and take everything..
    Over the years, the Old rules/laws were pretty good, until the WRONG people removed the protections..

  12. sick a. tired says:

    We’re told again and again about massive gathering of data on U.S. citizenry. It’s to “combat” terrorism we’re told and yada yada yada.
    The U.S. and other developed nations have very advanced electronic capabilities. Cellular and GPS signals can be clipped off at a moments notice — so we’re told. Radio – short and long wave can be turned off. If you screw up your finances bad enough your ATM might cut you off as well.
    So how are communications done in the middle east? Do they use cellular or radio. Do they rely on GPS to move around? Why can’t we “see” how the weapons, material, and supplies get in there? If a train or a ship or a line of trucks are delivering material to the bad guys why can’t we see that and cut it off? How is the oil moving to the black market to finance this? Are we afraid to poke a stick in someone’s eye, diplomatically speaking? We’re not afraid to send young men and women right into the middle of the shit it seems. Aren’t we tired of wondering how the fanatics do what they do? Maybe we need to turn our thinking around and wonder why we can’t do better.

  13. Dwight E. Howell says:

    Part of this is why I don’t like things that can be better done at the state or national level being done at the Federal level. While there is no guarantee that a state government will be efficiently run I’m satisfied that a lot of bleep that is normal in DC would cause an explosion here. At least for the present accountability is at least possible. I don’t like the Fed Gov in Education or by and large health care. I suspect that SS would have been better done at the state level. I do know my state retirement fund is in much better shape than the SS retirement fund.

    Of course a lot of states and cities promised the moon and there is no way they will ultimately be able to deliver. It isn’t a question of when they go belly up. The only question is when. However the advantage is still with doing it locally because when you have a local failure it doesn’t mean everything fails everywhere at the same time.

  14. op says:

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