1. noname says:

    good for them!

  2. Hmeyers says:

    I found the video you posted last time interesting.

    For a while, I thought it was a fake and I had to read some before I was convinced it was real.

    I found this explanatory video interesting too.

    (I think their music sucks, though ….)

  3. jpfitz says:

    We need to unlock those i-things being tumbled about in Russian air space. Who knows what we can glean from those commie devices from ROSCOSMOS.

  4. Wrigsted the Dane says:

    I like it. Have wondered about the zero gravity flight tours since they emerged. And it’s always good to be reminded what we see on the screen is not real.

  5. Julia Regina says:

    Really cool music video, love the idea behind it! Not only is the song catchy but I could watch the video over and over again.


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