Thanks, Honeyman

  1. Mr Diesel says:

    No, if they had busted all of his windows and filled it with cow shit he would have gotten part of what he deserved. The cop should have Tasered his ass and beat him. Plus he should have been fined for littering for every piece of paper that came off his car in his little fit.

    • noname says:

      What a soulless moron and dork! You want to turn any police encounter into a capital offence.

      • Mr Diesel says:

        Probably fake but if in real life the fucker should have his ass beat.

        • noname says:

          Your “fucker should have his ass beat” begs the question, what kind of bully you are.

          Are you the Physical bullying type where you see someone improperly parked their car (maybe in a handicap zone) and started hitting, kicking, tripping, pinching and pushing or maybe damaging their property?

          Or are you the hot air type that just engages in verbal bullying type that advocates others to do your physical vigilantism for you (maybe getting it done under the color of law)?

          Either way, your type (unable to appropriately respond, instead everything needs to be violently taught) is the perfect recruit for joining Isis!

          • noname says:

            Pwn’d by a noname again, bitch!

            Here we go, round 1!

          • McCullough says:

            Lighten up Francis, I’m sure he was just doing a grumpy old man routine.

          • Mr Diesel says:

            Bully? No, have a handicapped Mother and Dad was too before he passed away.

            So I take a dim view of fuckers parking in a handicapped spot if they not disabled and have a HC parking tag of some sort.

            I also take a dim view of sanctimonious reprobates that think it is okay for the assholes to get away with it.

            I accidentally parked in an HC spot almost 30 years ago and I still remember doing it, where and why I was there. (It only had faded paint on pavement that I couldn’t see until I backed out.) Unlike Frozen I can’t let it go.

            Yes, grumpy old man and that fucker should have had a beat down. Watch the Seinfeld episode where George parks his Dad’s car in a HC spot. He got what he deserved.

          • bobbo, in point of fact says:

            …. you are still being a bully.

            Your parents are your motivation, not an excuse.

            It is interesting. On what issues does FREEEEEEEEEEDOM requiring we leave other people alone actually to have any substance at all go further to actually giving them MORE rights and privileges.

            When the Handicapped Parking issue first came in, I was a bit upset. “We are all the same, its first come first serve.” And then I talked to a person who had a HC sticker and spot as close to work as my own. He explained how difficult it was for him to move once out of the car…. that his skin would sunburn with only a few minutes exposure as I recall…

            So, I thought about it and decided that Freedom to have any meaning at all does require some people getting something different than others. Its a nice subtlety.

            Probably applies to more issues than I realize…or even all the issues?? A stretch goal for myself.

            So Diesel: the remedy when someone parks in HC or othewise denies Freedom to someone else is ………… education. Not a beat down.

            But I know you are full of shit…. so there is a little education for you.

          • noname says:

            Pedro pwn’d again by a noname again, bitch!

            Here we go, round 2!

          • noname says:

            Mr Diesel, I too take an extremely dim view of self-appointed and totally sanctimonious reprobates like you who think it is okay to physically assault and harm people for a misdemeanor.

            Mr Diesel, I definitely and gladly would be a witness against you as you get your little tiny prick sued!

            Mr Diesel, your probably one of those road rage warriors who is so mentally unbalanced, get pissed off over the stupidest of stuff!

            You Mr Diesel are by far one of society’s most dangerous and harmful criminals and I gladly would do whatever legal measures I could against you (even if it cost me some money)!!

          • noname says:

            Round 3, 🙂

            So funny … my poor totally pwn’d wannabe witless pedro’s early Alzheimer is causing more frequent bull shit fantasies and brain farts, so sad!

            Did the proctologist exam your head MRI yet?

            What shit fantasies is your pointless pwn’d shrunk brain telling you now, if it could tell you anything?

            How does it feel to be soo obviously and totally pwn’d by the DU cool kids and ever so my fav bitch?

            Poor pwn’d witless pedro, looks like you again started out just trying to help out another buttbuddy here, sad.

            I am so enjoying this! 🙂

          • noname says:

            Round 5:

            Always following me around, just can’t help yourself poor totally pwn’d and pointless pedro!
            You just can’t get any satisfaction any other way, but to be my very own bitch; I’ve so pwn’d you!

            Poor pathetic lonely and totally pwn’d pedro, wanting to be my bitch, hoping it can just hang out with cool kids and desperately conjure up any imaginary friend, sad.

            Ha, Ha, turd brain pedro is so easy pwn’d, everyone almost daily has pwn’d poor pedro bitch, without even trying! Poor lonely pedro desperate to have attention, even if it is as everyone’s fav bitch!

            For poor pathetic pedro, getting pwn’d is why desperate pedro trolls DU. DU exists so desperate pedro can hope to find a date. 🙂

            Poor pathetic pedro, can anyone make lonely pedro happy with pedro as their number one bitch?

            Cute, turd brain pedro is still trying to impress it’s dates with its google searches?

            Keep trying pathetic pedro, some day maybe you’ll find a friend!

          • Mr Diesel says:

            Once again noname has missed my point.

            But alas, all the name calling and bullshit spread by him isn’t going to get it through his head (although a Taser might).

            I carry all the time so road rage never enters into my thinking when self-centered drivers cut me off or try to antagonize me on the road. I don’t have to worry if they pull out in front of me as what I drive when they do won’t stop quick enough to keep them safe, problem solved.

            Bobbo, you should have known by now what side I was going to stake against an asshole like the one in the video, staged or not.

          • noname says:

            Mr Diesel your right about one thing, I don’t get why you’re a bully!

            Apparently it’s not just me who doesn’t understand your psychopathology!

            The fact is, you’re a self-appointed and totally sanctimonious reprobate ass who wants to visit physical harm on people who commit a misdemeanor and park in a handicap zone!

            You also sadly want me to be infected with your psychopathology and “get that”. You have this bogus believe, its normal acceptable behavior, because; of your mommy and daddy handicap issues. I guess it’s hard for you to get over childhood traumas?

            Congrats, you and your pwn’d luv partner pedro are a living definition of hypocrites!! Then you want me to believe, you calling people names like “fuckers” are nothing and only deserved.

            As I said before, you’re more of a danger to society then Mr handicap parker and If I ever witnessed the behaviors you are promoting displayed in public, I would gladly do whatever (devoting both money and time) to facilitate you getting your teeny tiny prick sued!

            Sorry when referencing you teeny tiny manhood if your sensibilities are so offended or if I make you mad. 🙂

            I hope this conversation can continue (it’s my civic duty to point out your obvious hypocrisy), like how me and your pwn’d luv partner pedro goes multiple rounds!

          • noname says:

            Round 6

            poor pwn’d, totally pwn’d pedro has a new luv friend! You luv trucking butt buddy Mr Diesel has cum for you!

            poor pwn’d pedro, you so cute when you google and post links.

            You’ve entered your ‘anal’ ‘gift’ giving phase of development.

          • noname says:

            Round 7

            What a pwn’d lonely stooge! Poor pwn’d pedro still waiting for his trucker butt buddy to help it out!

            Always a sorry looser, hoping your self-delusions, meds and butt buddies can help!

            Poor lonely pedro, the cool kids have so totally pwn’d you. 🙂

            Ha-ha … hey, looser pwn’d pedro, prove me wrong; but, I bet your such a looser you can’t go 90 rounds with me!

          • Mr Diesel says:

            Loser is spelled L-O-S-E-R not looser noname.

            If you have to resort to name calling you have already lost. In your case you can’t even spell loser. Sad little noname.

          • noname says:

            Why are you always so butt hurt Mr Diesel?

            Did someone park in your handicap zone or maybe cut your big diesel off forcing poor pwn’d pedro to bite down on your little prick?

            Your name calling just makes me laugh! 🙂

  2. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    That took a lot of work and materials and very precise handicapped image. Staged?…as in why didn’t the cop give him a ticket AND why did the cop allow him into the car when visibility was restricted.

    You’d think the handicapped wouldn’t go around making more of the same?

  3. DK says:

    No way this is real. You know how long it would take to get the supplies and do this?

  4. Phil A. Minion says:


  5. Brian says:

    That must have been some artistic and patient soul there – I mean, you try putting such clear image of the handicapped symbol using pieces of paper on a car! Gosh, they guy got what he deserved in a funny, humiliating yet not aggressive way. Good job to whoever did this.

  6. B. Dog says:

    Fucking camel jockey got his ass kicked by a fucking cripple. Too funney.

  7. Dingleberry says:

    … And in case no one READ about this, it was a PRANK on the public. (Maybe you should watch RTM on ABC more.)

  8. orchidcup says:

    The best thing to do in this kind of situation is poke a hole in their tires and give them a real handicap to deal with.

    • jpfitz says:

      Sidewall puncture!!!

    • Mr Diesel says:

      Yes, because I rarely have time to wait for them to come out or have a cop give them a good Tasering or beat down.

      • jpfitz says:

        Ooo, you really are holding that anger tight…I feel for you and understand why the physical revenge would taste sooo good. We all have “our” pain from the past. And damn I do too. But, I try to find serenity instead. Forgive and forget about the selfish numbnuts. Only way to keep your hair (lol) and good karma.

        • Mr Diesel says:

          Yeah, that’s on almost everything now, except for the pet peeves.

  9. NGL says:

    Ironic that they blurred the jack weeds face, but all the innocent bystanders didn’t get the same privacy concerns. It should have been the other way around. SHOW THE PERP’S FACE and blur the crowd.


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