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Every day seems to turn up opportunities to abuse science in new and perverse ways, especially when it comes to health. You open a newspaper or news site, and you read about a health claim making the rounds: a diet that will give you the energy of a teenager, an exercise routine that will elongate your legs, a policy that will protect Americans from scary viruses…

In the interest of the correcting the record, we rounded up the most egregious abuses of health science in 2014…

Creep of the week

A former Jefferies & Co. managing director convicted of fraud for lying to customers about the price of mortgage-backed securities sued the AllianceBernstein Holding LP (AB) executive who reported him.

Jesse C. Litvak sued Michael Canter, head of the securitized assets group at New York-based AllianceBernstein, in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan yesterday, accusing him of using “wrongful, unfair or improper means” to interfere with his employment, directly resulting in his termination.

Almost as bad as the federal deficit.




I built my first Android widget. It’s not my app. I just did the design. So if anyone wants it you’ll have to spend 2 bucks buying the app, but my template is free. The app is called “Make Your Clock Pro”. And if you don’t like any of the details you can edit it. Here’s a link to my template called “Bubbles and Clouds“. This was inspired by the original Motorola Circle Clock widget that came with my RAZR M cell phone. The 3 clouds, top, left, right are the weather for today, tomorrow, and the next day.


Sorry – not compatible with IPhones as they don’t run widgets.


Against a backdrop of fear and uncertainty following the hostage taking in Sydney, thousands of ordinary Australians turned to social media to spread a message of unprecedented tolerance and solidarity.

Trending worldwide, the #illridewithyou hashtag was a response to a number of Muslim listeners who called Australian radio stations to say they were scared to travel in public as the siege unfolded.

Paraguayan home Caja Oscura, by local architects Javier Corvalán and Laboratorio de Arquitectura, consists of a basement structure, with a manually-operated tilting metal box placed atop. With no natural light available when the box is closed, this unusual dwelling is probably not suitable for those who fear being trapped in a small enclosed space, but it is arguably the perfect place to ride out the Apocalypse …

I really love this stuff. I’m the only member of my extended family here in New Mexico who hasn’t ever been a pilot. But, I always wanted to be one – when I was a kid.

Thanks, Om

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In 2008 the banks almost collapsed the American economy when they took our money and gambled it away at the Wall Street casino trading derivatives. As part of the recovery Congress passed laws to prevent the banks from doing the same thing again. Now Citibank slipped a law into the budget package that allows banks to do it again.

Banks can now gamble with our deposits, our savings, our pensions, and if they lose the taxpayer is stuck with the bill. And this time they just legalized the stealing. America, as a nation, is on the verge of committing suicide. And we have to do this so members of Congress can be home for Christmas. Where is the outrage? Only Elizabeth Warren can save us now.


The Norwegian manufacturers of Comfyballs underwear said the U.S. patent office told them the brand name is too “vulgar” to trademark.


US Aircraft Identification Chart (2)
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Notice how the cowboy takes a backseat to the hot chick on a motorcycle…..not that there’s anything wrong with that. LMAO.

It’s been 50 years since Hawking was given 2 years to live. Amazing what this guy has accomplished in that time.

This guy – Michael Dowd, Reverend Reality, calls the God of the Bible Stories impotent, trivial, and inconsequential in front of a church and they like it! I’m calling that a miracle. This is what a Reality evangelist sounds like!

This is a God that even an Atheist can believe in.


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