Screen shot of Websense data search!

Now you know why these sorts of organizations can become a problem. My numbers tumbled today and I’ve been getting email from people at the USDA and elewhere saying the site has been categorized as a sex site despite the incredible lack of sex on the site! Google Adsense would have banned me long before now. I think something is fishy.

I have calls into this public corporation to find out how this happens.

I would appreciate it it if my readers would get the word out about this. I can’t be the only one who gets bombed like this. You’d think we were in China. Oh, no wait. The Chinese still get this site OK. Or maybe not!

  1. site admin says:

    Thanks all, for your support. And Gilmore is right. This stuff has to go.

  2. Pat says:

    Since I first became aware of the pornographic depths your site has acquainted itself with, I have prayed for you. And for your site. I see that the Lord has granted my prayers. You have seen the light and will leave that dirty sex alone. This is all part of the Lord’s Intelligent Design to wean sites like this from the evils of SMUT.


    Gosh, see how many comments this got? The power of prayer.

  3. Smith says:

    What a relief! I tried to visit this site while at work today and found it was blocked. I thought for sure the company’s internet cops had me in their sights.

  4. AB CD says:

    I don’t think its just the word uncensored. If the comments are included, there’s probably enough keywords hit for their filters.

  5. Canada Drew says:

    Must have something to do with the new methodology those a$$clowns are using at WebSense”less”. They call it “intelligent design” (yet another fcuking buzzword!)

  6. MV says:

    Whenever this happens I use the website’s mirror project.

  7. Glue-Sniffer says:

    Over use of the words “Dick” & “Bush” in reference to Dick Cheney & George W. Bush? Politics are so perverse.

  8. Mandolin says:

    This is why most censorware products aren’t worth the money – my alma mater had Net Nanny installed on the lab computers my freshman year. However, that prevented people from, say, writing a paper about gender because that word would cause Net Nanny to freak and shut everything down. Needless to say, three weeks into the semester, Net Nanny was long gone.

    So this really doesn’t surprise me much… good to see it’s been unblocked, though.

  9. Garold says:

    It seems your site is unblocked by the version of websense I am on now, however I think it is older. Those links someone posted on websense being censored by others, they are blocked by websense as “TASTELESS” which is the most absurd and vague thing to say.

    I am also a technician and all my computer related studies/work have problems with websense. Everything I try to use is blocked as 1)tasteless 2)hacking 3)gaming 4)proxy avoidance. It makes me sick the byas these people have against IT professionals and the internet in general.

  10. karkat says:

    Websense is horrible I can’t get on myspace or even just play games like jezzball (tear) Someone needs to banish this stupid thing. It’s a horrible monster attacking schools. I can’t even go on some websites for projects. Can someone tell me how to get on myspace with websense

  11. Mike says:

    That doesn’t surprise me – it’s Websense we’re talking about. Its filtering mechanism is horribly inefficient.

    What does surprise me is why so many employers use their sub-par service, when there are better ones out there.

  12. sirjoebob says:

    hello…. first of all…. i am not familar with your site…. i actually found it while (ironically enough) determining a manner to backdoor websense and get people into sites that the great WEBSENSE deems inappropriate…… but anyway, websense was probably a part of hitler’s plan, taken by modern facists (known commonly as the Congress and white house) and employed to “protect America’s youth from the ravages of the roeal world….” cathcy slogan…. surprised they don’t use it….. basically it is just a way to fake protection so that schools can require children who can barely spell to use the internet and claim that they are SAFE! HA! i think not….. just a tip for the admins of websense: it is easier to access porn on their service (literally sites like trueporn and stuff like that) than stuff about games…. come on now, lets prioritize…. websense is just another bull crap utility that allows teachers and parents to do nothing and feel great about doing it…… WEBSENSE=GAY

  13. adonis says:

    wow. Websense really sucks!. I’d featured your site at

  14. DAWAYNE says:

    This is a fucking outrage I can’t even check my FUCKING emails shit this crap.

  15. christian says:

    its fun tryin to get past websense so i havent got past most of it yet…

  16. Thomas says:

    Well they arent exactly the smartest group out there i think but we can all agree on one thing. They do a good job most of the time.

    Yes I am joking

  17. canary says:

    websence is gay!!

  18. xiaoxinwow says:
  19. Kobra says:

    I encourage webmasters everywhere to block them before they block you. – – –

  20. JamesDvorak says:

    Hello John,

    Looks like someone fat-fingered the word “Twit” when catagorizing your web site.

    WebSenseless is more like it.

    🙂 James


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