ORLANDO, Fla. – A message about safety is now being played at the AMC Theatres. It states, “If you happen to see any suspiciously strange characters or bad agendas, report them to our crew.” “It’s a good message to send because there has been a lot of problems with movie theater shootings and stuff,” said Brittany Cavallo.

Most recently, the shooting at a movie theater in Louisiana last Thursday that killed two people and injured nine others. Now, AMC Theatres has created a video message alerting moviegoers to look out for suspicious people or bad agendas and report it immediately.

“I think AMC is doing an awesome job because we should be protecting our people when they come and they should be feeling safe,” said Regina Law.


  1. McCullough says:

    Get doctors to stop indiscriminately issuing psych drugs to people who should be institutionalized? Maybe they should change the warning labels from “may cause depression and thoughts of suicide, to “May cause depression and thoughts of homicide.”

    • spsffan says:


    • As purchased on TV says:

      “May cause depression and thoughts of homicide.”

      Yeah, but my acne has cleared up!

    • ALRUI says:

      That wont happen as it could hurt sales!

    • Ryan says:

      Some do have that on their black box warnings. Some even have both. And if I remember correctly they are on some of the most common prescribed anti depression/anxiety/psychotic and mood stabilizers.

  2. Mike says:

    BOL for anybody with abad agenda. Looks like people with no agenda just dodged a bullet…

  3. The DON says:

    At 50 seconds into the clip, the reporter says
    “…this message that we captured on cellphone video…”

    Could it be that they broke the law and filmed inside the cinema?

    • noname says:

      We can’t have broken laws …. light up and taze the bro!!

      A lerts” are always true, so can never have too many or any false “A lerts“!

    • Dummy says:

      Someone better call the MPAA / RIAA. We can’t have cell phone videos of copyright/patent parts of advertisements floating around out there without someone getting PAID!

      If you want to know what’s fucking up America, just look at who’s doing all the screwing — BANKERS AND LAWYERS!!! (“Big Business” just happens to be their illegitimate love child — better known as a BASTARD!)

      • Noname says:

        The “BASTARD” birthing doctor is our government!

        Being an U.S. citizen used to mean certain Rights of citizenship. Now in the name of national security, individual and corporate prosperity we have acquiesced our legal and constitutional inheritance to become safe and underemployed American subjects.

        Our party system is now no better than a union, looking to boost itself (parasite of no intrinsic value but to itself) at the detriment of an owner, be it an American business or an American household! Not that business is intrinsically good; but it, takes shared goals and a willingness to listen and work honestly with others to get innovative and novel things done, efficiently!

        It seems most Americans are overly polarized and blind with some form of us-vs-them; Black-vs-White, Republican-vs-Democrat, Left-vs-Right, Fox News-vs- Jon Stewart, Cowboys-vs-Redskins, Science-vs-Faith, …


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