3D XPoint

PCWorld.com – Intel claims storage supremacy with swift 3D XPoint Optane drives, 1-petabyte 3D NAND: Intel wants you to know its game-changing Optane storage tech is super-duper, insanely fast, so on Wednesday it demonstrated how the new pervasive memory technology leaves a conventional NAND SSD in the dust.

Intel said its 3D NAND will be able to squeeze 384 billion bits in a single die. That means, Crooke said, Intel can now squeeze 1TB of storage into a 1.5mm-thick drive that can go into laptops and tablets. For traditional 2.5-inch drives in a desktop or larger laptop, the company will be able to pack up to 15TB of data. The real bombshell: A 1U rack server with Intel’s upcoming 3D NAND will be able to pack 1 petabyte of storage. Just so you know, 20PB is enough to store 13.3 years of HD video.

  1. McCullough says:

    I just transferred 600 movies to my sever using a WD passport drive at snail pace speeds of up to a 2Mbps, it took about a week.

    Great article, Thanks Sergio.

    • Gasparrini says:

      Yeah, you might want to upgrade to a USB 3.0 enabled external HD, the improvement in transfer speed is incredible.

      • McCullough says:

        This IS a USB 3.0 external drive plugged into a USB 3.0 port, and its not mine. Data recovery for a client. Normally I would have removed and installed it up internally to the SATA connectors for faster transfer….but its impossible to do with the proprietary connector they use.

        WD Passport drives are notorious for this type of crappy performance. Especially with large files like .avi and .mpeg.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Isn’t USB supposed to do better with single large files, rather than lots of small ones like from a camera?

          • McCullough says:

            I have always gotten much better speeds out of internally interfaced drives than USB. Speeds like the graphic in this link.


            I have the same issue with NAS device (WD Cloud drive) on my network. Large files take forever to backup, we’re are talking days, sometimes weeks. I have been over this with WD tech support to the point where I got tired of working for them for free to troubleshoot THEIR problem. I even offered to stay with it, if they would pay me the $80/hr fee that I normally charge. Ha ha. At one point they even told me I needed to upgrade to a 1 Gbps network. We’re talking about maybe 350 GB to keep backed up.

            We tried everything. You can see my displeasure on Amazon if you like.

            But you did give me an idea. I plugged this Passport 2 TB drive int a notebook I had with an eSATA port. Transferring one (1GB) .avi file. It started out with a respectable 50 MBps, but quickly degraded to 710KBps.

            Damn, I had high hopes on that one.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    I need 1TB on my phone for all my rap and snapchat!


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