Stay thirsty my friends.

  1. ± says:

    This actor (presumably) hit the lottery after a long, uneventful career. Good for him.

    and then a selection served up by google:

  2. Hmeyers says:

    It’s an okay commercial.

    Which compared to most probably makes it an A- or B+.

  3. Hmeyers says:

    You have a weird obsession with “Republicans” and never talk about “the issues”, which is twice as weird.

    They should just call people like you “sports fans”.

    If you actually had a list of issues you care about, I bet Trump matches 85% of your checkboxes.

    Which is why the “Republicans” attack him …

  4. jpfitz says:

    Who will fill the shoes of The Most Interesting Man in the World?

    I vote for Sterling Archer.

    “Stay thirsty” friend or foe.

    Drink some real Belgium beer this weekend, not that Stella crap.

    I blame this recent attack and the Paris attack on The Schengen Agreement, along with USA’s footprints in the MENA sand.

  5. Shiv Reddy says:

    I’m with you noname….and with Hillary!


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