For 24 years, on certain corners of the Internet and in the flimsy pages of certain supermarket tabloids, Bill Clinton and Danney Williams have been pictured side-by-side as proof of the conspiracy that they’re father and son.

Plausible enough, knowing what we know about ol’ Bubba. The story, laid out in great detail in the anti-Clinton opus The Clintons’ War on Women, goes like this: Clinton, then the governor of Arkansas, was out for a jog one day in 1984 in Little Rock when he met Bobbie Ann Williams (sometimes spelled Bobbi or Bobby), a 24-year-old prostitute, at a housing project. A few days later, Clinton jogged by again, but this time he solicited Williams for sex behind some bushes for $200.

Over the course of several months, they engaged in similar behavior more than a dozen times—mostly alone but also with additional female partners—often at Clinton’s mom’s house out in the country or at a downtown Little Rock Holiday Inn, where Clinton rented rooms under the name William Clay.

Eventually, Williams became pregnant. Her suspicion that Clinton was the father was confirmed when the baby was born on Dec. 7, 1985, white as could be. He had been the only white man she’d slept with the month the baby was conceived. She named her son Danney Lee Williams Jr., as a way to, perhaps perversely, honor her husband.

Not long after Danney was born, Bobbie went to prison, and her sister, Lucille Bolton, took care of him. It was Bolton who tried to force then-Governor Clinton to acknowledge his son, making trips to the governor’s mansion and trying, to no avail, to fight her way through the army of staffers that cocooned him therein.

Meanwhile, an activist and sweet potato pie barron in Little Rock was taking to the streets to spread the word about Clinton’s son. Robert “Say” McIntosh produced a flier that read, “The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton’s Dick Will Keep Him From Running for President of the United States of America.” Ostensibly, he was trying to raise money for the boy, but he succeeded in raising eyebrows.

On Feb. 18, 1992, the tale went from hometown rumor to saucy national story when it was published by The Globe, the weekly tabloid. “When I told him that he was the father of my baby, he just laughed,” Williams told The Globe, according to The Clintons’ War On Women. “He rubbed my big belly and said, ‘Girl, that can’t be my baby.’ But I knew it was. I just had this kind of woman’s feeling that this was his child.”

The Globe claimed Williams and Bolton had taken lie detector tests and both had passed, a common tabloid refrain. But despite the cinematic appeal, the story quickly faded away. It’d be six years before it cropped back up again in the news, thanks to the Internet.

Well, if true, it could work to her advantage….think about it.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    The surprising part of the article is where Joe Klein says he’d never heard of it and made it up in Primary Colors, including a fake DNA test.

  2. OmegaProject says:

    Monica says her tongue detected no viable swimmers.

  3. Hmeyers says:

    No opinion. Gut instinct is that the story is bullshit.

    I’ve hated about every right-wing smear story told about, for instance, Obama including the “birther” thing.

    But I this year, I give up.

    Mostly because Hillary is such a horrible person that I just can’t be bothered to care.

    • Leroy says:

      You do know Hillary got the whole birther thing rolling in 2008?

      Also, prior to running for president, he was advertised as ‘born in Kenya’.

      • Hmeyers says:

        Wasn’t McCain born in Panama?

        I’m not interested in rehashing that old can of worms, but it was pointless to begin with.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Yea, Obama is natural born citizen even if born in Kenya. The whole issue is that the laws at the time would not have made him a citizen because his mother was underage. That is no longer the case.

          Bigger problem with the story is that Obama is lying about his narrative of his dad leaving them when he was 2, and they came together because they believed in America.
          His dad perhaps never even saw baby Obama. Mother and Child were in Seattle within a week of his birth. The wedding appears to be a sham too, for immigration purposes.

  4. Likes2LOL says:

    Now in the 21st Century, we’ve got DNA testing to prove / disprove any paternity allegations — that’s what finally resolved the Thomas Jefferson / Sally Hemings couplings, after all.

    Danney Williams needs some Clinton DNA for the match; does Monica Lewinsky still have that sperm-drenched blue dress? Maybe she could license Bill’s DNA code and make a killing off the commissions — just sayin’… 😉

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Jefferson is unresolved. The original story that he is the father is now considered likely false.

  5. ITM33 says:

    Bill and Hillary were married in 1975. Chelsea was born in 1980. This kid was born in 1984. When does JCD say that Bill got a vasectomy? Seems like it would have been much before ’84, hence Bill’s confident comment about the baby not being his.


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