Screen shot of Websense data search!

Now you know why these sorts of organizations can become a problem. My numbers tumbled today and I’ve been getting email from people at the USDA and elewhere saying the site has been categorized as a sex site despite the incredible lack of sex on the site! Google Adsense would have banned me long before now. I think something is fishy.

I have calls into this public corporation to find out how this happens.

I would appreciate it it if my readers would get the word out about this. I can’t be the only one who gets bombed like this. You’d think we were in China. Oh, no wait. The Chinese still get this site OK. Or maybe not!

  1. Good luck with your research on this matter, I’ll try to do what I can to help you out. Will we hear about this on the next TWiT? Would love to get a status update.

  2. And Pc Magazinge gave them an award….

  3. Tim says:

    Sue! Sue! Sue! Or sick the TWiT army on them…

    P.S.- John, your site does not render the comments part of the page properly in Safari on the mac. The bottom half of the comment box and the “Say it!” button are below the bottom of the screen. FYI.

  4. Lungsi says:

    TWIT team (post TechTv team) will always come back whoever tries to play tricks or pull a quick one…..

    Let’s just educate these n0000bheads 🙂

  5. R Taylor says:

    You had a nice little site, but no, you wanted the numbers. You bought those crazy Limbaugh loving people over here, and now it’s war, and those people are so much better at it. By the way Tim, install Firefox. Dvorak has one of his grumpy things going about Safari and the site. 🙂

  6. David Ferguson says:

    It would seem that they have re-assigned the designation of your website. to something less “porn-ish”

  7. MV says:

    So, when can we expect those SEX posts to start? You might as well start now, as you have been already accused of it.

  8. Matty Blayze says:

    I wonder if they will be going after DoubleWrapped.Com next?

  9. A Clarke says:

    Here is the URL to leave them a nastygram…

    Here is what I left them…

    Why in the world would I use a filtering service that ranks as a sex site? Looks to me like you are selling water and calling it wine.

  10. Michael Lewis says:

    “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

  11. Alex Norris says:

    A site I work for, was categorized as containing nudity by the filters in use here at my school. (We use N2H2) I sent them several emails asking where they found nudity because if it was on my server, hey, I’d like to see it!

    There was none, and eventually the site was removed from their blacklist. I’d just like to know what kind of an idiot put it there in the first place.

  12. Ian says:

    maddox has been getting this treament for awhile… but his blog is a little different then yours.

  13. Rob says:

    Didn’t you have a blog entry with the word “Transvestite” in it recently (regarding the showers in the New Orleans refugee site)? I suspect that “Uncensored” + “Transvestite” caused the site to score higher on whatever filter they’re using and pushed it over the top to “block site”. Good luck on getting the site re-cleared.

  14. Rob says:

    Hm, looks like the word was “Transgendered”, not “Transvestite”. Still pretty lame if that’s what did it.

  15. Alex says:

    Dvorak Uncensored Censored! Now THAT’s a headline!

  16. Just a nerdy comment on the meaning of Dvorak in other languages. It comes from Czech and, aside from being a common Czech name including that famous 19th century composer, it implies someone ‘courteous’ or ‘polite’ – so no danger of being confused with pornography.

  17. Ed Campbell says:

    I thought someone would have mentioned this, by now. Not only is “uncensored” in the content; but “org” is in the url. Some dork who designed the bot probably included a stipulation for “orgasm” — and we have the obvious result.

  18. michaeljosh says:

    I’m thinking that they somehow classified it this way because the site is called Dvorak Unsensored. The bot must have probably thought Dvorak was some porn star and the site contained uncensored video of him or her.

  19. Chris Eaton says:

    I guess we figured it out. You need to change your blog title from “Dvorak Unsensored” to “Dvorak Gone Wild”

  20. James Hill says:

    The left wing comments on this blog would have to be relevant and tactile to get the right wing worked up enough to do this.

  21. gadlaw says:

    A very interesting and disturbing thing. How would you go about knowing if your site was on any of these lists in the first place? Does anyone keep a list of nonporn sites that are blocked or how effective such blocking software and companies are in their efforts?

  22. AlanHelbing says:

    I’ll bet the bots saw “uncensored” in you Title and flagged you.

  23. Chris Dickerson says:

    It’s a right-wing conspiracy to keep John down! First Bush causes Katrina now he’s shutting down!

  24. Richard says:

    I blame global warming, and the fact you get no spam.

  25. Rick Pali says:

    The Websense lookup tool now reports this:

    Category: This site is not categorized by Websense
    Database version: 92362
    Database date: 12 Sep 2005

    It seems the outcry has been sufficient. Are people who were blocked able to get through now?

  26. 0x1d3 says:

    Yeah Probably because of the Uncensored part. I hope it doesnt mean it is blocked at school. Defiently put a call in and metion something in the next TWiT.

  27. Sounds the Alarm says:

    I blame Jesus.

  28. A Clarke says:


    Apparently my nastygram did the trick. Here is what they sent me…


    Thank you for writing to Websense.

    The site you submitted has been reviewed. We have made the necessary
    changes in our database and the site is correctly classified under the
    category News & Media in today’s publication of the database.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    The Websense Database Services Staff

  29. Krozgrov says:

    It appears that Websense finally got some sence and unblocked this site. I work for a corporation that uses that POS internet filtering software. Looks like they pulled there head from there arses. LOVE THE BLOG!!! Maybe G4 will bring back Silcon Spin.

  30. John Gilmore says:

    How many readers will throw out their third-party censorship software after reading this thread? And how many will just complain about the right-wing conspiracy? YOU, reader, have the power to remove the baleful influence of censorship from your own Internet experience. We stopped the censorship laws but you are free to censor yourself — now what choice do you make? Complain, or act?


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