Opdivo is a very powerful immunotherapy drug extending many people’s lives. It is also a very dangerous drug that has known life-threatening side effects that often occur, and require immediate intervention when they do. I am a lung cancer patient and I am highly involved in designing my own treatments. I received Opdivo (nivolumab) in conjunction with radiation, which led to pneumonitis, a known – and extremely dangerous – adverse effect.

This video centers on a phone call I made to the manufacturer to attempt to talk to emergency adverse reaction support staff, and get information regarding the best treatment option for my specific situation. As a global pharmaceutical giant and the developer of Opdivo, Bristol-Myers Squibb should have the best information on side effect mitigation. To my shock and surprise, they have NO EMERGENCY SUPPORT, and this video includes the shocking recording of my conversation with a senior staff member.

My purpose here is to shame BMS into providing emergency support information to patients and doctors dealing with known life-threatening results from the use of their product. I’m looking for attention that will shame them into DOING THE RIGHT THING. I feel that BMS has a least a moral obligation – if not a legal responsibility – to provide technical support in order to reduce suffering and death related to the use of their products. I am asking for your support. Please act to help to make this happen.

  1. Mr Anderson says:

    Drug corporations are going for profits not health care. Get with the scam. They might talk to a health care administrator, but not a patient.


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