If you haven’t watched Episode VII, The Force Awakens, don’t watch this video. Come to think of it, if you haven’t watched TFA, why would you even click on the video?

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    If you haven’t watched The Force Awakens, you can figure out what happens by just repeating everything in the previous movies, plus throw in some stuff from Spielberg, plus lens flare.

  2. Marc Perkel says:

    That’s hardly a spoiler.

    • Gasparrini says:

      It is a spoiler if you had not watched TFA and it’s a spoiler for the next movie because you can infer that it starts right after the previous movie ends, without a large gap in time as shown between movies for the previous trilogies. What remains to be seen is if they are going to keep the continuity or skip ahead within the same movie.

    • Hmeyers says:

      If that spoiler were instead call Star Wars VII …

      Then Star Wars VII would have been a better movie than the one in theatres.


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