In case you missed it before it was pulled from the organization’s website.

I did some research to make sure this wasn’t a hoax, and it is not. (Or it is the most elaborate hoax in history). It is a sincere advertisement to get people to follow the Global Warming Agenda “or else.” The companies involved with this group include Microsoft, Adidas, Pret a Manger and Aviva among others.

This ad is simply sick and perverse. The producers and the organization itself should all be ashamed of themselves. Did they think this is funny? Originally intended for theaters, the 10:10 folks pulled the video on October 1, saying that it was not well received and that “you live and learn.”

It’s now resurfaced on YouTube. It will be cropping up here and there as they try to take it down over and over. It says a lot about the organization and the people supporting it.

Found by Mary Grapeleaf.

  1. Rob Leather says:

    Just to let you know… 10:10 are now saying they are really sorry and they made a mistake.

    Bollocks. They wanted something to grab the headlines and they got it.

  2. the haunted sheep says:

    Im not sure why we tolerate liberals at all. they should be consolidated (not sure where to consolidate them in europe, at least we have california) or lynched. dont particularly care which.

  3. hhopper says:

    Warning: NSFW

  4. Mr Green says:

    I’m a green guy, and is this disgusting. Not as disgusting as Al Gore, but close.

  5. Nate Homier says:

    I thought this would be some goofy zombie movie. I got as far as the kids in the classroom at the beginning and stopped watching. These stupid company’s and organizations should be deeply ashamed, but of course not. They knew exactly what would happen. They pulled the video knowing full well the video would go viral. And of course Dvorak Uncensored gladly participates in this. Gee Uncensored, spouting off all the while showing this garbage, in this case your words are hollow bullshit, pure and simple. By the way, it would have been nice if you had done a better job of warning about the video content, but hey your part of the viral campaign, so it’s okay. Whatever.

  6. Mr Green says:

    Alfred said: “Its a teachable moment…”

    You’re not Moses, but you do sound like Al Gore. And about as relevant.

  7. denacron says:

    This could spawn some endless parodies! A crucifix wearing person blowing up the pentacle wearing one. A Turban garbed person blowing up a yarmulke wearing one. A German detonating a Jew.

    For those immersed in dietary law, a kosher button pusher getting the pork eater. A Hindu getting the burger muncher. A Mormon at a coffee stand.

    Back in the day, Maximilien Robespierre could have put a few of these buttons to use as well!

  8. GF says:

    People living in concrete jungles, like Franny Armstrong, need to take a road trip once in a while, they’d be amazed at all the trees and wildlife instead of harping about the end of the world.

  9. Mr Green says:

    I didn’t say you said the same gibberish as Al Gore. I just think you both have the same condescending, irrelevant attitude. He’s an elitist, you’re an elitist wannabe.

  10. God says:

    I thought it was funny.

  11. deowll says:

    The picture is enough. I’ll give the video a pass.

    Yeah I know the clowns will say the science is in.
    We know what’s going on. I wonder if they believe in fortune tellers an sooth sayers as well?

    The science is so far from in that its a bad joke. We can’t even predict weather for six days and make it stick, nor major weather events like the hurricane season at all well but these clowns think some dweeb going for a government grant can do it for fifty to a hundred years.

  12. bobbo, make reality your friend says:

    do-ill==not missing a trick. You have an argument to make but choose the retarded path? Saying we can’t predict weather is a critique of climate change has the same validity as saying that not seeing monkeys evolve into humans is a negation of evolution(for you Republicans that means zero validity).

    Not theoretically valid, but I’ve become convinced of AGW because of the crowd that is against it.

    Ha, ha. Stoopid Human.

  13. MikeN says:

    This is from the same guy who did Love Actually. If you’ve seen the movie, it explains everything.

  14. bobbo, make reality your friend says:

    Mike–“Follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely and interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England.” /// As I recall this film, Firth and Grant had several fist fights on cobble stone streets, knocking each other down risking brain injury/death from the mere falling down.

    Is that what you mean? Mindless irresponsible fairy tale violence–billed as a comedy?

    I do see that connection.

  15. Rob Leather says:

    Just to update. I’ve been unable to find a SINGLE person who has seen this at the cinema. So I’m wondering, did it actually EVER get shown? Or is this simply a way of promoting an agenda… even if it IS in a terrible way.

    Lets face it, NOBODY had ever heard of 10:10 before now. Now they are getting talked about…. of course, right now.. it’s ALL negative. But now they have said it was a mistake, they’ll be on TV shows, pushing their agenda at the same time as saying sorry. Really, VERY obvious. Don’t quite get how people don’t get this.

  16. sulfuric ass says:

    Sure got you people talking. Didn’t it?

  17. Common_Sense says:

    Sick? Yes.

    I hate to say it, but I’ma go against the grain on this one. I thought the over-the-top nature of it was actually funny. I laughed. I never contemplated taking the message seriously. It was pretty clearly a joke.

  18. AK says:

    Once upon a time there were a group of individuals who proclaimed that “you don’t believe in my God I am required to kill you.” And look, their they go again. In this case, the imaginary gods name is AGW. It’s a theme that has been repeated throughout history so many times it’s become… laughable.

    Global Climate Change Warmers are no different than the kids that are recruited out of madrasas and militarized to convert us unbelievers. Is it surprising then that even Osama bin Laden has jumped on the climate change bandwagon. He’s looking for more recruits and 10:10ers are ripe for the picking.

  19. 888 says:

    This may have been UK comercial, but it has very western-wide (the “West”) common message going beyond the action on screen:

    1 – the “ggod” ones are always some BLACK men and if there is white supporting them – it is always a woman (never a man)

    2 – the ones who are against any (supposedly) “good ideas” are always WHITE MEN

    I see it in all commercials from past 5 years.
    Do you?

  20. jman says:

    dumbass greenies

  21. Kelli says:

    Thanks for bringing more attention to this wholly inappropriate video.

    No matter what you think is the reality regarding climate change, the truth is that one way or another, we *will* have to reduce our dependency on oil or face a very significant reduction in our standard of living at some point within the next hundred years (how soon depending on the rate of growth in fossil fuel use as developing nations increase their usage).

    If reducing that dependency also helps to reduce the amounts of out-of-cycle carbon emissions and if that in turn helps alleviate some climatological issues, so much the better.

  22. Obama: The Stool Softener Years says:

    Makes me want to have a bonfire and release some carbon

  23. Glenn E. says:

    This explains the interview the Gates finally gave “60 Minutes” about their world charities. Damage Control for funding that ad, which wasn’t mentioned by CBS. Yes you can buy off all the major news networks, if you’re a multi-billionaire like Bill Gates. So now he’s back to being a monomaniacal ogre, for being such an environmental extremest. How can he be claiming to want to cure 3rd world diseases, and infant deaths, when he probably wants to help depopulate the earth to save it?

  24. ECA says:

    reality check:

    lets get this right.

    Europe with all its land have about the same population as the USA..

    Water in Europe isnt the best.

    Mexico…Dont drink the water, you arnt used to it.

    Pollution problems from 30+ years ago have SHIFTED, as we shipped the manufacturing OUT of the USA…

    The problems are STILL THERE.

    THIS is not JUST CO2..
    This is about the decimation of the BLACK forest. and TONS MORE pollution that MOST of you dont know about.

    The burying of MAJOR BAD ASS CRAP, from the 1900-1950’s.. IS STILL AROUND..then ADD onto it POLLUTION we create NOW..

    Good luck on your Thoughts…but its NOT ENOUGH.

  25. Glenn E. says:

    This sort of thing was only funny when Monty Python first did it, back in the 1970s. That was about “How not to be seen”, a skit in their 1st feature movie. Those that were seen, got blown up. Did 10:10 steal Python’s idea?

    What’s next, how to defend GWA from deniers, by using fresh fruit? har

  26. ECA says:

    I will add something..

    WE as a species, have 2 REAL problems..

    1. TIME. After 20 years we DONT GIVE A SPIT about the past.

    2. we dont REMEMBER SQUAT, unless you POUND/SCARE US, into it.

    I hope you all understand that there is 1 more problem. Its a Juggling match over ALL THE CRAP we are being bombarded with.
    WE are good at DEALing with 1 problem at a time..
    We do FAIR with 3 problems..
    4, isnt a problem,,,we HOPE someone ELSE FIXED IT.
    Last and the that we ELECTED OTHERS TO DO THE JOB…and it isnt getting DONE.

  27. cgp says:

    This is why we are stuffed.

    The video was pulled because it is a complete failure. Nothing to do with blood and splatter, a common occurrence nowadays. It’s impact is the reverse of its sponsors intent. The producers are that ignorant of population response, probably due to their idiotology.

    We are stuffed because this meme (evolved idea) will never be extinguished. Their (the dehumanists) outcomes will come to be. In fact their outcome of 40 years worth of de-industrialisation is now causing the oncoming extinction of the middle class, i.e., no jobs worth your college education.


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