The ‘Tollahs tweets here.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    “The one who will emerge the looser … criminal U.S.”

    I don’t think so.

    (Anyone else think it’s ironic he’s using the Great Satan’s tool TWITTER to spread his propaganda?)

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    BTW, that pic. Another argument against gun control?

  3. bobbo, in point of fact says: ‏@khamenei_ir Jul 20

    #Israel’s security will not be ensured whether there will be an #IranDeal or not.


    Set off enough Nukes, and the whole world goes …………….. ..

    ok…my gut feel is Iran and Israel can Nuke it Out and it might even be “good” AGW wise.

    Still…its not Iran v Israel, or Israel taking out Iran, that is to be reasonably expected…… rather it is a Middle East Nuke Arms race that does in fact lead to Nuke Winter.

    One Nuke Inspector said that Iran can’t hide Nuke Production from them because “now” we can detect where stockpiles have been a month after they have been manufactured/made/moved. I don’t know, have a feel, for how much of that is true or false. same with whether or not the leadership of Iran is locked into the Nuke Race “no matter what.”

    Ayahtolla tweets Iran doesn’t want war…. but they are currently funding 6-7-8 wars though proxies right now.

    As things change over time, but stay the same, I do wonder what will happen when Iran comes into conflict with Russia and/or China. No ocean seperating those interests.

    Thats why the Mormons are Gods Chosen People. He put them on an island contintent so his praises would continue on after the conflict in Europe/Asia provides another “lesson” for us all.

    Hmmmmm….I think I would take Iran out if I could…. but in a sneaky way. Certainly not by returning 150BN to them….not while they are waring by proxy and swearing Death to Satan. Thats just begging to be taken out………..isn’t it?

    • NewFormatSux says:

      The US is now obligated to defend Iran from Israel, according to the agreement approved by the Security Council.

  4. Rich says:

    I think at some point America, and Western civilization proper, will wash its hands of the Middle East and everyone and everything in it. As a white (people who want to accuse me of Racism may do so, and then fuck off) person I don’t care, I have no business there, and would like to see its various religious mindfuck cancers (Judaism, Islam) limited to there. Yes a large share of oil comes from there, but that won’t always be. As a curious layman even I know what the Sun can do. Let the various religious and political interests have their Armageddon, wait upon the Lordieth, and die. That’s what I think of Ayatollah whatever! If they still insist on troubling America with long-range nukes, that’s what God made Boomers* for.

    *ballistic missile submarines, USS Ohio and her sisters.

    • spsffan says:

      Yet again, I will say that if we’d neutron bombed the entire Middle East back when Regean was in office, like I suggested, we’d be rid of the bastards by now AND have the oil.

      Sure, you kill a few hundred innocent, decent people, but you rid the world of millions of vicious fanatical prohibitionists. Eventually, the world would see now much better off the human race is without them.

  5. NewFormatSux says:

    Did Ayatollah Khomeini go to a US liberal arts college?

  6. Marc Pugner says:

    Just going to leave this here…

    • Ah_Yea says:

      Hey Marc,

      Are you thinking, like I am, that this whole Iran deal is for the US to make money arming the Middle East, then make money rebuilding the Middle East, and then use our presence to take over the Middle East?

      Colonialism/Nation Building at it’s best!

      • Marc Pugner says:

        That seems to be the MIC formula, but for the past decade or so France and China have been scooping us on the reconstruction contracts.

  7. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    Oh No!–in a great display of hypocrisy given he has never, well not to my memory, responded to any direct challenge none the less appears to remember the challenge when he word for word spouts:

    Ah_Yea says:
    7/26/2015 at 4:55 pm

    Notice JAK is a classic liberal.

    I ask for specifics, he gives insults.

    So let’s try this again,
    So what, specifically, did Tea Party Dude post that is inaccurate? Remember, be specific.

    Try not to be a JAK-off.

    Tea Party Dude says:
    7/26/2015 at 6:23 am

    He’s right, the USA led by Obama or Hillary would lose. In fact, we would surrender if struck with nuclear weapons. /// Why would that be the case? Unlike most of the small actors, the USA can absorb a nuke or 2-3 while giving MASSIVE counter attack. Hillary is often described, among other unsavory titles, as a War Hawk…..its why she lost to Obama. And Obama….I wold rely on him “giving up.” When not blocked by Pukes, he has pretty much done everything he promised to do. Why would using a military response to Iran be any different?

    Dr. Thomas Sowell writes about Obama and Hillary:

    They have something else in common. They attract the votes of those people who vote for demographic symbolism — “the first black president” to be followed by “the first woman president” — and neither to be criticized, lest you be denounced for racism or sexism. /// True…but only as far as it goes. Lots of folks voted for Obama for his IDEAS. My real complaint: Obama is not black enough, too status quo, too…….conservative. NOT A SINGLE BANKER in jail and Holder is back to Wallstreet. Its fraud on its face….something ALL the politicos have in common …maybe Sanders an exception?

    It is staggering that there are sane adults who can vote for someone to be President of the United States as if they are in school, just voting for “most popular boy” or “most popular girl” — or, worse yet, voting for someone who will give them free stuff. /// Agree totally. Or that building a wall is the solution to illegal immigration, or that people need to work harder, …. or any other “slogan” all the Pukes are running on right now. Name one that isn’t.

    Whoever holds that office makes decisions involving the life and death of Americans and — especially if Iran gets a nuclear arsenal — the life and death of this nation. /// Correct.

    It took just two nuclear bombs — neither of them as powerful as those available today — to get a very tough nation like Japan to surrender. /// Yeah…. at near the conclusion of a 5 year war….. and they had no ability to respond. What at all can be the point here?

    Anyone familiar with World War II battles in the Pacific knows that it was not unusual for 90 percent of the Japanese troops defending Iwo Jima or other islands to fight to the death, even after it was clear that American troops had them beaten. /// Again true and again irrlevant to every issue.

    When people like that surrender after two nuclear bombs, do not imagine that today’s soft Americans — led by the likes of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton — will fight on after New York and Chicago have been reduced to radioactive ashes. //// Because…… USA today with 10Ks of Nukes and 1000’s of delivery systems, and war plans in effect to use them…… is just like Japan 70 years ago who had none of this?

    Good thinking.

  8. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    btw–Germany is already in face to face talks with Ayatollah to rebuild Iran. Some/most say this settlement agreed to already by the UN and the EU was all about the bidness.

    Speaking of bidness, remember Dylan Ratinger (sp) the ex wall street trader who got kicked off MSNBC for becoming too beligerent regarding fraud on wallstreet and Washington? Well, Max Keiser on RT Cable Channel says much the same thing.

    Seems all this “history” we see around us is all driven by the new Aristocracy, the SUPER RICH, wanting it all. It has a lot of appeal to it as it does “fit” what has gone on, is going on, and is likely to happen. The missing bit is whether it is intentional, or the degree of intentionality……. but then….. GREED doesn’t have a natural limitation. You have to shoot them in the head, decapitate them, and bury their head with garlic across a river from their bodies.

    THEN===>not elect another batch of ass wipes just like them.

    But with the impeccable logic of Tea Dud and Oh No…..there’s no stopping them…. expect as they fight among themselves with third party movements. You gotta love trump….because …. exactly because, we don’t.

  9. NewFormatSux says:

    Sounds like Khameini works for the AP, which ran a picture of a gun to Ted Cruz’s head.

  10. Allah is the devil! DEAL WITH IT! says:

    Reduce somewhere like Chicago to a radioactive wasteland and I guarantee there will be plenty of pissed-off American’s looking for a little pay back. Just look at what happened in New York when a couple of hijacked planes that took out our tallest sky scrapers — America is STILL at war over it (don’t bullshit yourself).

    This asshole Khamenei is just spouting rhetoric trying to generate some propaganda. Nothing more. Everyone including most Iranians know that if there were a war, especially if it involved nukes, Iran would be reduced to a lifeless wasteland full of nothing but glass!

    • NewFormatSux says:

      A number of Iranian leaders are OK with that. They said that any Israeli counterattack would only hit a small part of the Muslim world.

      The leadership doesn’t care about Iran but Islam.

      • bobbo, in point of fact says:

        Great point. Now can you explain or fix your comment below so that it makes any sense at all? I sense it is a clever joke, or sarcasm, but you left out a few words.

  11. NewFormatSux says:

    The difference between an Ayatollah and a liberal is that the Ayatollah qualifies when the US is criminal.

  12. Dwight E. Howell says:

    Obama makes me wonder if he’s from an alternate universe run by very different rules. In this one he’s the enemy of humanity.


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