Go Elon Go! SpaceX will be launching the demo flight of the Falcon Heavy tomorrow. The Falcon Heave has 3 boosters and all 3 are going to land after launch. The 2 side boosters are already flown boosters. The rocket is world’s biggest and is will reduce the cost per pound of getting stuff into space even below the cost of the Falcon 9.

This rocket is sporting 27 engines and will be launching Elon’s Tesla Roadster into a heliocentric orbit following Mars around the Sun and is expected to drift through space for billions of years. I’ll be watching at 10:30 pacific time to see if it flies, blows up, or get’s delayed.

It’s like porn for nerds.


  1. I. Dohno says:

    Space Junk, nice rocket though.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    Launching a tesla?

    Don’t we want to convince the aliens we are intelligent life??

  3. spsffan says:

    I vote for launching Japanese erotic audiobooks next time.

  4. Chucky Hansen says:

    I think the Russians have hacked DU.


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