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All religions have their own God(s) and they are all different. And every person who believes in God(s) has a different understanding of who or what it is. Atheists don’t believe in any God, hence the name Atheist. Most of the bristle when someone use the G-word in a way that isn’t demeaning. However – if we are going to have a discussion about God – what are we talking about? What really is the definition of God? Is there a definition of God that makes sense even to Atheists? A definition of God that even scientists can agree on? Turns out – there is!

Funny how with Israel/Gaza, Ukraine/Russia, The Bachelor finale, and so on, the main stream media seems to have forgotten about all this.

The National Security Agency spying scandal will cost the US technology and telecommunications industries billions of dollars in coming years if potential clients—including corporations and governments—take their business elsewhere following revelations of rampant US surveillance, according to a new study.

The financial cost to US corporate giants like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, AT&T and Verizon is just the tip of the iceberg.
“Too often, we have discussed the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs through the distorting lens of a simplistic ‘security versus privacy’ narrative,” Danielle Kehl, a policy analyst at OTI and the primary author of the report, said in a statement. “But if you look closer, the more accurate story is that in the name of security, we’re trading away not only privacy, but also the US tech economy, internet openness, America’s foreign policy interests, and cybersecurity.”

$10/hr seems fine for a small town in North Dakota, but she’s in London where I’m thinking she’d need a tad more. What’s reasonable where you live?

This is going to be interesting, and I’m going to post updates on the progress. Just ordered a new solar system for my house from Solar City. And it’s not going to cost me anything out of pocket. They come out and put it in and then they become my electricity provider. I still get a small PG&E bill for the meter and gas I use, but the rest is billed from Solar City.

Yes – technically I could have saved even more if I built my own or bought one outright. And probably could have done that. But Solar City is one of Elon Musk’s companies (as in Tesla motors and SpaceX) and I like what he’s doing to improve the world so I decided not just to do what’s easy but I feel good about giving them my business.

Why is it so many for-profit programs that replace government run ones slide into nightmare such as for-profit prisons where more people get convicted for lessor things to fill the cells?

Advocates for choice-based solutions should take a look at what’s happened to schools in Sweden, where parents and educators would be thrilled to trade their country’s steep drop in PISA scores over the past 10 years for America’s middling but consistent results. What’s caused the recent crisis in Swedish education? Researchers and policy analysts are increasingly pointing the finger at many of the choice-oriented reforms that are being championed as the way forward for American schools. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that adding more accountability and discipline to American schools would be a bad thing, it does hint at the many headaches that can come from trying to do so by aggressively introducing marketlike competition to education.

Click pic to see what happens.

Here’s the story behind what’s happening. And yeah, it’s four years old. New to me.

Anybody else old enough here to remember seeing Steven Spielburg’s first film on TV that made him famous: Duel?

The immediate hours after the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 brought far more questions than answers.

But one thing was clear: The deaths of nearly 300 people will put new pressure on the White House and European leaders to address the conflict in Ukraine and confront Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a cease-fire Friday in eastern Ukraine and urged the two sides to hold peace talks as soon as possible. A day earlier, Putin had blamed Ukraine for the crash, saying the government in Kiev was responsible for the unrest in its Russian-speaking eastern regions. But he did not accuse Ukraine of shooting the plane down and did not address the key question of whether Russia gave the rebels such a powerful missile.

As a possible turning point in the confrontation between Russia and the West over Moscow’s ongoing campaign to destabilize Ukraine, it could also spell serious trouble for Vladimir Putin.

Which side really did shoot down the plane? Could the plane have been shot down on purpose by ____ to force ____ to do something about the Ukraine conflict? Or just an accident of war? Or something else? What’s your theory on it all?

The whole process is simple. You hold your ticket up to the machine, and it assigns you a pod, in which you place your bag in. Each pod is about the size of a big microwave, so will fit most bags, but maybe not the biggest carry-ons you can take on a plane (though Qylur presumably could tweak the size). Close the door and walk around to the other side. In the time it takes you to get over there, the machine scans the bag for a range of threats. Qylur isn’t keen on explaining how the technology works, but we know it has radiation and chemical sensors to pick out explosives. With a multi-view X-ray, it runs the images it sees through a detection engine that uses machine learning to pick out prohibited items like guns and knives. If it sees a threat, it silently alerts a security officer, and the back door of the pod turns purple. If not, the door turns green, and you unlock it with your ticket. Take your bag and go.


     You may not see your state on this map, but if Obama gets his way, illegals will be dumped everywhere. Expect Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho to be the next batch of states that Obama tries to dump illegals in. It’s funny though how you don’t hear anything in the media about the states that rejected the illegals so far. All you get is the Murrieta people blocking the buses and being called racist by the corrupt state run Obama mania media. Funny that even in Maryland, their two extremist left wing senators denied Obama’s request to dump illegals at a vacant Social Security Administration Building in downtown Baltimore.

“We need a ‘constant, unrelenting stream’ of immigrants, “Not dribbling,” Biden explained. “Significant flows.” – Joe Biden

“The Border is secure!” – Harry Reid

“I wish I could take all those children home with me,” – Nancy Pelosi

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