I guess if the lawyer thing doesn’t work out, at least he has a backup plan.

  1. el Gato says:

    Why isn’t this guy running for President?

  2. World's Biggest Yawn says:

    And you posted this instead of something with even the slightest relevance because… It’s a slow news day?

    • Ah_Yea says:

      It’s not like anything important happened.

      I mean, if something important like Hillary giving Benghazi testimony where she plugs her book and covers up her incompetence by saying it was all because of a video when she knew better. “what difference does it make!?”

      Well at least the Justice Department is pressing charges against Lois Lerner instead of covering for her crimes. They are prosecuting, aren’t they??

  3. Mark Welsh says:

    And we thought the fictional Saul Goodman’s adverts were bad. Jesus!

  4. Battery up my Waffles says:

    Talk about “off topic”! This entire BLOG is OFF THE RAILS!!! And has been for a very long time.

    I’ve seen no “tech” related stories THIS YEAR on a blog started by one of the most prolific and experienced tech writers of the modern age. That is, unless it’s been total political-leaning click bait or some bullshit from a payola sponsor like Solar City. It has me wondering if John C. Dvorak is even ALIVE with all the total crap we’ve seen ON HIS BLOG! (Sure, comedy like this Bryan Wilson video is one thing and we do like it, but come on!)

    Just who the hell are these blog masters (McCullough, Perkel) anyway? JCD’s caretakers?!

    I thought you Dvorak.org people were “plugged in” being located in/near the Silly-Ville Valley of California and all. Hell! I thought you knew movers and shakers like Leo Laporte — who’s like a cross-town drive from JCD’S house — too!


    • The Wrong Guy says:

      Ever since it started, it has NEVER been a tech blog. Ever. It was specifically created to NOT be a tech blog, although some stories have been tech-related at times. John has had many outlets for tech-related things, and the blog was never one of them.

  5. McCullough says:

    So solar power is not tech related? BTW, John made us move out of his basement years ago, so most of us don’t live in the Northern Silly Con Valley.

  6. Dog Ears says:

    At :13, the flag is displayed incorrectly. The stars should be on the left.

  7. Mr. Lucky says:

    I liked how he jumped out of a moving SUV – letting it go without a driver.


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