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In a statement following the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, President Barack Obama spoke of “the countless ways in which (Castro) altered the course of individual lives, families and of the Cuban nation.”

That’s an understatement as the thousands who have risked their lives over the years to escape from Cuba have testified. For six decades the left has lauded Castro as a secular savior, seeing only what they wanted to see and reporting only what the Cuban government wanted them to report.
Examples are legion, but this one is typical: In February 1988, the State Department named Cuba one of the world’s biggest human rights oppressors. NBC News reporter Ed Rabel visited Havana to check it out. Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center, the conservative media watchdog, writes: “NBC’s conciliatory approach allowed Castro to spew lies about his drug connections and the wonderful achievements of the Cuban revolution.” Rabel reported, “There is, in Cuba, government intrusion into everyone’s life, from the moment he is born until the day he dies.

I read with both amusement and horror that The Donald is going to continue to run his businesses and TV shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” while he is president. And Trump is disinterested in to get his daily national security briefings. I guess no one told Donald Trump that being President of the United States is a full time job?

I think he’ll probably quit after a few months because it’s too much work.

Jill Stein raised $7 million to do a recount. The judge wants $1 million bond and that’s even negotiable. But Stein refuses to post it because she’s going to Federal Court (which has no jurisdiction) and dropping the state court case.

I’m calling this a scam. She has the money and she won’t use it. I think she’s scamming us. She’s taking advantage of voters who want a recount to pocket the money. And she’s diverting attention away from the fact that if she had dropped out of the race a month early and not attacked Hillary, Trump wouldn’t be president elect.

(Yes – it’s Hillary’s fault. But Stein put Trump over the top like Nader did in 2000)

The Green Party’s Jill Stein is changing tactics in Pennsylvania, dropping a call for a recount in the state court in order to pursue the effort in federal court. Why? At least in part because it was just too expensive. Even though Stein has raised more than $7 million for her recount effort, the Green Party said that it will not post the $1 million bond required by the court.

“Petitioners are regular citizens of ordinary means,” notes the filing that withdrew the lawsuit filed with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. “They cannot afford to post the $1,000,000 bond required by the Court.” The court set the $1 million after lawyers representing President-elect Donald Trump called for a $10 million bond.

Can’t afford it? She raised $7 million. The bond is $1 million. Who want’s to bet she pockets the money!

Liar liar pants on fire!!!

BTW – piece of trivia. I also host BradBlog.com on this same server and the first news of the recount was announced on this server. So I feel I was personally scammed. The traffic even took this server offline for about 15 minutes till I found a way to process the traffic.

Warning: Language NSFW

Quite frankly I think tucker Carlson did a great job giving me the interview I wanted to have. Fair and balanced, you decide. The real issue is whether we are going to allow Trump to limit our freedoms.

Here’s the back story. I have had the domain flagburning.org for 20 years and every time they try to restrict burning the flag they find my web site and I get interviewed. So I’ve done this before.


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I think it’s amazing that our man baby president elect is complaining about a recount in an election where he lost the popular vote by 2 million. After all, he’s the one who was saying that the election was rigged, and I believe him. But it was rigged in his favor.

I have decided I’m not accepting the election result that Trump won. Trump said before the election that he wouldn’t accept the result if Hillary won and he never accepted that Obama won claiming that Obama wasn’t born in America. Trump was helped by Russian hackers and our new first lady will be America’s first Soviet born Communist raised first lady. So the results of the election are meaningless to me. I intend to give Trump all the respect he gave Obama.

I have a hard time believing that women voted for a pu**y grabbing playboy, that Christians voted for someone who referred to his daughter as a “piece of ass”. There comes a point where it’s just too weird to believe and so I don’t. Trump is a dunce and a clown and he’s incompetent. America is in deep deep trouble regardless of what you believe.

I’ve really begun to wonder if Obama has done more damage to America than Bush did. Here’s Obama’s lies about Snowden when ask about a pardon.

Obama weighed in on the matter on Friday. During his European tour, he was interviewed by Der Spiegel—the largest newspaper in Germany, a country where Snowden is particularly popular. After discussing a wide range of issues, he was asked: Are you going to pardon Edward Snowden?

Obama replied: “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court and presented themselves, so that’s not something that I would comment on at this point.
And it’s total bull. Ford pardoned Nixon before he was charged and Carter pardoned the Vietnam draft resisters en mass without charges or even identifying them. This mass spying which will probably continue under Trump and surely would have continued under Clinton is why the voters gave the government the finger in this last election. The NSA spying is a crime against humanity creating a single point of failure for civilization. Bush and Obama should be the one’s going to jail. Snowden is a hero.

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No matter who won it would be a disaster. This election was all about selfishness and personal ambition and greed. The truth was push aside for sensationalism to generate eyeballs for the press to market to advertisers. I would have felt a lot better if it were Biden vs. Romney, but instead it was bring in the clowns.

On the positive side Trump could end up being a great president if he did it right. Nut he has no experience in public office at all and he’s going to have to totally fake it. He’s likely to be surrounded by people with their own ambitions and agenda and he going to be clueless as to what to do. The most likely outcome is Apocalyptic Disaster.

Not only is Trump clueless but he’s barely able to contain his bizarre personality. Under the pressure of a real job he’s likely to melt down and go back to pussy grabbing and personal grudges. And there’s a good change he’s just going to up and quit like Palin did, leaving the country to Mike Pence to restore the Dark Ages.

All the things he promised in the campaign were all lies, and that’s a good thing. He is obligated to no one. The Dems hated him and the Republicans stabbed him in the back. So there’s potential to take his independence and do something great. And I hope he does because otherwise – we;re all f**ked big time.

If I were Trump I’d find the best Dems and Republicans and put together a party splitting coalition that would break the Dem/Repub gridlock. I’d have people like Romney, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Orin, Hatch, John McCain, Chuck Shumer, Ron Wyden, all former presidents, and other’s who would form a team to figure out Trump’s single real promise – to make America Great Again.

Such a move could actually turn things around. I doubt he’s going to do it or anything that makes sense. And I think we’re totally screwed. This is what happens when you turn your back on reality. And America is going to have to pay the price.

One thing I predict is that what will happen will be a surprise to everyone. No one can predict what will happen so all of those who think they know are all wrong. Even though I’m an Atheist, we can only pray that things aren’t going to be as bad as they are likely to be. Unless we get it together, this could be the crash of global civilization. It is my hope that all of us rise to the challenge.


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In a close election one could point to any small factor and say “if not for this Hillary would have won.” But it’s not Jill Stein, or Colmey, or any number of marginal factors. The real factor is the big reason. It’s Hillary’s bad judgement. This race shouldn’t have been close.

Back in 2008 America voted for change. We were in the middle of the Bush disaster and the economy was falling apart. Hillary was passed up for some unknown mixed race guy named Obama who didn’t even exist before 2004. That’s was a clue that people wants something different and Hillary wasn’t it.

But Hope and Change turned out to be just a slogan and all those on the left figured out that Obama was just a half black George W. Bush and we were all suckered. We went from strong and stupid to weak and stupid, and Hillary joined in to share the credit for the Obama disaster. 

8 years ago Obama ran on the “Change” slogan. But Hope and Change became Nope and Same. His presidency was more like a 3rd and 4th term of Bush, and it was a disaster. Killing bin Laden was about the only thing he got right. Obamacare is better than nothing – but not a lot better.

People wonder why Hillary lost. It was in a big part because Obama was such a poor president. (Article about Hillary being responsible for her own loss coming.)  But the bottom line is – Hillary was the candidate of more of the same. Trump is change that we can believe in. Change to what is a mystery, but whatever happens, it will be different.

As to Trump’s campaign slogans – they were just slogans and just because he said it has no bearing on if it’s true or not. Everyone who thinks they know what Trump is going to do is wrong. Everyone! We can only hope that he isn’t as bad as what I think he’s likely to be.

Safe Spaces — Sam Harris and Jonathan Haidt on the Disturbing Trend of Vindictive Protectiveness

We can only hope this is true.

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