My basic theory of today’s developments is that the right demands an untenable relentlessness from Republicans vis a vis Obamacare, and so they’re using Benghazi to fill the gap, and stem the backlash. But even if that’s wrong, I think the developments also suggest that Republicans aren’t going to let Benghazi go, unless and until they find that it doesn’t serve as a liability for Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time of the attack. And while we know that the conspiracy theory that sparked and sustains Benghazimania has been debunked, we don’t know whether the right’s obsession with it will become a real hinderance for Clinton if she runs for the presidency, or if it will backfire against Republicans.

  1. dusanmal says:

    Your musings prove that Left has lost it by thinking “all political”. Both Obamacare and Benghazi are for ordinary people non-political and the most Left-hurting facts on both are exactly politicizing both issues.
    Just imagine appearance of both issues if Obama&friends did NOT try to push politics beyond reason. a)Obama never claimed that you’ll be able to keep your plan, doctor, coverage … and explained exactly the consequences of Obamacare, be it in his understanding that it will be good. b)On Benghazi they NEVER invented protests and movie but just stuck to the hard facts from day one,…
    Both issues are about Administration lying beyond belief to gain political points, not understanding that historical pattern is exactly against such trend – admit mistake and keep clean – forgiveness. Get caught in lies to politically cover yourself… Nixon&friends. (And inevitably lying underscores mistakes made, making them worse).

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist says:

      Jeebus Douche Anal you really have burrowed a few more inches up your nether regions. Whats wrong with you?

      Why do’t you DEAL WITH===>FACTS rather than your fevered imaginings? whats that??? The facts are all against you?—Imagine that.

      Silly twisted Hooman.

      • Kiwini says:

        Once again, Bobbo the Anointed has no real answer, and resorts to slander, spittle, and hate.

        Seems to be happening far more often these days…

        Just like Das President and the wanna-be-the-first femme Prez personette; the frequent name-calling and insinuations only serve to draw attention to the real problem: LIES.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist says:

          Hey Fruit!==waddayamean no real answer?

          You have to have a real question to call forth a real answer. Thats called: the rule of equal dignity, and if you read the two posts together long enough, you will see that I provided Douche with more dignity than his post warranted.

          ….I mean, I’m no Christian here.

          Grow up.

      • MikeN says:

        Lies for political reasons, lies that you yourself have acknowledged in the past, and now you claim he is making things up.

        • bobbo, no longer the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist, nope, just another Far Left Loon. Hmmm, whats the opposite of Tea Party?...Biscuit Thrower?? says:

          a. Yes Obama lied or close enough about keeping your healthcare…but the Pukes AS ALWAYS were running so much interference that their behavior was AND IS worse than the sales puffing that Obama did. THE FACT IS Obamacare is better than what we had before.

          b. There are NO hard facts during the first week or so of any “incident.” AS ALWAYS the Pukes were pretending they knew the truth of a complex situation and Obama was to blame for something the other people were doing. CHILDISH and surprising that adults such as yourself give this CRAP any credence at all.

          Mickey…. you are just plain stupid.

          You too should grow up. Learn when to be partisan which is RARELY as all sides F*ck up regularly. something the third party candidate pushers also don’t realize.

          Learn that the Pres is NOT responsible for most things that happen within his adminstration MUCH LESS the entire rest of the world.

          Retarded Hoomans.

          • MikeN says:

            There you go again. You claimed the first poster was making things up, but you acknowledge that lies were told just as he said.

            And no, the first week things were not up in the ai about a video, except for those who get their information from Hillary and Obama who wanted to fool you.

          • bobbo, Proudly a liberal left libertarian who recognizes Obama is too Republican says:

            Ha, ha.


            Reread exactly what I did say. Not because I used different words to say basically what you claim, but because I used different words to say something different.

            Douche did not “make up” facts, he just failed to put his words into the context from which he cherry picked them. Not a lie as much as having his head up his ass===just as I posted.

            I agree, what with El Douche rotating off his nut just a bit his highly partisan hypocritical rant is hard to follow. No doubt, if you read again with only your lazy right eye, you won’t agree. BUT–use both eyes and your whole brain, you might pull yourself out of the partisan morass you call being an independent thinker.

            …… as if.

            Come back and answer this: was it only the Left that thinks all political?

            Can you be just that smidge of a bit honest, or are you holding hands with Douche up his nether regions?

          • bobbo, Proudly a liberal left libertarian who recognizes Obama is too Republican says:

            Oh Pedro…. you so stupid.

          • bobbo, Proudly a liberal left libertarian who recognizes Obama is too Republican says:

            …..prove me wrong. copy and paste where i defended Obama.

            ….. or…. just stay firmly on your donkey. Why….no one is sure enough to say.

            Silly one note Pedro.

          • bobbo, Big Brained Apes with Lizard Emotions is an Evolutionary Dead End says:

            Oh Pedro….. you so stupid.

  2. dadeo says:

    Bill is more of a show stopper IMO. There’s also that reported skull bumping tumble she took around the time she had the plastic surgery.. Whitewater too.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist says:

      Just the Oposite. Hillary is just a place holder for Slick Willy who is the best politician of our generation, warts and all. I don’t like either one, but thems the facts.

      All these stats quo politicians sell out at key moments to big money. Just as Obama is doing over Keystone. The only reason not to have announced his decision is to rake in more “donations” to pass the thing. Its a close call though. Obama KNOWS that AGW is going to kill his grandkiddies….vs…he is a status quo politician.

      GREAT ..vs..First Black Presnedent. Gosh, the tension is so great, I can hardly stand it.

      • deegee says:

        We are all going to be dead from war and famine (the have’s and have-not’s kind) long before any greenhouse effect does sufficient damage to our planet.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist says:

          Thats way too negative DG. WAR may or may not happen with only a few casualties absent the Nuclear Winter scenario…which doesn’t get talked about any more. Interesting how catastrophes come and go like Womens fashions.

          ….. oh…WAR may or may not happen, but destruction of Human Civilization will happen without doubt. Only issue is the lag time from causation to result.

          • Tim says:

            Children!! Children. yahoamos, please…


            thx for listening, children…

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist says:

            Timmmmay: I really must object! This thread is about Anti-Hillary, or Anti-Dems, or Anti-Politics, or Anti-Media…..or getting only one degree aside: about Anti-Muslim sentiments or perhaps Anti-Terrorism.

            This thread is definitely NOT ABOUT saving money.

            Jeese! Couldn’t find the subject if you had a flashlight!!!

          • bobbo, no longer the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist, nope, just another Far Left Loon. Hmmm, whats the opposite of Tea Party?...Biscuit Thrower?? says:

            OH!… I see I posted this in the wrong place. It should have been in response to Timmy’s post that got deleted.

            Ha, ha. SEEEeeeeeee Timmmmmmay what your tangets have brought you to?

            Turn away from the Dark Side and rejoice with the rest of your Black Brothers in the Greatness that is the USA.

          • Tim says:

            “”Jeese! Couldn’t find the subject if you had a flashlight!!!

            You have to have the haystack before looking for the needle.
            You have to have the whole desert to find the quarter.

          • bobbo, no longer the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist, nope, just another Far Left Loon. Hmmm, whats the opposite of Tea Party?...Biscuit Thrower?? says:

            Ha, ha. That is a good sly response. So clever, I wonder why you peregrinated to the waste land to find your humor to begin with?

            Course, once you go anti-AGW, there really is no way to tell on what subject you will loon out.

            Whats interesting to me is what triggereed your paroxysm. Did you just try to refi your home? You need to apply PATIENCE good Timmy: wait for a thread on Wallstreet Fraud.

            Your intelligence is well displayed, wisdom will come with time, once you give up the joy of tangential thinking. Or not thinking, those walks are fun, but rather posting. On a tangent, you walk alone. Bad form to bring all that you wonder at to the rest of the world without a signpost.

            ….. but I’m dithering.

          • jpfitz says:

            Thanks Timmy, I enjoyed the dystopian video and accompanying music.

            Bobbo, what are you always dithering with. Animal, mineral or vegetable?

          • bobbo, Proudly a liberal left libertarian who recognizes Obama is too Republican says:

            “Whenever given a choice, I say: both!” /// or all the above as the question may demand.

            Three is not hard to juggle. Too many can’t keep a firm grasp on a single idea.

            The key really is not to choose one idea/position/stance among competing ideas but rather to find the right balance that incorporates the relevant from all the choices.

            I’m sure you agree.

        • bobbo, sad that our species developed a Big Brain that is still run by emotions says:

          Actually–I apologize DG. You meant CLASS WARFARE, not Kinetic. But, you are still wrong. Class Warfare results in revolutions. Relatively few killed by such uphevals if they don’t devolve into civil wars…. but even then… relatively few deaths.

          NOT the global upset that AGW is on the cusp of being hardwired as a matter of the physics involved. Pretty much DONE as a matter of hooman behavior though.

          Nobody is going to voluntarily stop burning coal and oil for what “might” happen 50 years later. Hoomans just aren’t built that way. Need a NANNY STATE to take care of such issues as that.

          Sad Silly Extinct Hoomas

  3. MikeN says:

    Nah it won’t hurt at all. She will just reveal that she ordered the Bin Laden raid, while Obama was saying no.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist says:

      Hey Mickey—more fevered rants, but at least its funny. I wonder how often Hilliary recognizes she comes in second to her husband. NOT the woman behind the man, just not as good. What did she do as Sect of State? Not one damn thing.

      Related–all this bruhaha over Kerry calling Israel heading for apartheid. Only the truth. Thats why Kerry is being a good Sect of State. Truth vs Diplomacy/doing nothing.

      Ain’t this a wonderful world?

    • Sam says:

      Nothing sticks. She’s made of Teflon like Slick Willy.

      Hope and Change.
      Deny and Stall.
      Same old sht.
      We’ve heard it all!

      • Phydeau says:

        Or maybe nothing sticks because the accusations are all BS. 😉

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Do the Republicans have anyone who can beat her? Not right now, but it’s a long ways off.

  5. Greg Allen says:

    Can she overcome Benghazi?

    Which Benghazi?

    The real Benghazi?

    Or the fake Fox Benghazi?

    • jpfitz says:

      Every time I see that Benghazi video I see rolls of tp on fire being tossed into the video frame. I mean no disrespect to the four dead. But since when is tp A weapon, unless it’s soaked in 151 rum.

      • bobbo, Proudly a liberal left libertarian who recognizes Obama is too Republican says:

        jp–no doubt what you say is true and accurate, but in your best reasoned guess do you think that was the only thing thrown into/at the compound/people?

        I assume you are “thinking” of some fine point you fail to mention and connect to the four dead folks?

        Reference to completely irrelevant true facts should not stop our thinking of the issue in the more full context that it warrants.

        What point did you fail to make?

  6. Greg Allen says:

    By the way — the Republicans never did answer “What different does it make if the killers were outrgaged at a video or not?”

    Seriously? Does it make the Ambassador any less dead?

    What the conservatives’ obsession with the video, anyway?

    Did up see that video? It SUCKED! Why do they want to defend it?

    • Captain Obvious says:

      It rallies the base but it doesn’t win elections. It’s the easiest thing to do so that’s why the Republicans are doing it.

      By doing this now the R’s are losing the focus on the mid-terms.

      • Greg Allen says:

        The GOP is stuck. They gerrymandered to maximize the reactionary, Fox News, low information voting base.

        This wins them locally but not nationally.

  7. Greg Allen says:

    During the Bush Administration, I lived in a foreign city and our consulate was attacked TWICE — killing several people. I was in the vincinity during one of the attacks and it was horrible.

    I don’t remember Republicans caring one wit about that. I am not aware of even a single investigation. I doubt that not one in a hundred Republicans are even aware it happened.

    Talk about a massive double standard. What hypocrites.

    • Greg Allen says:

      I just checked — it was twelve people killed in the attack that I saw the aftermath of.

      Twelve people dead. 51 injured.

      No Repbulican cared.

    • bobbo, no longer the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist, nope, just another Far Left Loon. Hmmm, whats the opposite of Tea Party?...Biscuit Thrower?? says:

      GREG========>STOP IT!!!

      Even when you get a hard on enough to criticize, you simply are TOO KIND!

      Acting consistently with the Constitutional definition of TREASON is not hypocrisy…….. ITS TREASON!!!

      …………and that is what the Pukes do on every issue you can name.

      Oooooh…..I HATE THEM …. so much. Putting Party and SELF above the countries interest on every subject they slime.

      All Bastards without exception.

      • IM75 says:

        Wow! I knew you were a hateful so-and-so but this really pretty much spells it out. What a shame you’re allowed to post such garbage.

        • bobbo, no longer the pragmatic existential evaangelical anti-theist, nope, just another Far Left Loon. Hmmm, whats the opposite of Tea Party?...Biscuit Thrower?? says:

          Yep. Last year I said this I linked to the Monty Python sketch with John Cleese “hating Germans” the same way until called in by his wife.

          Still can’t find it. Must have been removed for the same sensitive reasons?

          Today, you are allowed to be hateful, just don’t use the word.

          How do YOU feel about people that cut social safety net programs to the neediest among us?

          How do YOU feel about people that refuse free medical care programs that frow to paying 10% of the cost of medical care programs to several million of the poorest of the poor who have no healthcare at all?

          How do YOU feel about people that close down abortion clinics forcing women into back alleys?

          “I disagree with their policy proscriptions…” just isn’t honest. How would YOU phrase the appropriate level of disgust with the people who do this?

          ….. I’ll wait….. but I won’t hold my breath.

          • Tim says:

            You couldn’t find it because his disdain is directed toward Belgians…


          • bobbo, sad that our species developed a Big Brain that is still run by emotions says:

            thanks Timmy…but no thats not it. Thats John Cleese as an old man after the MP days.

            No…this one used to be googled by (Monty Python “hates Germans”) but it has been scrubbed. Ergo–Germany really is the Economic Leader of the Common Market…. bringing us back to looking for dropped quarters.

            No…in the sketch, Cleese is sitting on patio furniture and goes off on a rant about how much he hates the Germans, he twists himself all up into a ball and starts to spit he is so made. His wifey calls: “Time for tea deary” and he pops out of it cheerfully saying “Coming Dear.”

            You see—declaring Hateful is often just a habit pattern we fall into without thinking.

            But a quarter? Thats worth fighting over.

          • Tim says:

            Well shit, bobbo. I think of myself as a MP aficionado {who doesn’t?} and I must admit that this one has me stumped…

            it isn’t this one either,then…. psuedo french bastards…

            MP Predjudice

          • bobbo, sad that our species developed a Big Brain that is still run by emotions says:

            I just did more searching. Its not even referenced in google anymore “at all.” ie–not a refernce or dialogue mention using non YouTube search.

            Totally scrubbed.

            I’ll bet Hitler will go next.

            Hmmmm, naw… would be a dead link in the post from a year or so ago here on DU?

            As stated, it was a short skit really making the more general point I restated. That Danish comment was very close in part missing the energy Cleese had as a youth, and the Fawlty Towers episode while excellent was also more acceptable…but it apparently still ruffles feathers. You’d think after killing 12 Million people the Germans would be more open to criticism?

          • Tim says:

            Why does “monty python +german” yeild this???

            I guess, I’m really fucked now.

          • Tim says:

            “”Totally scrubbed.

            That is a danger when we no longer keep information in wetware but only know where to find the information…

            But, what are we, as a species, to do?? Grow heads that look like Mr. Mackey from SouthPar?? Bigger heads are larger accidents waiting to happen so that we’d loose the info anyways.

          • bobbo, sad that our species developed a Big Brain that is still run by emotions says:

            Well, I was wrong. Close…. but wrong.

            It was the dirty filthy……. commies that Cleese went off on.

            One of the best 35 seconds of tv ever:


  8. aslightlycrankygeek says:

    Yes, she can win despite all rational logic saying otherwise because:

    1) People are so loyal to their favorite political party and in such echo chambers of self-selected media that they will put up with any level of deceit and corruption of “their people” to prevent the “enemy” from winning. Greater sanctification from “punishing your political enemies” as Obama call it than honesty, leadership, courage, and the ability to lead a sharply divided country. If it weren’t for this, democrats would be so disgusted with her by now that they would be looking for a decent candidate instead of considering going back to her.
    2) People don’t understand basic economics or know that the economic high of the late 90’s to realize that anything other than Bill Clinton in the White House pulling the strings of the economy and going back in his time machine to build the companies that set the stage for the tech boom. By default, Hillary will get indirect credit because she has access to the Clinton secret magic machine/sauce.

  9. LibertyLover says:

    She’s a murderer.

    But that doesn’t matter.

    All she has to do is yell, “Free Stuff,” and she’ll win.

  10. B. Dog says:

    I say let her take to the air on her Benghazi broomstick. You go grrrl!

  11. spsffan says:

    Well, if she can overcome her sham of a marriage, she should be able to overcome Benghazi.

    Those who believe the trumped up Fox news version of Benghazi wouldn’t be voting for Hillary anyway. No loss.

  12. MikeN says:

    The intelligence was fixed around the policy.

  13. Mojo says:

    Hillary is the perfect person to rule the Empire…

  14. Better "Read" than "Blew" (but suck on it anyway) says:

    Here’s the thing. BILL CLINTON LIED TO CONGRESS! Yes, I know this isn’t about him, but try to keep up…

    I think everyone can agree that it was pretty stupid what Bill Clinton lied about and that the subject of his lie probably wouldn’t have resulted in hardly any political headache had he just told the truth (which he was even offered to do in complete confidence). But he LIED! And considering the INSIGNIFICANCE of it all, it speaks volumes to his ability to be HONEST! And yes, it’s pretty low to be probing into his sexual relationships so it’s not exactly fair to say that it’s all him. But it’s really no different than asking him if he had just littered by dropping a gum wrapper on the sidewalk and then, like a 2-year old, say he didn’t.

    BTW, in case you missed it, Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED over his lies and NOT necessarily what he actually lied ABOUT! (However, he was never actually prosecuted.)

    Then we have Hillary. SAME DIFFERENCE!!!

    Hillary knew or should have known as part of her DUTY that any security for our U.S. people in Benghazi was in serious trouble WEEKS BEFORE anyone decided to attack. She was hip to the intelligence and knew that someone was going to “do something.” But does she take any steps to help safeguard American lives by trying to increase security or pull people out? NO! In fact, SHE — or her office — did almost the OPPOSITE!!!

    But then she — or someone in her circle of clowns — made it worse when either she or someone changed the talking points about Benghazi AFTER they had discussed it on national television (on Meet the Press).

    And let’s just not even pay any attention to any of her other indiscretions like WHITEWATER! Nor the fact that both she and her husband are FREAKING LAWYERS!!! If you’re part of the main corps press the marching orders seem to be to try and forget about her past where even she STILL doesn’t know all the DETAILS!

    And in case you missed it, LAWYERS are trained and PAID to keep track of things like DETAILS — which “don’t make any difference.”

    This woman (Hillary) is not only a fool but DANGEROUSLY STUPID! And it’s probably why she is so appealing to so many more fools.

    … And the ONLY reason many of YOU may want to argue here is because of your own hubris BELIEFS in your chosen political party. But be honest. The Clinton’s would probably be mere a footnote in history by now had they had ever associated themselves as being REPUBLICANS!

  15. bobbo, Proudly a liberal left libertarian who recognizes Obama is too Republican says:

    Worse—Bill went out of his way and lied to the American People. Remember his tv statement looking all of us in the eye. THAT is why you can’t trust anything that Billiary says. …. beyond being a lawyer, and worse: an elected politician.

    I call Shenanigans on ANY EXPECTATION AT ALL that Hilliary has any responsibility for Bengassy:

    1. Its the Terrorists Stupid
    2. Its the Ambassador himself who chose to go there.
    3. What the FRICK do you except is going to happen in a nation at war with itself??

    Grow up childrens.


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