Trumpcare went down in flames last night. I take back all the bad things I said about McCain. I’m glad McCain will be remembered as the guy who did the right thing rather than the wrong thing.

Republicans should rejoice because it puts this behind them. They didn’t want the bill to become law anyhow. They were calling Paul Ryan for assurances that the House would never get to pass what they just tried to pass themselves.

If my cancer treatment works then I will contact McCain somehow and share it with him. Had he voted the other way I would have left him to mere doctors.

However – the new definition of a hero is when someone is expected to do evil and decides not to – they are a hero. Sad!

He speaks NO but votes YES. I’m betting he’s going to vote to screw the American People because even though he talks maverick, he votes Republican, always. McCain is in my prayers. But fortunately for McCain I’m an Atheist and no one is listening.

You will see over the next months a lot of talk about McCain as a hero and a maverick. But for now I want to talk about medical. McCain has a nasty brain cancer, a glioblastoma, that spreads fast. His odds are not good and between the chemo and the radiation treatments the amount of normal life he has left is probably not much.

Oddly enough, if my cancer treatment works, and it will be 5 weeks before I get that answer, it would have probably worked for McCain too. And that’s another discussion.

But what really counts is that McCain is a yes vote for Trumpcare and if McCain were an ordinary person and Obamacare were repealed McCain would be denied care. So while McCain gets the second best treatment available, he would vote to take that away from the rest of us. America might be better off if McCain doesn’t make it.

I would ask the question, is McCain’s like worth the damage he will do to America in the future? Is his life worth more than those who will die from being denied health care? That’s worth a conversation.

The Juice is loose! Or will be on October 1st. What will happen next? Is justice served?

Sales of recreational marijuana have blown past expectations in Nevada, threatening to leave some dispensaries with empty shelves. After Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed a statement of emergency in the first week of legal sales, regulators are looking to bolster the supply chain.

The Nevada Tax Commission is meeting Thursday to determine whether the state has enough wholesale marijuana distributors; it could also adopt emergency regulations.

more ….


Nope, you didn’t bag Hillary that time either

There’s something insanely ironic about the whole “election hacking” thing and the Trumplett getting into trouble over this. We’ve assassinated foreign leaders, incited riots in far off lands, taught foreigners how to torture for fun and profit, bribed, blackmailed, and killed when it was in a corporat… er, um… our country’s national interest without hardly a whimper from the public. But this has us and the M5M pulling our hair out and screaming bloody murder for people just talking and possible influence pedaling because the dirt the woman claimed she had was just a ruse! Give me a break! We’re finally getting a minuscule dose of our own medicine.

President Donald Trump’s eldest son eagerly agreed last year to meet a woman he was told was a Russian government lawyer who might have damaging information about Democratic White House rival Hillary Clinton as part of Moscow’s official support for his father, according to emails released on Tuesday.

The emails, released by Donald Trump Jr., are the most concrete evidence yet that Trump campaign officials welcomed Russian help to win the election, a subject that has cast a cloud over Trump’s presidency and spurred investigations by the Justice Department and Congress.

Well, some of you know this and some of you don’t. Last August I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non- Small Cell Aednocarsonoma of the lung. It’s considered 100% fatal and 8 month median survival. That was 11 months ago. Since then I’ve been working on custom treatments and it appears to have worked. Possibly a complete cure. Here’s a letter I just sent out.

Talk about fake news. Trump makes up fake Time Magazine covers for his golf courses. Time asks him to take them down. What a loser!

As we untangle the mess that’s called the 2016 election we see that both parties are a celebration of stupidity and corruption. While we investigate Russian “meddling” in our election we are ignoring that we know from Wikileaks that Hillary cheated in her election with Bernie Sanders and that the core players who cheated are still in power in the Democrat Party. And saying vote for us because we are a little less corrupt than the Republicans is no longer good enough.

Meanwhile the Republicans are too incompetent to govern and the justice department has to wonder if they can prosecute a president who is too stupid to even understand the laws that he breaks with impunity. And as stupid as Trump is, the 16 other Republicans he ran against were actually even worse. We now have the Republicans, who are in the pockets of big money, fighting the Democrats, who are also in the pockets of big money, and they only thing that always seems to happen is that the top 1% always gets the tax break while the rest of us get stripped of medical protections.

I’m so disgusted that it makes me want to burn a flag. But I no longer think the flag is worthy of burning because America no longer has an meaning. So this 4th of July I’m going to hang the flag upside down because I think we can all agree, America is in distress.

Click to enlarge — World Bank/Mother Jones

Election tampering is being focused on Trump but what about election tampering by Democrats? Wassweman-Shultz rigged the Democratic primary for Hillary as we have learned from leaked emails. We also know that Donna Brazille slipped Hillary questions in advance of a debate with Bernie Sanders. And I fault Hillary for illegally accepting the stolen information from Brazille.

Then there’s the airport meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch just one day before she ordered Comey to drop the investigation and start calling it a “matter”. And of course Hillary defied subpoenas when she mass deleted emails off her server and ran bitwasher on it to make sure the FBI couldn’t recover anything. Clearly obstruction of justice.

Both parties acted in a manner that was disgusting. A pox on both their houses.

What a pussy!

Now Trump says:

“I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt”

OMG – Trump is under criminal investigation! I wonder if Trump own any prisons he can serve time in? This has to set a new record.

The question I wanted to see asked, “How do you feel about flipping the election in favor of Trump?” Also – do you think that Trump being too stupid to understand what he’s doing can be used as an excuse?


In this photo taken Feb. 17, 2016, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, center speaks via video conference to people in the Johns Hopkins University auditorium in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Juliet Linderman)

The wide-scale ransomware attack responsible for sidelining computer systems the world over this weekend could have been curbed if the U.S. government acted years ago, according to Edward Snowden.

Mr. Snowden, a former CIA employee and National Security Agency contractor, blamed the latter Monday for allowing the Wannacry virus to worm its way through Microsoft Windows computers in 150 countries and counting, crippling victims ranging from Britain’s publicly funded healthcare system to corporations including Fedex and Nissan.

Addressing attendees at a big data conference in D.C., Mr. Snowden said the cyberattack would not have been as damaging had the NSA warned Microsoft earlier about a critical vulnerability harnessed by Wannacry’s author.


Is too stupid to jail the new excuse for breaking the law? Clearly Trump is guilty of obstructing justice even though he’s too stupid to understand he’s obstructing justice. Trump said he fired Comey to ease pressure on him over the investigations in the same meeting with Russian spies in the Oval Office where he blabber mouthed classified information.

I’m glad Trump has a special prosecutor. He deserves it. Lock him up! Lock him up!

Similarly Hillary was given a pass on the email because Comey deemed her too stupid to understand that she isn’t above the law and that juries don’t convict famous stupid people for being stupid.

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