The obvious questions here is what if it was Hillary or Obama, or anyone other than a white Republican in front of that pistol? Is it acceptable because Republicans (other than Karl Rove) defend the 2nd Amendment?

  1. WM says:

    We have a zero tolerance policy about photographs of guns.
    You’ll have to leave the commune.

  2. NewFormatSux says:

    They got upset about a list of bow and arrow targets on a map supposedly caused the shooting of Gabby Giffords.
    This is OK for them, as it is just another white Hispanic like George Zimmerman. Maybe they’ll send the Black Panthers to Ted’s house too.

  3. spsffan says:

    It’s okay because it’s Ted Cruz who is a foreigner.

  4. Ted Cruz demonstrates a discredited method of determining whether or not a pistol is loaded. Looking down the barrel has been repeatedly shown not to be effective.

  5. Hmeyers says:

    Wasted opportunity talking about one of the dwarf candidates instead of interesting news



  6. Mr Diesel says:

    I get no spam but my site gets pwned.

  7. Resisting "change" (Cause I want DOLLARS!) says:

    I can just see someone like Obama in that picture. The “news” coverage would never stop.

    … We might even have to start tearing up little strips of cloth in response to all the arrogant racism, bigotry and ignorance that STILL won’t go away (thanks is part to a failed leftist dominated educational system).

  8. Darthnoor says:

    Bunch of freaking right wings morons. You are fucking up the country with your all of your ignorant shit and false equivalencies.

  9. SKINET says:

    The old get older
    And the young get stronger
    May take a week
    And it may take longer
    They got the guns
    But we got the numbers
    Gonna win, yeah
    We’re takin’ over
    Come on!

    “Five to One” on the album Waiting for the Sun (1968)


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